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Ian is a UK-based journalist, with 10+ years writing for media outlets such as Vice, MSN and the Daily Mirror. He specialises in pop culture and lifestyle journalism, focusing on vaping, food, fashion and technology. He takes frivolous things seriously so you don't have to.
Inhaling Techniques
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We explore the different inhaling techniques for vaping. We compare mouth to lung to direct lung vaping. To find out which is for you, read more here.
Nicotine Structure
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We look at everything to do with Nicotine and vaping, from what strength you need start with, to the potential dangers and side effects of vaping nicotine. 
Empire State Building
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We show you what it takes to turn your DIY e-juice into a multi million dollar e-juice line. Have you got what it takes to start your own e-juice business?!
Vaping Battery Safety #1
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Vaping Battery Safety - We look at vape battery safety and ohms law, two things every new vaper should be familiar with when purchasing their first mod.