6 Common Myths Of Vaping Exposed!

    6 Common Myths Of Vaping Exposed!

    6 Common Myths Of Vaping Exposed!

    6 Common Myths Of Vaping Exposed!



    If you don’t know much about vaping, or are confused about some of the myths surrounding vapours, you have landed on the right page. In this article, we clear the smoke on the top 6 vaping myths that everyone gets wrong.




    1. Vaping and e-cigs are the same thing


    6 Common Myths Of Vaping Exposed!

    Originally e-cigs (electronic cigarettes) looked like a regular cigarette, and targeted the traditional smoker who was either (a) trying to give up or (b) needed a nicotine hit in places that they couldn’t smoke, such as indoors.


    They were often sold in corner shops and petrol stations, pre-filled with cartridges that needed to be replaced. These were mainly developed and sold by tobacco manufacturers.


    As these old hat e-cigs have a higher concentration of nicotine than flavour, they have been in decline. The new breed of e-cigarettes look completely different and a lot of emphasis is on flavour. Brands such as Rock Vape have produced easy to use e-cigarettes which have a wide selection of flavours.


    2. Vaping is just as bad as smoking cigarettes


    In fact, vaping is a lot less toxic than regular cigarettes and poses no risk to bystanders. Vaping has proven to be more effective than pharmaceutical products for smokers who are trying to kick the habit. Cigarette has more than 2,000 chemicals in them, whereas e-cigarettes no more than 6 ingredients, and have been found to be no more harmful than a cup of coffee


    3. Vaping is a gateway for tobacco abuse


    The dangerous thing about the lack of knowledge is people make wild claims, which told often enough, gets mistaken for the truth. A test carried out by the University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Centre, let 1,3000 college students use various vaping products to see how many would then go on to tobacco substances.


    How many of the students then went on to use tobacco cigarettes? Just 1.


    4. Vaping doesn’t taste or feel as good as smoking


    6 Common Myths Of Vaping Exposed!

    Vapours allow users to do something that before was impossible with smoking, make their own flavours.


    Here’s some of the upcoming vaping artists discussing their favourite dishes:



    Anyone who says vaping doesn’t taste or feel as good as smoking, has obviously never vaped.


    5. Vaping is an unhealthy habit


    Concerns are often raised by uninformed individuals about the health risks of vaping, and whether the e-liquids used are dangerous. We won’t bore you with what we think, instead, here’s a study that puts to bed the myth about e-liquids being bad for the body.


    As a matter of fact, dumping toxic cigarettes for a cool new vapour has been proved by Boston University to be a much safer substitute than tobacco.


    6. Vapours are just a fad


    According to a blog post on the Wall Street Journal, they are here to stay. Vapour sales are on the increase as smokers are ditching their analog cigs for vapours. Vaping is not just about smoking, it’s a healthier alternative to a deadly addiction that will save lives, a form of expression and most of all – the taste and flavours cannot be found anywhere else.


    The need for overpriced cigarettes that leave you coughing in the morning and provide a handful of health problems in the future is not what consumers want. Vaping combines all the benefits of smoking without the risks.


    About the Author


    6 Common Myths Of Vaping Exposed!

    Eoin works for Rock Vape within their marketing team. He spends his time trying out new Rock Juice flavours, spreading the word, and researching topics relating to vaping. Eoin is keen on writing articles that not only show opinion, but evidence fact to back it up.






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      A main selling point of e-cigs is that they can be used anywhere, because they don’t produce toxic smoke that puts others at risk. But breathing in second-hand vapor, also known as passive vaping, may not be harmless.