NEwhere E-Hookah Review

    NEwhere E-Hookah Review
    NEwhere E-Hookah

    NEwhere E-Hookah Review


    NEwhere E-Hookah Review
    NEwhere E-Hookah


    NEwhere are US makers of disposable e-cigarettes, e-hookahs and e-cigars and have a wide range of great flavours. NEwhere provide a 30 day money back guarantee an also a 1 year long warranty on all their products.


    The NEwhere E-Hookah is zero nicotine and comes in 11 great tasting exotic flavours. The NEwhere e-hookah costs $9.99 per device. If you buy 12 e-hookahs you save 24% per e-hookah.


    Flavors to choose from:


    • Pink Lemonade
    • Big Melons
    • Pina Colada
    • Sour Appletini
    • Banana Berry
    • Orange Cream
    • Chocolate Chill
    • Smooth Berry
    • Vanilla Thriller
    • Island Squeeze
    • Grape Gatsby



    Our thoughts on the NEwhere E-Hookah Pen


    Our first impressions of the NEwhere e-hookah are its cool stylish metallic design. The e-hookah comes in a really nice looking package to protect it in the post. The e-hookah itself has a stainless steel metallic looking finish to it which gives it a really refined feel. It’s not like some other e-hookahs out there that look really bright and trashy, this one looks feels really high quality.


    The NEwhere e-hookah comes in 11 awesome flavours, ranging from pink lemonade to big melons (great name)! We tried 7 different flavour and our favourites included big melons, pink lemonade and island squeeze. Taste wise the NEwhere e-hookahs, to their credit, do not taste overly strong and artificial. Its a very natural taste and doesn’t taste like some sort of candy. I loved the different flavor mixes as well and there is a good selection to choose from.


    The battery life was solid and lasted as described around the 500 puff mark. This was sufficient for a day or so of on and off vaping. Vapor wise you get quite a lot of vapor, good enough to make lots of smoke rings!


    Size wise the NEwhere e-hookah is really small and really light. It fits easily in your pocket and is easy to hold in two fingers when vaping.


    The only negative we can find is that the airflow is located on the side of the e-hookah near where you would normally hold it. This means that every now and then you might accidentally block the airflow. If you hold it far enough at the bottom this shouldn’t be a problem at all.




    Overall NEwhere have produced a really high quality e-hookah in a range of great tasting flavors at a very reasonable price. The Newhere hookahs are much better and higher quality than the cheap hookah pens you find in the gas stations. I would definitely recommend getting one of these instead as it will last longer and taste better! Don’t forget to use our discount code NE25 to save yourself 10% and to get free shipping!





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    • Maria Valdez

      I had mine for two days the light blinks and I get no smoke