Evoke Smoke Review

    eVoke Brand Review

    Evoke Smoke Review


    In this article we will be doing a brand review on the new e-cig brand, eVoke Smoke.


    About Evoke Smoke




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    Evoke Smoke are a brand new American based e-cigarette company, looking to make a splash in the ever growing e-cig market. Evoke sell an interesting mix of products we haven’t seen before, so we were excited to give their products a try.


    Evoke’s unique selling point is their exciting product mix. Their products include some distinctive devices, which we have not yet seen before on the e-cig market. These one of a kind products include: e-cigarillos, e-cloves, e-blacks, e-cigars and e-cigarettes.


    Evoke has teamed up with e-liquid maker Big Bang, to ensure some great tasting products.


    Evoke offer free shipping on orders over $60 and a 30 day money back guarantee.


    eVoke Product Range


    As mentioned above eVoke Smoke has some really interesting products. Here is a quick look at their innovative product range.




    eVoke Smoke Cigarillo Review


    This is the first e-cigarillo we have come across on the market. The eVoke e-cigarillo comes in a range of 4 delicious flavors: Berry Mojito, Raspberry Truffle, Citrus Berry and Berry Shake. The taste on all four flavors was really good! The e-cigarillo is the first of its kind on the market and looks and feels similar to a normal cigarillo. It’s a really cool looking product that I can see being used at clubs and parties.


    To read more on their e-cigarillo read our full review here.




    eVoke Clove Review


    The eVoke e-clove is a mini version of the eVoke e-cigarillo, but comes in a few different flavors. The e-clove is around 2cm smaller than the normal e-cigarillo, which makes it really easy to take out with you in your pocket. As with the e-cigarillo it is the kind of thing I could see being used at parties or at clubs etc. It’s a really cool little device.


    To read more about the e-clove, check out our full review here.




    eVoke e-Black Cigarillo Review


    The e-black is similar to the e-cigarillo, but comes in a light tobacco flavour. The main difference between the e-black and the e-cigarillos is that the e-black has a wooden tip on the end to make puffing on it a lot easier. It makes for a good, comfortable draw. The e-black is also a lot darker in color to the e-cigarillos and comes with scented packaging. The taste is a tobacco one with hints of a vanilla and chocolate after taste.


    To read more about the e-black check out our full review here.


    Disposable E-Cigarette


    eVoke Disposable E-Cigarette


    The eVoke disposable e-cig is the smallest e-cig we have ever seen! It is one-to-one the size of a normal cigarette and looks and feels like one as well. It comes with a realistic squishy tip and comes either in a menthol or tobacco flavor.


    To read more about the disposable e-cig, check out our full review here.





    eVoke Cigar


    Evoke also do a tasty e-cigar. Their e-cigar comes in two yummy different flavors, traditional Cuban and in a tobacco blend. The e-cigar is meant to last you around 1500 puffs which is the equivalent to 18-20 regular corona cigars. If you get the e-cigar 5 pack you get 5 for the price of 4!


    Check out the e-cigar here.


    Re-Chargeable E-Cig


    Evoke also do a rechargeable e-cig with replaceable carts. The cartridges come in either a tobacco or menthol mint flavour. The kit also comes with a portable charging case with which you can charge you e-cigs on the go.


    Check out the re-chargeable e-cig kit here.


    Altitude re-chargeable Vape Pen Kit


    The eVoke altitude is an ego type e-cig kit. This means you can use your own e-liquids to refill the tank. The kit comes with two different 1000mAh batteries as well as two tanks, a charging cord and an empty e-liquid refill bottle.


    Check out the Altitude vape pen kit here.


    What Sets eVoke Smoke Apart From Other E-Cig Brands?






    The choice for eVoke to team up with Big Bang e-juice was a really good one. The flavors on all the devices we tried were very tasty. The flavors ranged from tobacco to some really sweet and summery flavors, like berry mojito etc. The thing we really liked about the flavors, was that they were not artificial tasting at all. The flavors tasted great and natural, but at the same time were not overly strong and artificial. This was a big plus point for the brand as a whole.


    Unique Product Range


    Honestly we have never seen an e-cigarillo, e-black or an e-clove before on the e-cig market. Evoke are the first to produce these products. They are basically like other normal e-cigs, but instead look like a cigarillo. Evoke have done very well on their branding and packaging. Everything we tried looked really cool. The products felt of really high quality and the branding further validated this perception. Overall eVoke have produced a really interesting mix of unqiue and great tasting products.




