NEwhere Disposable E-Cigarette Review

    NEwhere Disposable E-Cigarette Review

    NEwhere Disposable E-Cigarette Review



    NEwhere Disposable E-Cigarette Review


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    NEwhere are US makers of disposable e-cigarettes, e-hookahs and e-cigars and have a wide range of great flavours.


    The NEwhere disposable e-cigarette comes in 5 different great tasting flavours which all differ in nicotine levels, ranging from 2.2% for the tobacco down to 0.8% for the watermelon.


    A single NEwhere disposable e-cigarette costs $9.99 and NEwhere claims it lasts around 800 puffs which is the equivalent to 2 packs of normal cigarettes.


    Our Thoughts on the NEwhere Disposable E-Cigarette


    On first appearance the NEwhere disposable makes a lasting impressive. As you can see in the pics the packaging looks fantastic and the ecig itself looks quite stunning with its steel like finish. It also didn’t disappoint when it came to vaping it. We managed to vape it for on and off for a day and a half which was good. We tried the tobacco, menthol, grape and watermelon flavours and all four were great, watermelon being our favourite! The vapor production was also quite impressive for a disposable and the draw was very light which we enjoyed. Some other disposables have really hard draws which is definitely a negative so this one made a nice change.


    Our only criticism was the placing of the airflow hole. It allows for great airflow but is placed right where you would hold the e-cigarette so every now and then my fingers blocked it. Not a big deal but just be careful with that when you are vaping it.


    Overall NEwhere have produced an outstanding disposable that vapes great and looks really sleek and upmarket. We would definitely recommend using the NEwhere disposable e-cigarette and would recommend taking advantage of their bulk discount offers. If you purchase 12 you save yourself 24%, so definitely worth it if you are planning to buy more in the future.


    Also be sure to check out their great e-cigars and world famous e-hookahs.


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    Chris Kendell
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