GreenSmartLiving Geo Recyclable E-Cigarette Review

    Geo Recyclable E-Cigarette review
    Geo Recyclable E-Cigarette

    GreenSmartLiving Geo Recyclable E-Cigarette Review


     Geo Recyclable E-Cigarette review
    Geo Recyclable E-Cigarette


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    Greensmartliving are US e-cigarette producer of mini ecigs as well as disposables. Their main USP is that they have a big focus on the environment and making their products as green as possible. All their e-cigarettes are recyclable and they offer a recycle scheme for old cartridges. They also use very high quality nicotine.


    The Greensmartliving Geo costs $10.99 and comes in a menthol or tobacco flavour in 2.4mg or 1.8mg nicotine options. One Geo is meant to last around 400 puffs. A five pack costs $49.99.


    Our Thoughts on the Greensmartliving Geo


    We really like the fact Greensmartliving are going out of the way to make an environmentally friendly product and it is no doubt the most environmentally friendly disposable out there. The performance is also good despite the fact it is fully recyclable.


    The GEO comes is a very good looking and environmentally friendly package, all made out of recycled paper. Each disposable comes with an instruction and information booklet. The idea is to keep the cylindrical package and to fill it with ten finished disposables which you can then send back to be recycled – nice touch! The GEO itself comes in a smart white finish and looks great. It has a slightly squishy tip giving a more realistic feel to it.


    The vapour production is good and with the high nicotine levels, you get a really strong throat hit. I tried both the menthol and tobacco flavours and both were good, but the tobacco was a very light tobacco flavour with a menthol hint to it.


    The battery lived up to its name and delivered around 400 puffs, maybe slightly more if you take slightly smaller drags than me.


    My criticisms of the Greensmartliving Geo would be that it only comes in two flavours and two fairly high doses of nicotine. It would be nice to see a lower level or 0 nicotine option as well as a few different flavours. The price is slightly on the high side at $10.99 but for a very green product I wouldn’t expect anything less. I forgot to mention that 1% of the GEO’s revenue goes to charity which is another great reason to purchase this.


    Be sure to also check out our review on the Greensmartliving re-chargeable starter kit.


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