Congressman Duncan Hunter Vapes in Congress Hearing

Congressman Vaping duncan hunter

Duncan Hunter, a U.S. representative from California, has got a lot of vapers talking after he yesterday took a vape whilst giving a speech in a congress hearing. He can be seen vaping on, what I think, is an Aspire Nautilus Mini. This happened whilst the committee was discussing a piece of legislation that would ban vaping on planes.

Duncan Hunter is the same politician who recently proudly declared that he vapes in a letter to Pelosi. After seeing so many politicians being so far detached from the reality of vaping, it is good to see a vaper in congress backing our corner. Although in this case it seems he is fighting a losing battle, as I don’t think banning vaping on planes is a bad thing! However, I hope Mr. Hunter (aka the “Vape Crusader”) keeps fighting for our right to vape.

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The video of Mr. Hunter vaping in congress can be viewed below:

Chris Kendell
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  • Leslie Ann Canales

    Good job! Keep fighting everyone!