Supersmoker Bluetooth Review

    Supersmoker Bluetooth Review
    Supersmoker Bluetooth

    Supersmoker Bluetooth Review (€79,95/$103)

    By TBEC Review


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    About Supersmoker


  is a European electronic cigarette company based in the Netherlands. They deliver worldwide and have a wide selection of products including: disposables, E-gos, rechargeable minis, e-juices and their world famous Supersmoker Bluetooth E-go.


    Supersmoker Bluetooth Review
    Supersmoker Bluetooth


    What’s in the Supersmoker Bluetooth Kit?


    • 1 Battery
    • 1 E-liquid of your choice
    • 1 Clearomizer
    • 1 USB charger and 220v Wall adaptor
    • 1 Suction stand and neckband that can hold the device
    • 1 Instruction booklet in a variety of Languages


    Our Thoughts


    The Supersmoker Bluetooth is a one of a kind e-cig product. It is the world’s first Bluetooth e-go style e-cig that allows users make and receive calls via Bluetooth and play music via the built-in microphone! So if you are smoking your e-cig and want to answer a call you can do so through the click of a button on the supersmoker bluetooth. Alternatively chill out to some tunes whilst smoking the supersmoker. It’s a really fun product that works seamlessly with most smartphones. A definite must for someone who spends a lot of time vaping and doesn’t want to put their e-cig down.


    Product Highlights


    • Bluetooth capability to phone or listen to music without having to put down your e-cig!
    • Ease of use. Was extremely easy to set up, to connect to my phone and to answer incoming calls
    • E-go type e-cigarette model produces a good amount of vape and the flavour is great
    • Soft rubber touch feel to the product gives it a high quality feel
    • Product comes in a variety of colours
    • Wall adaptor charger, rubber suction stand and neckband were nice additional features in the kit
    • Despite the built in Bluetooth chip, speakers and microphone the product is still incredibly light
    • Fast battery charging time




    Battery life is shorter than most because of the energy needed by the additional features, but still lasts a good few hours whilst heavy vaping alongside listening to music. To get all the features there is a slight compromise on the size of the product. For an e-go it is pretty long and won’t completely fit into your pocket.


    The Supersmoker Bluetooth is available for €79,95 ($103) and ships internationally.



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