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Welcome to the Vaping360 Best RTA vapes list of 2017.RTAs (rebuildable tank atomizers) are a lot like ‘subohm’ tanks with RBA decks, but typically RTAs will not come with an option for pre-built coils and they generally will offer more flexibility with fine tuning your vaping experience. With countless options for build decks, wicking channels, coil configurations and tank capacities for your e-liquid, RTAs may just be the optimal experience for convenience, performance, and for control of your vape!

Our Best RTA vapes of 2017 list will be a guide for all those out there that either vape with subohm tanks and want to start with RTAs, or maybe even those out there that already use RTAs but want a bit of help deciding on the next one. Even RDA users can easily adapt with tanks now since many rebuildable tank atomizers are increasingly designed like build decks on drippers (watch how many times we use the phrase “Velocity-style posts”!).

We made this Best RTA vapes list to show the Best RTAs we consider to be solid choices in an increasingly saturated market of 2017. Not all readers will agree with our choices in RTAs, but this is what we are going with until something else bumps an RTA out of its spot. Updates and amendments will be on an ongoing basis and happening soon.


Sit back and enjoy our list for the Best RTAs. Vape on! Read on.

Best RTAs

Save 15%
  • Supreme versatility
  • Can satisfy most styles of draw
  • Easy to build on with entire deck
  • Fantastic machining
  • Great flavor
  • Incredible value for the money
  • Cons
  • Lots of parts to keep track of
  • Specifications

    • 24mm Diameter
    • Single and Dual Coil Build Decks
    • Single Coil Deck
    • Two Post Design
    • 2mm by 2mm Terminal per Post
    • Top Mounted Hex Screws
    • Independent Wicking Ports
    • Interchangeable Airflow System
    • 4.5mm Full Bore
    • 2mm Airflow Condenser
    • 1.5mm Airflow Condenser
    • Mouth to Lung
    • Flavor Heavy
    • Dual Coil Deck
    • Two Post Dual Terminal per Post Design
    • 2mm by 2.5mm Terminals
    • Dual 3mm by 5mm Internal Airholes
    • Quad 3mm Wicking Ports
    • Gold Plated Contacts
    • PEEK Insulator
    • Top Fill System
    • 2ml Tank Reservoir
    • Dual Fill Ports
    • Fully Adjustable Dual Airflow Slots
    • 2mm by 2mm Each
    • Delrin Drip Tip
    • 6mm Bore
    • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
    • Gold Plated Brass 510 Contact

    Versatility is the name of the game with the Merlin Mini, a collaboration between Augvape and Roxy. With both single and dual coil decks this is a 24 mm diameter RTA to appeal to all vapers. Two airflow reducers for the single coil deck aimed at mouth-to-lung vapers. Generous top fill slots with a threaded cap, 2 mL juice capacity, completely adjustable airflow and ability to wrap coils in either direction for both decks make the Merlin Mini a winner.

    The 18 mm single coil deck contains dual offset posts allowing large inside diameter (ID) coils of exotic wire. The below coil airflow is 4.5 mm unrestricted, and 1.5 mm and 2 mm airflow inserts are included to reduce the atomizer to a satisfying mouth-to-lung draw. The 18 mm dual coil deck utilizes Velocity styled posts and dual 3 mm by 5 mm below coil airflow. Both decks are fed by dual adjustable airslots located on the base.

    Both decks on the Merlin Mini are a cinch to build on and wick. Machining is immaculate and devoid of machine oil. Airflow is very smooth in all configurations, but take care not to lose small parts like the airflow reducers.

  • Incredible flavor
  • Dense clouds
  • Two tank capacities
  • Two included Goon-compatible (810) tips
  • Stunning
  • gold-plated postless deck
  • Wide assortment of available colors
  • Click-in-place arilfow
  • Cons
  • Single coils not best for flavor
  • Specifications

