Halo Cigs Review

    Halo Cigs Review

    Halo Cigs Review


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    Halo e-cigs are an American e-cigarette company. They are famous for their Halo G6 and Triton starter kits as well as their incredible e-liquid range. Halo Cigs prides itself on providing quality, American made products. Their products and e-liquids go through rigorous testing and they invest a lot of money in researching their products and materials. Their focus on USA made quality has paid off and they are one of the largest online sellers of e-cigs and e-liquids. PCMAG rated them as the e-cig company of the year in 2014.


    We have tried and tested all their kits and will give you the lowdown below.


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    What sets Halo Cigs Apart from other E-Cigarette Brands?


    E-Liquid Range


    As mentioned above Halo do incredible e-liquids in their famous blue bottles. We cannot get enough of their flavors and can’t wait to order some more. Halo has built up a great brand around their e-liquids and they are well respected for the high quality US made ingredients they use. Even if you don’t get any Halo kits I would still recommend getting some of their e-liquids, as they are that good!





    As mentioned throughout Halo has built their brand reputation around quality. You know with Halo that everything will work and will last a long time. This is because they put a lot of research into their offerings as well as putting them through intense testing. As they do have such high quality goods, the price is slightly more than some cheaper brands, but it is money well spent as their goods will last and work well. We put a big emphasis on quality when it comes to e-cigs as we inhale this stuff and there are batteries involved, so we like to know we are only using the best.


    Customer Service


    Halo’s customer service is second to none. They have real time support team you can instant message with. If you are not sure what to buy or have any questions you can also use this chat feature to ask. You can also email Halo if you have any issues. Halo also ships throughout the world if you are not based in the US. Halo also has a 60/90 day warranty should anything go wrong.


    Reward Points Program


    With Halo you can earn points with every purchase. You earn 100 points for every $20 spent on e-liquid or 75 points for every $20 spent on hardware. You can also refer a friend and earn 250 points or share something on social media to earn another 15 points. Lastly you can write product reviews on their site and get 25 points per review. Soon you can be getting yourself some free e-liquids or hardware!


    Popular Halo Cigs Products


    Halo G6 Review


    Halo Cigs ReviewThe Halo G6 starter kit is Halos mini e-cig kit or cig-a-like as they are sometimes referred to. These mini e-cigs are similar in size to a normal cigarette and are ideal for those who want something that is the same sort of size as a normal cigarette. There tiny size means they are very easy to carry around and to use in public, when out at bars and clubs etc.


    The Halo G6 kits come in a range of different colors and the carts come in a range of delicious flavors. Halo’s e-liquids are really to die for and you can really taste this in the carts. The thing we liked a lot about the starter kit was that you can choose two different batteries depending on what you want. They have some longer ones, which will obviously last longer and some smaller ones which have less of a battery life. You also have the choice between manual batteries (push the button to operate) or automatic ones (inhale and it starts automatically). The kit also comes with a 5 pack of carts (you can choose flavor) as well as a UBS charger and a wall adaptor. The whole set also comes in a really classy black case which looks awesome.


    Overall the Halo G6 kit performed extremely well and the battery life was impressive compared with other mini e-cigs. If you are after a cig-a-like kit you cannot go wrong with the G6 starter kit!


    Halo Triton Review


    halo Cigs ReviewThe Halo Triton tank system is an ego style e-cigarette. This means it comes with a refillable tank which you can fill with Halo’s awesome e-liquids.


    The starter kit itself comes with two batteries, two clearomizer tanks as well as a USB charger, wall adaptor and a black case. The kits comes in a range of different colors from black to princess pink! You can also choose between two different battery types: a 400mAh and 650mAh. I would go for the more powerful 650mAh as it produces more vapor and gives you more of a throat hit.


    The battery life on the triton kit is immense. A lot better than the G6 which is to be expected, but still it lasted a good two days of vaping before we had to recharge. The Halo Triton works flawlessly and has a built in anti-leak system which is great as with some egos, you can sometimes have leaking e-juice which is really annoying. The tanks were easy to refill and you can replace the coils once they are done. Our first coil lasted a good month before we needed to switch it out. You can also get a variable voltage battery as well, if the normal batteries are not enough.


    Overall the Triton kit was really impressive. It’s more powerful and has a better battery life than the G6. If you are after more vapor, better battery life then this is the kit for you. It isn’t without good reason this is one of the bestselling and most respected ego e-cigs on the market!


    Halo E-liquid Review


    Halo Cigs Review

    Halo’s e-liquids are famous across the world. They have put a lot of effort into creating an interesting array of flavors with an emphasis on quality ingredients and flavor. We tried 5-6 of their e-liquids and were impressed with them all. Our favourite flavor had to be the Tribeca which is a light tobacco flavor with hints of vanilla and caramel. This was absolutely stunning and the other e-liquids were all fantastic as well.


    The Halo e-liquids come in these awesome looking blue bottles with drip pipette style lids to make filling tanks easy. The ingredients are all USP grade and are all made and mixed in the USA. The bottles also feature a child lock, which we like to see. If you get any Halo products make sure to try their awesome e-liquids!




    Halo offer impressive starter kits with a lot of different options and accessories. The Halo e-liquid range was incredibly impressive and we really like Halo’s emphasis on quality, research and testing. This is something that sets them apart from their competitors and means that the extra few dollars you pay for them are well worth it!


    We hope this was a good overview and review of Halo and their product offering. This was all based on my opinion having tried all of their goods, but head over to Halo’s site and check it out for yourself!


    If you have any questions about Halo and want to ask us something, do not hesitate to ask us in the comment section below.


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