What is an Electronic Cigarette? The Beginners Guide

    What is an Electronic Cigarette? The Beginners Guide
    E - Cig Anatomy


    What is an Electronic Cigarette? The Beginners Guide


    An electronic cigarette also referred to as an e-cig or e-cigarette, is a small hand held device about the same size as a cigarette used as a nicotine delivery system. Some electronic cigarettes are designed to look like normal cigarettes whilst some are completely different allowing users the ability to modify their e-cigs – these are referred to as apvs or mods. Electronic cigarettes are powered by a battery which in turn heats up a coil. The coil then heats up an eliquid or e-juice containing nicotine that then turns into vapor for you to inhale. The vapor produced varies from model to model but it is no where near as dangerous as the 2nd hand smoke produced by normal cigarettes. Most e-cigarette producers provide a wide range of different flavored e-liquids or e-juices ranging from the likes of bubble-gum to menthol. Check out our review of the best eliquids here.

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    Electronic cigarettes as we know them, were first produced in China in 2003 before making their way across to the US in 2007. The industry has grown very quickly into a multi billion dollar industry with some predicting that within the next 10 years electronic cigarettes will outnumber normal cigarettes. With this in mind the large Tobacco firms have started investing millions into buying and creating their own electronic cigarettes. However the growth of electronic cigarettes has been stifled over the last year or so with some countries introducing bans and restrictions. They state that there has not been enough research around the products. With limited long term studies having been undertaken, the e-cigarette industry faces a tough couple of years ahead. Despite this many smokers, myself included, are turning towards electronic cigarettes as a way to quit smoking. Many e smokers will agree that smoking e-cigs is a fantastic way of quitting.


    E-Cigarettes are made up of 3 different parts:


    The most common e-cigarette used is the mini e-cig which closely resembles the look and shape of a real cigarette. To find out more about the other e-cigarettes available like the ego electronic cigarette check out our other article here. The mini e-cig is explained below:


    The Mouthpiece: also referred to as a cartridge which holds the flavored e-liquids.


    The Atomizer: This is the heating element which heats up the e-liquid which causes the liquid to vaporize for then to be inhaled. These guys need to be swapped every 3-4 months depending on how much you use your electronic cigarette. But don’t worry, they cost nearly nothing!


    The Battery: This is the largest part of your setup, where a lithium-ion battery and other electronic parts are held that to power the e-cig.


    What is an Electronic Cigarette? The Beginners Guide
    E – Cig Anatomy



    How much is this going to cost me?


    Well I can tell you know, I have probably saved of thousands dollars by just smoking e-cigarettes, so they are a damn site cheaper than tobacco products. To work out your potential savings check out the v2 savings calculator. It all depends on what you want to buy, head over to our other article to see what different types of e-cigs there are and what suits you the most. But seeming as I am writing about a beginners guide let’s start off with the easiest setup there is, the mini e-cig (aka cig-a-like). The price varies from 10$ to about 80$ all depending on what brand you buy, check out our best electronic cigarette reviews and best electronic cigarettes brands to find out which ones are the best. One of these mini e-cigs can last you up to about 400 drags, that might not sound that much but you can just swap the mouthpiece (cartridge) and off you go with another 400 drags. Of course you have lots of different flavours you can choose from for example: menthol, tobacco, vanilla or chocolate. The so called depots or cartridges cost around 5 – 20$ for 5x carts, and you can choose your preffered amount of nicotine as well.



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