    • 24mm Diameter Base
    • 26mm at Widest Point
    • Threaded Top Fill Design
    • 2ml Standard Capacity
    • 6ml Maximum Capacity
    • Chimney Extension and 6ml Glass Included
    • Postless Quad Terminal Build Deck
    • Side Mounted Hex Screws
    • 6mm Space Between Terminals
    • Two 3mm by 3mm Centralized Air Channels
    • Two 6.5mm by 2mm Outer Airslots
    • Two Unified Wicking Port Cutouts
    • 10mm by 4mm Each Cutout
    • Adjustable Juice Flow Control
    • PEEK Insulator
    • Gold Plated Build Deck
    • Dual Adjustable Airflow
    • Three Positive Locking Positions
    • 14mm by 2mm Each Airslot
    • PEEK Splitter Divides into Two Sides
    • 24K Gold Plated 510 Contact
    • 304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
    • 810 Drip Tip
    • 9.5mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
    • 13mm Outer Diameter
    • 11mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
    • 16.5mm Outer Diameter
    • 10mm Bore Delrin Drip Tip
    • 18mm Outer Diameter
    • 510 Drip Tip Adapter

    The Vandy Vape Kylin RTA is one helluva flavor chasing RTA! Featuring two juice capacities in 2 and 6 mL, the Kylin RTA is 24 mm in diameter with a threaded open-tank top fill, dual adjustable airflow, and a draw that is smooth as silk and open as it can be without sacrificing flavor.

    The deck is a gold-plated postless set-up that accepts single or dual coil builds. The deck receives its airflow from two slanted side-sots and two square holes underneath the coils. While the Kylin can accept single coils, it’s optimized for dual coils of exotic coil types due to the dual-directional airflow.

    If you are into lip smackin’ flavor and luscious vapor, the Kylin RTA needs to be on your list. It’s also immaculately constructed. The Kylin comes with a plethora of accessories, like two 810 Delrin tips that are compatible with Goon tips, and two tank configurations with a chimney extender. The Kylin shines from performance, build quality, and options. It’s a superb RTA! For the price, it doesn’t get much better than this… for dual coils.

  • Loads of flavor
  • Big vapor for a single coil
  • Two tank sizes included
  • Accepts 810/Goon tips
  • Exceptional machining
  • Cons
  • Fine line between too much and too little cotton
  • Can be loud on the draw
  • Specifications

    • Height: 38 mm
    • Base diameter: 24 mm
    • Drip tip height: 10 mm
    • Drip tip diameter: 15 mm
    • Post holes: 2.5 mm x 2 mm
    • Tank capacity: 2 mL | 5 mL
    • Top-fill system
    • Grub screw type: flathead
    • Grub screw size: 2.5 mm x 3 mm
    • Threading: gold-plated adjustable 510

    Geek Vape rarely disappoints, and this RTA is no exception. The Ammit 25 is a single-coil, with two included tanks sizes – 2 mL and 5 mL. It’s a 25 mm RTA with top fill and adjustable bottom airflow and a deck to write home about! It’s a single coil deck that couldn’t possibly be easier to install builds on. It takes most exotic, multi-strand wires and it gives great single-coil performance with IDs up to ~ 3 mm.

    The deck gets it airflow from the bottom slots and from the sides, creating a “3D airflow”. Although it’s a single coil RTA, this is not a MTL vape at all. It puts out a lot of vapor and even more flavor, but this is for the intermediate builders. The installation of the coils is easy, but wicking it is not for the beginner. All in all, if you have some experience wicking RTAs, it doesn’t get much better than this.

    Save 10%
  • Reduced chamber for dense flavor
  • Sizeable vapor for single coil RTA
  • Easy to install coils
  • Efficient wicking
  • Restricted lung hits
  • Single-coil dedicated deck
  • Cons
  • Not for MTL draw
  • Can guzzle juice with lower wattage coils
  • No juice-flow control
  • Specifications

    • 24 mm Diameter
    • 45.5 mm height
    • 4ml Tank Capacity
    • Threaded Top Fill
    • Two Large Fill Ports
    • Two Post Build Deck
    • Single Coil Design
    • Four Slotted Terminals
    • Top Mounted Phillips Screws
    • Airslots Built Into Post
    • Dual 4 mm Diameter Wicking Ports
    • PEEK Insulator
    • Dual Adjustable Bottom Airslot
    • Tapered 12mm Bore ULTEM Drip Tip
    • 510 Drip Tip Compatible
    • 304 Stainless Steel and Glass Construction
    • Gold Plated 510 Contact

    Single-coil flavor chasing vapers, look here! The collaboration between Youtube reviewer Suck My Mod and Wotofo have brought a new single-coil RTA to the market. It’s a stout 24 mm tank with a threaded top fill with slots, ultem 510 drip tip, 4 mL juice capacity, and a unique airflow system and ambidextrous deck.

