777 Bullet E-Cig Starter Kit Review (Essentials Kit)

    777 Bullet Review
    777 Bullet

    777 Bullet E-Cig Starter Kit Review (Essentials Kit)


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    777 or Triple Seven e-cigarettes are a US California based e-cig company. They offer a massive range of e-cigarette starter kits with 24 different variations. The sell mini e-cigs, egos, disposables, e-liquids and e-hookahs.


    777 offer great customer service and a 30 day money back guarantee alongside a 90 day warranty on all electric parts of the e-cigarettes. Dealing with them as an affiliate has been a pleasure and they are great at responding to emails really quickly. A big thanks to Lisa at 777, who has been extremely generous and has sent us numerous kits to review. Be sure to check out the other 777 products we have reviewed on our site!


    In this review we will be looking at the 777 Bullet e-cig starter kit. The 777 Bullet is a mini ego e-cigarette, whereby it has a tank for refilling it with e-liquid. The 77 Bullet has a 510 connection but its tank and battery is a lot smaller than normal ego electronic cigarettes.


    What’s in the 777 Bullet Essentials E-Cig Starter Kit?


    The 777 Bullet Essentials features the following:


    • 320 mAh Battery
    • Re-Fillable 1.3ml Tank
    • 1 Wall Charger
    • 1 Owner’s Manual
    • Diameter 11.2mm
    • Length 74.5mm

    777 Bullet Review
    777 Bullet



    Our Thoughts on the 777 Bullet E-Cig Starter Kit


    Firstly we haven’t seen a tiny ego e-cigarette like this before. In this respect the 777 Bullet is pretty unique. It is almost as small as a mini cig-a-like e-cig, but with a slightly larger tank and battery for better performance. We really like the size and it is really handy and easy to take out and about with you.


    Performance wise the 777 Bullet is stronger and better performing than a cig-a-like, whilst at the same time almost being as small. Because of its tiny size it isn’t as powerful as a larger ego and the battery doesn’t last quite as long. You do though get a much more convenient sized e-cig and I could see many people using this out and about. Check out how small it is in the pic below where we have stood it next to a normal ego and a normal mini ecig.


    777 Bullet Review
    777 Bullet vs Ego vs Mini Ecig


    Design wise the 777 Bullet looks really elegant. We had the stainless steel finish which looked really sharp. The batteries also come in blue and black. The 777 Bullet came in a well packed nicely branded box. The 777 branding revolves around a casino theme, which I personally am not the biggest fan of as I think it gives it a slight cheap look, which contradicts their high quality products. Unlike me, I’m sure lots people will like the casino style theme.


    We tried the 777 Bullet with their melon paradise e-liquid. The taste was really enjoyable and I thought the draw on the bullet was just right, not to strong and not too light. As it’s only a small battery you are not going to be getting huge clouds of vapor, and the throat kick isn’t the biggest. However for such a small battery I was impressed with the amount of vapor which was pretty good considering its size. It’s not as much as you would get with a larger ego but better than a cig-a-like.


    I found the 777 Bullet tank slightly tricky to refill, as there wasn’t much of a gap to drip the e-liquid into. With the pipettes on the 777 e-liquid it wasn’t the easiest to refill, but not a major issue. The tank takes 1.3ml of e-liquid and I found it did not leak at all. Once the tank is finished you will need to purchase replacement tanks. We have been using ours for a week and it is still going strong. Four replacement 777 bullet tanks cost $15.95 and we would definitely recommend getting some.


    The 777 Bullet took an hour and a half to recharge fully. The battery life on the Bullet was less than you would expect from a normal sized ego but obviously this is a much smaller battery. We got around a days’ worth, of on and off vaping out of the battery. This was fairly moderate use so if you are a heavy vaper I would guess you’d get ¾ of a day with one battery. The essentials kit only comes with one battery and I would highly recommend the Bullet Ultimate Kit which comes with three batteries and extra tanks and e-liquid. It works out as slightly better value than if you purchased them separately. Having some extra batteries is therefore a must for any heavy vapers.


    Overall I think it’s a great product. The essentials kit itself, is too basic but we love the actual Bullet and its tiny size. It’s a great compromise between a cig-a-like and a normal sized ego. It’s more powerful than most minis and allows users to use e-liquids. I think using e-liquids is a more cost effective way of vaping compared with purchasing carts for cig-a-likes. I can see this being a very popular product!


    Highlights of the 777 Bullet Starter Kit


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    • Unique mini sized refillable ego makes it ideal to take out with you
    • Nice elegant design
    • Almost as small as a cig-a-like but packs more power with a 320mAh battery
    • Easy to use which makes it perfect for beginners
    • Refillable mini tank that holds 1.3ml of e-liquid and doesn’t leak
    • Good draw on the mouth piece



    Negatives of the 777 Bullet E-Cig Starter Kit


    The 777 isn’t meant to be as long lasting as other bigger egos because of its tiny size, so you cannot really fault the battery life. The battery life was better than most cig-a-likes, which makes it really convenient to take out. I would recommend purchasing the bigger kit or purchasing some extra batteries. Especially if you are a heavy vaper you will need some extra batteries.


    My only slight negative is that because of the 777 Bullets tiny size, it makes filling the tank slightly tricky. As mentioned above there isn’t much space to drip the e-liquid which makes it a little bit fiddly, but not impossible.


    As mentioned above the Essentials kit is too basic so you will need to purchase a lot of additional features if you are going to be vaping the 777 Bullet seriously.


    Recommended Additional Purchases


    To be honest as mentioned above I wouldn’t get the essentials kit as it is too basic. I would instead get the 777 Bullet Ultimate Kit or the 777 Bullet Deluxe Kit, which in my opinion offer you a more substantial kit which is better value for money than if you purchased the pieces separately.


    If you don’t get one of the larger kits, then buying extra tanks is a must. I would also purchase one or two extra batteries so you don’t run out of steam. You will also need to purchase some e-liquids. I am a big fan of 777s fruity flavoured e-liquids.


    I would also get a wall adapter and a car charger if you drive.


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    Chris Kendell
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