Newhere E-Liquid, Elite 1.0 Vaporizer Kit and Boss E-Cigar Review

    NEWHERE E-Liquid Elite Vaporizer Boss E-Cigar Review

    Newhere E-Liquid, Elite 1.0 Vaporizer Kit and Boss E-Cigar Review


    NEWHERE E-Liquid Elite Vaporizer Boss E-Cigar Review

    In this article we take a look at the Newhere e-liquids alongside their Elite 1.0 vaporizer kit and their Boss E-Cigars.


    Newhere are a US based firm that are known for their range of electronic hookahs. We have previously reviewed their e-hookahs and since then Newhere has launched a range of e-liquids, alongside a vape pen called the Elite 1.0 vaporizer. We will also take a look at their fruity flavored Boss E-Cigars.


    Newhere Boss E-Cigar Review


    The flavor on the Boss e-cigars was fantastic. We tried both the zero nicotine Watermelon flavor and the Orange Pineapple. Both e-cigars tasted absolutely delicious. The Boss e-cigars come really well packaged and when you unpack them, they already smell really nice. They are similar in size to your standard cigar and are meant to last around 1000 puffs until you have to throw them away. We got through one in around 800-900 big puffs which wasn’t bad at all.


    I absolutely love the flavor, looks and feel of the Boss e-cigars, but my one criticism is that they do not produce that much vapor. The Watermelon one produced a little more vapor than the Orange Pineapple, which hardly produced any at all. I would love if they produced more vapor as the flavor is absolutely to die for!


    Newhere Elite 1.0 Vaporizer Kit Review


    NEWHERE E-Liquid Elite Vaporizer Boss E-Cigar Review
    NEwhere Elite Vaporizer

    The Elite 1.0 kit is a small ego type e-cigarette. It is really tiny compared with any other egos I have come across, which is a big positive. It is nice and light and also comes with a nice steel cap you can place over the mouthpiece. It slots easily into your pocket, which makes it ideal to take out and about with you.


    The tank is a 1.5ml wickless tank and once the coil is burnt you will need to get some replacement tanks. The coil should last you a week or two of vaping depending on your usage and the battery is pretty decent for its small size.


    The flavor and vapor production were actually really impressive on this little guy. I wasn’t expecting much, but was pleasantly surprised by the good vapor and flavor.

    NEWHERE E-Liquid Elite Vaporizer Boss E-Cigar Review
    NEwhere Elite vs. Standard Mini E-Cigarette




    For beginners and those looking for a small light vape pen, I think the Elite 1.0 is a very solid option. It isn’t too expensive at $29.99 and comes with a USB charger and wall adaptor. Replacement tanks cost $7.99.



    Newhere E-Liquid Review


    NEWHERE E-Liquid Elite Vaporizer Boss E-Cigar Review
    NEwhere E-Liquid

    Newhere has recently brought out their own range of e-liquids. They offer 8 non nicotine flavors as well as 8 nicotine ones. The flavors come in either a 0mg, 16mg or 18mg of nicotine.


    We tried the following flavors:

    • Big Melons (zero nicotine)
    • Bahama Mama (16mg)
    • Pina Colada (zero nicotine)
    • Island Squeeze (zero nicotine)
    • Strawberry Mint (16mg)
    • Menthol (18mg)


    The first thing you notice when you open the e-liquid boxes is the delightful smell of the e-juices. It is a strong smell, which is reflected in the pronounced flavors when you vape these e-liquids.


    Our favorite flavors were Strawberry Mint and Bahama Mama, which were both delicious. The others were also very nice but these ones were our favorites. The 16mg nicotine level was nice and strong and gives you a very strong throat hit when vaping it. The 18mg menthol was even stronger and perfect for heavier smokers looking to switch to vaping. I would however like to see some other nicotine levels. It goes from 18mg to 16mg all the way then to zero nicotine, with nothing in between. I would like to see a 3mg, 6mg or 8mg option in-between for those looking to drop from the higher nicotine levels. I would also like to see the ability to choose your nicotine level individually for each flavor.


    NEWHERE E-Liquid Elite Vaporizer Boss E-Cigar Review
    NEwhere E-Liquid Cap

    The 15ml bottles were very well packaged and look very nice. I haven’t seen this exact style of bottle before and they come with a child proof cap and drip tip for easy pouring. The bottles are actually quite a bit larger than 15ml so it looks almost half empty. This does however allow the bottles to be squeezed easily when pouring out the e-liquid which is another positive.


    Overall I did enjoy the Newhere e-liquid range and the fruity blends were a real treat to vape. If Newhere could offer a few more nicotine levels I think they will be in good stead.


    15ml of e-liquid costs $7.99 but with our coupon code “NE25” you can save yourself $2 per e-liquid making them just $5.99 for 15ml which is a pretty good deal for some good tasting e-liquids.



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