    The deck allows for single coils of most exotic wire, and they can be installed with leads going over or under. Each post has two air slots that direct air from the outside bottom and hit the coil from behind. This allows for larger ID coils to get adequate airflow. And with that ultra-reduced chamber, the flavor from the single coil will impress!

  • Great price
  • Holds 5.2 mL of juice
  • Velocity-style deck
  • Above average flavor
  • Good vapor
  • Cons
  • Might need to be cleaned upon arrival
  • Spit back after refilling
  • Specifications

    • Dimensions: 2-3/16`` x 1`` (Including Drip Tip and Threads)
    • Diameter: 25mm
    • 510 Threaded
    • 5.2ml Capacity
    • Isolated Rebuildable Deck and Base to Reduce Heat
    • Unique Wick Reservoir Design for Optimal Wicking and Minimizing Leaks
    • Dual Post Velocity Style Deck
    • Wide 17mm Build Deck
    • Hidden Side Fill Design
    • Top Adjustable Airflow Valve
    • Advanced Airflow Circulation System
    • Locating Slot and Bar Allows for Consistent and Accurate Performance
    • POM (Delrin) Drip Tip Shield
    • Quartz Glass Tank
    • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
    • 510 Drip Tip Compatible
    • Includes Spare Parts
    • Replacement Glass
    • Prebuilt Kanthal Coils and Cotton Pad

    The OBS Engine RTA is a great value for performance and ease of use for mid-range wattage. A 25 mm RTA that has top fill and top airflow with 5.2 mL of juice that uses the industry-standard Velocity-style deck. The deck is ideal for dual coils with single-strand wire or smaller diameter Claptons wire.

    The OBS Engine is a good choice for intermediate users in the RTA world. Solid flavor, nice vapor, ease of build, and a great price point. It can be a bit tricky to get the wicks to the right size due to the individual wick holes, but keeping that in mind, it can be figured out fairly quickly. The draw is an open hit for direct lung vaping, but it’s got a tad bit of resistance compared to cloud chucking RTAs. If you’re on a tight budget, the Engine is a good choice.

  • Incredible flavor production
  • Interchangeable decks
  • Triple-coil or dual-coil decks
  • 4.5 mL capacity
  • Nice machining/good threads
  • Not spitty
  • Cons
  • Challenging build for newbies
  • Can leak if not wicked just right
  • Small screws on tri-coil deck
  • Specifications

    • Size: 24 mm x 52 mm
    • Weight: 58 g
    • Capacity: 4.5 mL
    • Material: SUS304 stainless steel
    • Patented triple coil-deck (gold plated)
    • Interchangeable dual-coil deck (gold plated)
    • Stainless steel wide-bore cap
    • Delrin 510 adapter/cap
    • Top fill
    • Triple adjustable bottom airflow slots

    Experienced RTA users that want incredibly saturated flavor, check out the Coil Art Azeroth RTA. It’s a 24 mm tank that holds 4.5 mL of juice and comes with two gold plated decks: a dual-coil Velocity-style deck and an exposed post-less deck for three coils. It uses top fill via large ports accessed by an easy-to-use threaded drip cap with a non-removable wide-bore tip. With three adjustable cyclops slots measuring 2.4 mm x 9.4 mm, there is ample air… though even with some nice clouds, it’s all about the flavor for the Azeroth RTA!

    It’s a very well made RTA and has some buttery smooth threads on the drip top cap. It’s got knurling where it should, and the airflow stays in place when set. The three-coil deck uses some really tiny screws though, and without wicking (either deck) just right, it will leak… but getting a build just right will provide flavor that is almost unparalleled in RTAs. This one of the best RTAs of 2017 for experienced users.

