Apollo Phazer Sub Ohm Tank Review

Apollo Phazer
Apollo Phazer

Apollo Phazer Intro

Today we review the Apollo Phazer sub ohm tank. The Apollo Phazer is a sub ohm tank with some pretty interesting coils, great flavor and is a fantastic purchase alongside Apollo’s impressive V-tube 4 a 50W tube mod that can fire down to 0.2ohm.

The Apollo Phazer and its coils are very similar to the Modvapa sub ohm tank, but there seems to be some differences in both the tank, coils and flavor.

We take an in depth look into the Phazer tank below.


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Apollo Phazer Specs and Features

Apollo Phazer Kit Content
Apollo Phazer Kit Content
  • 1 x Phazer tank (0.5ohm coil installed)
  • 1 x Replacement 0.2ohm coil (will need to use housing from the 0.5ohm coil for this one)
  • 1 x Instruction Manual
Apollo Phazer Disassembled
Apollo Phazer Disassembled
  • Price: $37.95
  • Wattage Range: 15-70W
  • Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.5ohm (15-50W) & 0.2ohm (30-70W)
  • Wicking material: 100% Pure Organic Cotton
  • RBA: No RBA
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.5ohm coil on the Phazer sub ohm tank (15-50W)

Apollo Phazer 0.5 Coil
Apollo Phazer 0.5 Coil

We vaped the 0.5ohm coil on Apollos new V-tube 4, a great little regulated tube mod capable of 50W and firing down to 0.2ohm. For those who don’t like the aesthetics of a box mod, then the V-tube 4 could be for you. We vaped the F-AQ Funky Monkey e-juice for this review, which is a delicious max VG line by Apollo and one of the best vape juices we have tried.

15W – Nothing happening at 15W
20W – A tiny bit of vapor at 20W
30W – Decent cool vapor and a bit of flavor
40W – Wow delightful flavor now and lovely plumes of warm vapor. The tank is getting a little hot but the innovative drip tip is staying ice cool
50W – A really nice warm vape and the flavor is now really pronounced.

The coils primed really quickly on this tank and we didn’t need a whole tank full to get some good flavor like some other tanks. The flavor came out immediately and was really tasty at 50W. The drip tip is really good and

Vaping the 0.2ohm coil on the Phazer sub ohm tank (30-70W)

30W – Not much going on yet, let’s crank her up
40W – Decent bit of vapor already but not too much on the flavor front yet
50W – Lots of vapor and a warm vape with the flavor now starting to come through
60W – The vapor is getting on the wamer side now, but I am not quite getting the same flavor I got from the 0.5ohm coil
70W – Hot vapor now and the Phazer tank gets very hot. The flavor still doesn’t quite compare to the 0.5ohm coil, which in my opinion was a lot better.

I’d vape the 0.2ohm coil at around 60W.


Flavor on the 0.5ohm Coil

Apollo Phazer 0.5 Coil
Apollo Phazer 0.5 Coil

The flavor on the 0.5ohm coil was outstanding and we were really impressed how quickly the flavor came through on the coil. We let it saturate for around 30 seconds after putting some vape juice on the coil, after which the flavor was outstanding right away. Some sub ohm tanks, particularly the Horizon Tech ones, take a while for their coils to really produce good flavor, but this is not the case with the Apollo Phazer coils.

Interesting Coils with Juice Flow Control

​The Phazer coils are the same type of coils as the Modvapa ones, but seem to be slightly different in that the base is different. The coils feature juice flow control, so for thicker e-liquid (higher VG ones), you should leave the juice flow wide open and with thinner e-juices (more PG) you should adjust the juice flow slightly.

The replacement coils are very unique in that they don’t come with metal housing around them. You re-use the original metal housing you get with your first coil. This means there is less material used in making the coils and less wastage, which is great for the environment. This also means the replacement coils are quite affordable at around $13 for 5 replacements.

0.5ohm Coil Works well with the V-Tube 4

The Apollo Phazer on its 0.5ohm coil is a great combination with the Apollo V-tube 4. The V-tube 4 is a 50W regulated tube mod that fires as low 0.2ohm. The Phazer at 50W on the 0.5ohm coil on the V-tube 4 was a fantastic vape.

Cooling Two Part Glass Drip Tip

Apollo Phazer Drip Tip
Apollo Phazer Drip Tip

The drip tip on the Phazer is made of two parts. The inside inner tube, is what I assume to be stainless steel. Then there is an outer tube made out of see-through glass. These two layers means that the drip tip stays very cool even at the higher wattages.

Easy to Take Apart and Re-Fill

The Phazer tank comes apart with ease and the glass can be fully taken out, which makes cleaning the tank really easy.

Good Air Flow

Apollo Phazer Airflow
Apollo Phazer Airflow

The air flow features two really wide air flow slots and these can be adjusted easily. We enjoyed the air flow most, when it was fully open.

Good Build Quality

The build quality on the Apollo Phazer was pretty immaculate and there was no leaking or issues. The tank was nice and clean when it arrived and there were no traces of nasty machine oil.


3.5ml Tank Capacity

The Phazer produces big clouds on both of its coils and this means it sucks up a lot of vape juice. I would have therefore liked to have seen a slightly larger tank capacity or a top fill, as there was some wasted space in the tank when refilling from the bottom.

No Top Fill

The majority of sub ohm tanks now feature top filling, which is a lot more convenient for re-filling the tank. As the Phazer only has 3.5ml of juice capacity, a top fill function would have been really useful and also increased the capacity of the tank, due to the unused space then becoming useable.


We really enjoyed vaping on the Apollo Phazer on top of the Apollo V-tube 4. It made for a great vape on the 0.5ohm coil. I didn’t think the 0.2ohm coil was as good and would recommend sticking to the 0.5ohm coil, as the flavor was a lot more pronounced.

The clouds were fantastic, the drip tip was unique, the flavor was great and the coils were really amazing with their juice flow control and unique removable housing. The build quality was great on this tank and it vaped really solidly. I would have like to have seen a top fill function or perhaps a slightly larger tank capacity, but apart from that I can’t criticise this tank that much.

If you are looking at getting yourself the Apollo V-tube 4 then the Phazer sub ohm tank is a great purchase to go alongside it. It vapes great and produces some fantastic flavor!


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