Metro Platinum Electronic Cigarette Review

    Metro Platinum Starter Kit Review
    Metro Platinum Starter Kit

    Metro Platinum Electronic Cigarette Review


    Metro Platinum Starter Kit Review
    Metro Platinum Starter Kit



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    Metro is a US producer of electronic cigarettes and are part of the Nicotek group. They produce mini e-cigs and disposables. Their products have a large presence in retail outlets like gas stations and supermarkets.


    Today we will be looking at the Metro Platinum all in one starter kit. Thank you to Nicotek for sending us the kit to review.


    What’s in the Metro Platinum All-in-1 Kit?


    • 2 Rechargeable Batteries
    • 5 Traditional Tobacco Flavor Cartridges – 1.8% Strength
    • 5 Traditional Tobacco Flavor Cartridges – 1.2% Strength
    • 1 USB Battery Charger
    • 1 Mini Car Charger
    • 1 Mini Wall Charger
    • 1 Deluxe Tin Carrying Case


    Our Thoughts on the Metro Platinum Kit


    Unfortunately the Metro platinum all-in-1 kit did not live up to our hopes we had for the kit. The kit is priced at the lower end of the market, but still overall we were not really that impressed with the kit.


    It didn’t start all that well when the word battery was spelt wrong on the instruction leaflet. That didn’t make a great first impression!


    The Metro platinum kit did include 10 carts, a car charger, a USB charger, wall adapter and 2 batteries which is a lot of stuff for $49.99, so this was a plus. The packaging was also a plus and was an extremely compact little rectangular box.


    I’ll start with the battery life to begin with. The Metro platinum battery life was unfortunately pretty poor and did not last the 300 puffs it claimed to do. Compared to other batteries the Metro platinum had a much shorter battery life. We then charged the battery through the USB charger and it took several hours before it was fully charged again. The connection on the battery is also an old type of connection, I believe it’s a 4081, and won’t work on many other models. So you won’t be able to put many other carts you having lying around the house.


    Flavor wise the kit came with 10 tobacco carts. When we screwed these carts onto the battery the carts do not fit perfectly. The carts we put on all came off at a slight angle giving the metro platinum e-cig a slight bent look to it. The tobacco flavor itself was ok and had a slightly sweet aftertaste to it, which was nice. When vaping the Metro platinum, there is not a lot of vapor produced resulting in a very weak throat hit. Regular smokers will therefore struggle to get the same sort of throat hit they are used to from a normal cigarette. Another issue was that the carts were too well packaged in a plastic vacuum wrap, which was really time consuming and fiddly to remove.


    Highlights of the Metro Platinum All-In-1 Kit


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    • Nice packaging
    • Lots of gear and accessories included in the kit
    • Tobacco flavour came in two different nicotine levels and tasted alright
    • Looks like a real cigarette
    • Battery looks nice and comes in a few different colors and patterns





    I think we have covered most of the negatives is the section above. I don’t want to be overly harsh with our review but I feel it is important for us to give you all an honest opinion of the products we try. Honestly I don’t think the Metro platinum kit is a good representation of the electronic cigarette market. I think this type of e-cig would have been ok several years ago, but since then technology has evolved quickly. With extreme competition in the ecig market, companies are producing some fantastic devices – this unfortunately isn’t one. As Metro is very prevalent across the states, in retail outlets this might be the first kit many smokers try. Their opinion of e-cigarettes will therefore be based on this kit and I don’t think the Metro platinum will match their normal smoking experience which could lead them back to using normal cigarettes. Our advice to Nicotek would be to work on bettering their quality of their products across the board.



    Our suggestion if you want to buy a starter kit similar to the Metro platinum at the cheaper end of the market would be to look at the Bull Smoke ranch hand kit. In our opinion it is the best value kit out there and features everything you would get in the Metro platinum kit and all for $29.99! If you are looking for a really high quality, innovative kit, check out the ePuffer magnum snaps, which features their magnetic snaps technology.


    If you want to purchase the Metro platinum kit check out there site through the button below.




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    Chris Kendell
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