    Evoke have laid down a strong marker and produced some fantastic looking and tasting products. The quality of their products is outstanding. We took their products (e-cigar, e-cigarillo, e-black and e-clove) to a New Years party and everyone there was really impressed by them. They were extremely popular and people loved the flavors.


    Having reviewed many of their products, one thing that eVoke can improve upon is the battery life on some of their disposable products. Once they improve this area I have no doubt their brand will flourish, especially in the age group from 21-30 as their products do look and feel really “cool”.


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    Chris Kendell
    Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
    • david jensen

      Any idea how to get hold of the evoke people? I ordered 5 e-cigars, and they processed the order, but Ive not received them nor any info as to when they’ll be shipped. I have tried to communicate with them and have heard nothing back. I would like to know when I will be getting my cigars, and if there is a tracking number. The only contact info is a comments box like this one and they have not responded at all. No phone contact info is available.

      • Alex at TBEC Review

        Hi David, we will drop our contact at evoke an email and see what we can do. When did you write to them?

        • david jensen

          Thanks for the quick response. I ordered on Feb 4, and the order was processed Feb. 5. I’ve heard nothing since and have tried to contact them three times with no response. Order # 2925

          • Alex at TBEC Review

            David, I have written our contact person an email. Either they or I will get back to you. Have a great day and I am sure your products will come shortly. Vapemail is always something to look forward to!

          • Hi David, I just got a reply from evoke. They said the parcel was sent on the 5th of feb and that they had been in touch with you already. They have said they will get in touch with you again. Hope you already have your parcel and all is well. Good luck and vape on!

            • Teddy

              Hello Alex, I’m trying to reach Benjamin Brown of Evoke Smoke. An order (#3660) placed several months ago has not been fulfilled. Do you still have contact with Evoke?

            • Hey Teddy,I do not have a contact anymore and from all I know Evoke Smoke is no more. Have you tried their Facebook?

    • Sasha

      I’ve been going crazy trying to get a hold of someone at evoke. I”m really concerned. I placed an order for my Dad Feb 22. Order Processed like with David Jensen but nothing. I noticed that the apt # wasn’t in the order so i sent them a note before the item went out to assure delivery. Nobody replied and i didn’t receive anything. I reached out to them several times via their site and through Twitter. Someone replied that they will look into it and then silence. Almost a month and never received anything or correspondence. It seems you were able to help David so i hope you can help me too. Thanks

      • Hi Sasha. I’ll give my contact there an email and see what can be done. Hopefully we can sort something out for you! Looks like we are becoming their customer service portal! 🙂

        • Mel

          Thank you

          • Mel

            Hi Chris. I’m using my dads laptop so it shows Mel for some reason.

            • Sasha, I have sent an email to Evoke and will let you know when I get a response.

        • Teddy Richards

          Hello, I have been unsuccessful in contacting EVOKE Smoke. I attempted to place a bulk order on http://www.evokesmoke.com using my debit card. The order (#3458) has failed to process many times. I would like purchase EVOKE Smoke products if still available & possible.

          • Hi Teddy. I am not sure what is going on tbh with them. It seems they have some communication issues. What device are you looking to buy, perhaps I can recommend a good alternative?

            • Teddy Richards

              I’m only interested in their line of products right now.

            • Teddy

              Chris, can you get in contact with Evoke (Mr. Benjamin Brown)? I placed an order (#3660) in 2015 and have not received any products. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

      • You should have got an email from Evoke now Sasha. I think they are sending out another package with an extra Cigar in it for you. Hope that helps!

        • sasha

          Chris, I got an email from Evoke! I can’t thank you enough for your help. I felt like this would never be resolved. Thank you thank you thank you!

    • Sasha

      order 2966

    • Joe

      Hi, I have a similar situation were my order was paid for and processed but no shipping update. I sent evoke an email but haven’t heard back. My order number is 3258. Any help would be appreciated.


    • Mariah

      Hi Chris ,
      Just yesterday I ordered 4 things from the website and I realized I had made a mistake in my shipping address I’ve sent them 3 emails now and I’ve heard nothing back. I am hoping that you can help me out I spent about $17 on that website and if I can’t get my products then I’ll want a refund and I will take this to court. There should be a number to call with better customer service. My order number is #3387