    Free Shipping
  • Large range of airflow
  • Glass or SS tank options
  • European quality
  • Ability to fit large coils
  • Renowned flavor
  • Cons
  • Not for mouth-to-lung
  • Specifications

    • 22 mm diameter
    • Single coil design
    • 4 ml capacity with glass tank section; 5 ml capacity with stainless steel tank section
    • PEEK insulator
    • Top filling
    • Juice flow control
    • 3.2 mm below coil air hole
    • Externally adjustable airflow with 4 settings (1.8 mm
    • 2.2 mm
    • 2.7 mm and 3.2 mm)
    • 316 grade stainless steel

    SvoeMesto’s line of Kayfun RTAs have been immensely popular with vapers for several years, and the Kayfun v5 continues the tradition. Less moving parts than the previous v4 allows for easy disassembly, cleaning and repair. The build deck has been enlarged from previous versions allowing for Clapton and other fancy coils, and the significantly increased 3.2 mm below coil air hole allows for direct to lung (d2l) to enjoy the v5 as well. The 22 mm Kayfun v5 has a two post build deck and coil leads are trapped beneath the screw heads like all previous versions. Top filling and anytime access to the build deck without emptying juice are features retained from the v4, but the v5 has increased the size of the juice feed holes to better allow use of high VG e liquid. Wicking is very similar to the previous version and easily mastered.

    Airflow is adjusted externally and features four settings: 1.8 mm, 2.2 mm, 2.7 mm and 3.2 mm. For those who wish to reduce the below coil air hole, an aftermarket kit with airflow reducers is available, allowing for a wide range of settings to suit both mouth to lung (m2l) and direct to lung (d2l) vapors. Kayfuns have long been cherished by their owners for their outstanding flavor production and the v5 is no exception.

    Free Shipping
  • Versatile deck for many builds
  • Direct-to-lung, Mouth-to-lung capable
  • Excels at both flavor and clouds
  • Simple wicking
  • Cons
  • Small capacity
  • Specifications

    • 25 mm diameter
    • 2 mL capacity
    • Dual side wicking and fill ports
    • Two post spring loaded build deck
    • Triple rectangular central airflow
    • 5 mm by 2.5 mm each
    • Spitback resistant 11.5 mm bore drip tip and 10mm drip tip
    • PEEK insulators
    • Gold plated contact

    Popular vape reviewer Rip Trippers has teamed up with Digiflavor (GeekVape) to produce the Pharoah Dripper Tank. The 25 mm diameter Pharoah features a unique build deck that allows single and dual coil builds in a variety of configurations. The deck features two posts with spring loaded clamps to hold coil leads. Unique wick and fill ports can be opened or closed as needed by the builder. Airflow configurations are endless with three adjustable central rectangular slots measuring 5 mm by 2.5 mm each, suiting both mouth to lung (MTL) and direct to lung (DTL) vaping styles. The positive connection is gold plated for stability using temperature control (TC), and the PEEK insulators will hold up to high powered cloud chucking. Three drip tip options round out the versatility: an 11.5 mm wide bore with spit back protection, a 10 mm option and a 510 adaptor for those who wish to add their own drip tip.

    The only cons may be that the side fill ports require a bit of care while filling, and the 2 ml capacity may be small for some (but it holds more than most RDAs). Both flavor and cloud production are stellar. For vapers who are looking for an interesting new atomizer that allows creativity in builds with a bit of capacity, the Pharoah Dripper Tank may be just the ticket!

    Introduction to RTAs

    There are three styles of rebuildable atomizers: RTAs (Rebuildable Tank Atomizers), RDAs (Rebuildable Dripping Atomizers) and Genesis atomizers. A fourth category called an RDTA, for Rebuildable Dripping Tank Atomizer, has also been created, but for the purposes of this article they will be considered the same as RTAs. All three styles use a coil or coils made by the user by wrapping wire around a small rod; generally 24 mm in diameter. The user then must also create a wick to transport the e liquid to the coil(s).

    Vapers use a variety of wire to wrap coils. Kanthal A1 can be used in variable wattage (VW) mode on all mods because it has very stable resistance when heated. Other wire types must be used in temperature control (TC) mode due to their varying resistance when heated. These wire types would be ni200 and titanium (ti grade 1). Stainless steel has a slight variation in resistance when heated and can be used in both VW and TC modes.

