Can Opening a Vape Shop Be Trolling?

Did UK vaping company Totally Wicked choose its new location for revenge?

UK Vape Shop Trolls

Was it a case of revenge, or just a necessary business decision? No one knows for sure, but many people think it must be more than just a coincidence. British vaping company Totally Wicked recently opened a store next door to the office of the former Health Minister who had tried unsuccessfully in March to ban the public use of vapor products in Wales.

According to a story in Wales Online, Totally Wicked owner Richard Gough claims the placement of the store was largely accidental. “We were given notice to leave and we desperately needed to find somewhere close so we didn’t lose the customers we’ve built up over the last 18 months. We initially went for a shop a little bit further down the road but it was taken a couple of weeks earlier. There are hardly any vacant shops in the area so we had no choice but to take the shop next door to Mark Drakeford’s office.”

Vapers beat Drakeford, but the TPD is still a threat. Take action!

Drakeford is a Welsh Assembly Member from Cardiff. He kept his seat in elections earlier this month, although he no longer has the appointment as Health Minister. Vapers will remember his speech urging adoption of strict public use restrictions, which was filled with exaggerations and outright falsehoods about vaping.

Drakeford’s  opinions bothered not just vapers, but many in the UK public health community, which is generally sympathetic to vaping as a harm reduction strategy for smokers. The e-cig ban had been opposed by several major health groups, including Action on Smoking and Health (ASH), Cancer Research UK, and the Royal College of Physicians Wales.

Totally Wicked is well known and admired by vapers for its challenge to the TPD in the European Court of Justice. Though the challenge was ultimately unsuccessful, British vape advocates have created enough questions about the wisdom of the regulation that the House of Lords is considering a “fatal motion” that could prevent the UK from implementing the law.

The effort to persuade the House of Lords still needs support from vapers! Please sign the petition started by the 100k Coalition, and use the suggestions from Vapers In Power when writing letters to the Lords.

Jim McDonald
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