5 Reasons E-Cigs Are Safer Than Regular Cigarettes

    Smoking Kills
    Smoking Kills

    5 Reasons E-Cigs Are Safer Than Regular Cigarettes


    This is a guest post by John from License to Vape.


    Electronic Cigarettes vs. Real Cigarettes
    Electronic Cigarettes vs. Real Cigarettes




    Since E-cigs are tobacco-free, they’re already a health step above traditional cigarettes. The Center for Disease Control has stated ONE OUT OF FIVE deaths are thought to be caused from smoking cigarettes. If you include second hand tobacco smoke, it’s estimated to cause over 480,000 deaths per year. (Source:   http://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/health_effects/tobacco_related_mortality/)


    When you eliminate tobacco from the e-cig picture, it ups its safety immeasurably.




    Speaking of the CDC, they’ve weighed in on E-cigs too, stating that they “appear to have far fewer of the toxins found in smoke compared to traditional cigarettes.” Dr. Michael Siegel, a researcher at Boston University’s School of Public Health, pointed out that while “tobacco contains about 5,000 known chemicals, with as many as 100,000 more that haven’t yet been identified, E-cigarettes eliminate many of those ingredients.”




    When you burn tobacco, it leaves a residue known as “tar.” You know that blackish, sticky stuff you see when a tobacco cigarette burns out. (Fun fact! When one is smoking a cigarette until it becomes a tiny, burning nub in between their fingers, they are inhaling twice as much tar as when they begin the cigarette.) This is harmful for many reasons. That tar can “paralyze the cilia in the lungs, contributing to lung diseases such as emphysema, lung cancer and bronchitis.”


    Not to mention, it can rot your teeth and potentially increase chances of mouth and throat cancer. Lovely, right?


    Well E-cigs don’t produce any tar – – just one more reason they’re healthier than cigarettes.





    To get a tad more specific, carcinogens are substances or radiation that are agents which directly cause cancer. They can be found in some processed foods, beauty products and yes, a massive amounts of them are found in tobacco cigarettes in both chemical and radioactive forms, (like ya know, lead.) It probably goes without saying that these carcinogens are powerfully dangerous and unhealthy.


    Good news? According to research published in the Journal of Public Health Policy, the levels of these nasty little agents are up to 1000 times lower in E-cigs than in traditional cigarettes. Sounds safer to us!




    Nicotine is an addictive stimulant and usually the culprit for a smoker to crave cigarettes. E-cigs can help ease that addiction, as they allow you to choose the amount of nicotine you desire in their e-liquids. (Note: it’s important that vapers use e-liquids as directed. It would defeat the purpose of a healthier alternative to cigarettes if someone ingested way more than the safe amount and suffered nicotine poisoning.)


    But get this! Those vapers looking for a no-nicotine option can have that too. So you can get the “ritual of smoking” and the delicious flavors with no tobacco, no tar and no nicotine.


    Ultimately, if you’re trying to quit smoking, e-cigs are a great way to do it. One Italian study showed that of a group that tried e-cigs, 22 of 40 hard-core smokers had (after six months) either quit or cut cigarette consumption by more than half.


    By John from License To Vape




    About The Author


    John and his fellow vaping enthusiast Rex are co-founders of the e-cig advocacy, info and review site, License To Vape. After e-cigs helped both of them quit smoking, they started L2V in order to join the vast e-cig community, educate and inform people about the best e-cigs on the market and to help protect the rights of vapers everywhere.




    Credit to Nina Matthews for the thumbnail picture. (License: via Flickr with Creative Commons CC 3.0 (BY))


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    Chris Kendell
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