    Many different types of wicking materials can also be used for vaping in rebuildable atomizers. Cotton or rayon are most commonly used in RTAs and RDAs. Stainless steel mesh rolled into a tube is usually used in Genesis atomizers.

    What is an RTA?

    How does an RTA differ from other types of atomizers? RTAs generally have a building deck where the user puts the coil(s) at the bottom, while the tank for e liquid sits above the deck. Depending on the size of the RTA it may hold anywhere from 2 ml to 10 ml of juice. A chimney section surrounds the deck. Air enters the deck from beneath or next to the coils and rises through the chimney’s stem to the drip tip. Side airflow RTAs are often termed RDTAs. Many newer RTAs also have top airflow that comes down through the outside of the chimney stem to the coils, and then back up to the drip tip. RTAs contain slots or holes in the deck to allow e liquid to feed through the cotton wick(s) to the coil(s).

    An RDA differs from an RTA by having a small well in the bottom to hold e liquid, and tend to have significantly less capacity. The coil(s) also are in the bottom of the atomizer, and the wick(s) dip down into the well of juice to feed the coil(s). They do not have a chimney section since the juice is below the level of the coil(s). Instead they have a top cap that sits on top of the building deck. Air enters from the top, bottom or sides and rises up from the top cap to the drip tip.

    A Genesis atomizer seems like a combination of an RDA and an RTA. It has a tank, like an RTA, but it sits at the bottom of the atomizer below the build deck. Due to the location of the tank section it is similar to a very large RDA well. Wicking is achieved by rolled stainless steel mesh tubes which feed the e liquid up to the coil(s). Genesis atomizers also have a top cap like an RDA and, likewise, air flows from that directly up to the drip tip. Many current popular atomizers are a hybrid of the Genesis style by having a bottom tank and upper build deck, but use cotton wicking like an RTA. Some of these hybridized style atomizers are also termed RDTAs.

    Advantages of RTAs over other atomizers

    RTAs offer some advantages to vapers compared to Subohm tanks, RDAs or Genesis atomizers. The primary benefit over Subohm tanks is the freedom from buying factory coil heads. Wrapping coil(s) offers a huge savings over purchasing them. An entire roll of wire can make several coils at approximately the same cost as one or two factory made coil heads. Additionally, the user is less likely to run out of wire at an inopportune time since a roll of wire may last months or years. Similarly, a package of organic cotton or box of rayon for wicking may also last months, years or even decades. Moreover, the user of Subohm tanks must rely on the manufacturer to continue providing coil heads for purchase, while the RTA user does not. With FDA regulations in effect, factory coil heads for Subohm tanks may no longer be available to US vapers in two years (or less).

    RTAs edge out RDAs in two categories. The first is e liquid capacity. Users of RDAs must continually drip more juice into their atomizer. Vapers of RDAs must carry bottles of e liquid with them, and this can create a dangerous situation if the user is dripping and driving. An RTA with large capacity may provide vaping enjoyment all day at work before needing refilled. The second merit of RTAs over RDAs is that most do not leak if they are not kept upright. Because an RDA does not use a chimney section it will dump juice if sideways or inverted.

    Many vapers find RTAs easier to coil and wick than Genesis atomizers. This is because the user must oxidize the stainless steel mesh on a Genesis, and then work out hot spots where the mesh makes contact with the coil(s). Also, like RDAs, Gennys tend to leak when not kept upright.

    Tips and tricks for RTAs

    A few helpful tips can guide vapers in using RTAs. The first suggestion is to be sure the coil(s) span the air slots, especially on a bottom airflow atomizer. Too short coil length allows the wick(s) to drip e liquid into the air holes, which leads to gurgling and even flooding. Another trick to prevent flooding is to be sure the wick(s) do not allow e liquid to flow past them onto the deck. The wick tails must adequately block the juice feeding slots or holes. However, if the RTA begins to dry hit, then the user has too much wick blocking or hindering the flow of e liquid. Finding the perfect balance is key to top performance. Most modern RTAs allow the user to access the build deck at any time for rewicking, and are highly recommended for beginners and reluctant builders. Finally, be sure not to overfill the RTA. Leaving an air bubble allows juice to adequately flow to the wicks and exchange air for vaporized liquid.

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    • Bora Yalcin

      Hi there, what RTA would you suggest for MTL, single coil?

      • Jeremy

        Probably the Bellus would be the best on this list for that.

      • Audrey Saccogna

        I agree with Jeremy. The Bachelor is also capable of a looser m2l.

    • Davis Brown

      I bought the Aromamizer supreme this morning. I love it. I see you have it listed as more of a cloud chaser. This is my first rta. I have not tried the others. I have juice flow n air just below half n I enjoy the flavor. Step above my crown tank n right there with my magma reborn rda. I love the airflow. N vape temp. Juice flow can b shut off to help prevent leaking n makes it a dripper to boot. Huge top fill. Nice comfortable tip. It is a hair large in width. Overhangs my kbox200 I use for work just a little. But sits nicely on my rx 200. Deck has plenty of room n easy to build on. Glad it made your list. Definitely recommend it for anybody looking for a versatile all around rta. Love the site and the work you guys do.

      • Thanks for taking the time to comment Davis. Appreciate the feedback on the Aromamizer Supreme and thanks for the kind words on the site! Vape on

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        Thanks for reading, and thank you for the kind words. Congrats on the tank!

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            Very glad to hear about your success with the Supreme!

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        Day 3 with the tank. Only 2 cons I see. I don’t like Allen screws lol. N she can suck down some liquid lol. N that’s with a basic dual 24g 2.5 7 wraps @.35 60 watts. I’m glad they made the top fill big enough u can just pour it from the bottle lol.

        • Audrey Saccogna

          It certainly does! Superior wicking does a lot to help prevent dry hits, but the trade off is large juice vaporization, and therefore large juice consumption 🙂

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      The 22mm Griffin has a 3.5mL capacity.

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      Trying to figure out what tank would go good on Sigelei Fuchai 200w box for cloud chasing purposes.

      • Audrey Saccogna

        If you’re looking to fit large coils, look to the 25mm RTAs: Griffin 25, Boreas, Smok TF with G2 deck, Ijoy Tornado or Supreme. The Griffin 22mm has nearly as large a deck as the 25mm also.

        • Vapfire Trex

          Moradin RTA 25mm is the best choose for you . and the flavor is great

    • Jodie Darmasaputra

      Hey there, great site btw. it helped me to choose some of the RTAs on the market. i like both the Vaporesso’s gemini and GeekVape’s griffin. i’m a flavor chaser and also like big clouds too. what do you guys think i should get? the gemini or griffin?

      ps: im from indonesia, sorry for my bad english 🙂

      • Vapfire Trex

        I support you can try the Moradin RTA , everyone like it because of the amazing flavor .

        I’ve tried many sub ohm tanks on the market, OBS Crius, Griffin, Herakles RTA, VCMT, Gemini, Moonshot, etc. The Moradin is easily my favorite so far
        Fantastic flavor, no leaks, creative juice flow control, top fill with a tall lip to catch excess juice, good airflow.

    • audiosabre

      Please could we get a ‘top 5’ list like we have with sub ohm tanks? Also, I’d like to suggest a new category; best mouth-to-lung devices (both tank and RTA). Since it’s a much smaller category, bundle them together.

    • coolin91

      why there is no ijoy Tornado RTA on the top of the list ?

    • Aaron Dorsey

      I purchased the Griffin 25 while in Ireland for work and after learning how to properly wick it to avoid leakage (as well as closing the juice flow for filling) I have loved this tank even more. I have been using it for about a month; first on my Wismec RX200 (which finally succumbed to the ever so infamous Battery issues) and now on my new Vapresso 200 and love the tank even more. Though I have less cloud than with the Wismec, I feel that the Tarot is just a better and more reliable device. The juice consumption is insane for such a large tank, but I still only need to fill up maybe twice a day during usual vaping. My Crown may be a better fit for overhang, but I don’t think that I could ever go back after using dual Alien Claptons @ .17 ohms bouncing from 60-80w depending on the age of the coils.

    • Vapfire Trex

      Icloudcig New stock Orcish RDTA&RDA