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Praxis Vapors Decimus Intro

For mods in the $100 price range, the Decimus 150W by Praxis Vapors is one of the most stylish high-wattage box mods currently available. With the ability to mix and match colors via the two interchangeable doors, Praxis Mods has created a slick unit that will allow customers the ability to customize the appearance of their mod and coordinate it with their atomizers and drip tips. For its power output—up to 150 watts with the ability to fire down to 0.2Ω—the Decimus is in direct competition with the likes of Sigelei, IPV, iSticks and more, so let’s take a look at what the Decimus is really about…


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Praxis Vapors Decimus Specs and Features

  • 150W Total Max Output
    • Supports 0.2 ohm Resistances and Above
    • 16W to 150W
    • 8V Maximum
    • To Change Between Wattage and Voltage, Ensure Atomizer is Attached, and Double Press the Firing Button
  • Utilizes Two 18650 High Amperage Batteries (sold separately)
  • Dual Cutaway Doors
    • Opened through Control Face Midline
    • Hidden Adjustment Buttons
    • Magnetized
    • Allows for Mixing and Matching
  • Texturized and Rubberized Finish
    • Light and Ergonomic
    • Anti-Slip
    • Reduces Hand Fatigue
  • Stainless Steel 510 Threading
    • Self-Adjusting Contact Pin
  • OLED Screen
    • Battery Life Indicator
    • Output Wattage
    • Output Voltage
    • Atomizer Resistance
    • Custom Praxis Vapors and Decimus Screens
  • Bottom Vent Grille
  • One Praxis Decimus 150W Box Mod
  • User Manual
  • Gift Box

Notable Remarks

Quality of Materials

Decimus Screen Dent
Decimus Screen Dent

The mod feels sturdy, due in large part to the two magnetized metal doors (which are held firmly in place by strong magnets), but the majority of the chassis is plastic. One aspect of its quality of materials that I am not too thrilled with is the screen. It’s perfectly readable as most other mods like it, but the actual screen is made out of a thin, soft(ish) kind of plastic that I somehow dented within minutes of having. The screen is too important to skimp on something durable. This for me is a con!


1. Depending on your ohms, the delivery of power can have about a one second delay when you fire it.

  • With a 1.5Ω coil, it’s not noticeable at all, but with low/sub-ohm coils it is very noticeable. Frankly, I like to press my fire button and commence to vaping, not waiting—even if for just one second.

2. With low/sub-ohm coils, when you press the fire button you can easily hear the chip grunt and sort of vibrate or ‘rattlesnake’!

  • The sound is exacerbated by the delay (you hear something happening but feel nothing, at least for that one second). It’s at its loudest driving a .2Ω coil (no matter the watts you pump to it) and is still audible, though a little less, around 1.1Ω. At ≥ 1.5Ω it’s silent.

3. The Decimus has a max of 8 volts, so the 150 watts is reserved for the (approximately) 0.2-.0.27Ω range. For instance, if I have my 0.22Ω coil set to 150 watts, if I install another atty with a 0.65Ω coil it will automatically drop the wattage to the upper limit of that coil, in that case, to 97 watts. Here are few examples of the range on the Decimus for coils I have sitting within reach:

  • 0.22Ω from 40-150 watts
  • 0.66Ω from 13-98 watts
  • 1.5Ω from 5-40 watts

4. No temperature control. For me this doesn’t matter, but for many others it could be deal breaker.

Operational Interface of the Decimus

Here are a few (if not the only) features to know that can get you going:

  • One-click to run
  • Two (quick) clicks to change from voltage to wattage
  • Five (quick) clicks to lock and unlock

Okay, so that’s pretty much it. Ease of use is as simple as it gets. But, in my opinion, the two-click to change the voltage/wattage should’ve been a three-click feature because I have several times found myself in voltage mode instead of watts—Ι apparently double clicked the button. No biggie, I guess.

Power Adjustment

Decimus Recessed and Flat
Decimus Recessed and Flat

So I bought this mod as soon as I saw it available because of the power it supplies and because—well, just look at it! I had assumed that it was either a single-button interface or that the power adjustment buttons were hidden. Well it’s not a single-button interface; the buttons are hidden. But guess where they are? They are inside of the battery compartment! Yes, you read that correctly. To adjust the power up or down, you have to take off the magnetic battery door! My mouth dropped when I figured this out. It is what it is, I guess, but I don’t like it…and it’s only made even more inconvenient by the +/- buttons being flat AND recessed. Ugh!

  • Although I do not like adjusting my power this way, the adjustment of the power moves at lighting speed! It takes about 6 seconds to go from 40 watts to 150 and in voltage mode it takes almost half that time.
  • No round-robin
  • No memory settings

Fire Button

It is flat and slightly recessed once the dual-cutaway doors are on. I am typically a fan of a substantial button that your trigger-finger won’t accidently deviate from, but I get it—this mod isn’t about that, it’s about style. And the style of this mod can’t have any protruding parts—it would mess up the lines. [That’s what I keep telling myself.]

Also, the button has a bit of a rattle. It’s not as bad as the maraca-like iStick, but it can be heard without a putting in a ton of effort to shake the mod.



For a mod of this style and aesthetic design, with such clean and understated details, I just had to have it. After getting it I realized that not only is it visually beautiful, like a piece of minimalist art, it feels amazing in the hand with its contrasting finishes.

And for those vapers out there that like to really coordinate their set-ups, Praxis Vapors has released numerous colors—grey, black, white, blue, oxblood, yellow, etc.,—that you can mix and match. The price that I’ve seen for additional colors is ~$30.

Decimus Glow in the Dark Background for Battery Compartment
Decimus Glow in the Dark Background for Battery Compartment

Just another cool little detail Praxis threw in this mod. I didn’t even notice it until I was photographing it (having bright lights on it) and I noticed that color in the battery compartment sure did look luminescent. Ha! A glow-in-the-dark battery compartment.


It’s not anything new here for the power it puts out, but it does have ample power. I would’ve like to have seen the mod be able to fire down to 0.15Ω, but the Decimus is ultimately running with the same specs as others like it. So why buy this one over others in its class? For me it was simply because of how amazing it looks. It’s hard for me to recommend something based so heavily on style, and I can’t say that I would buy it again now knowing what I know, but if you don’t care about the +/- button placement and a few other quirks I mentioned in the review, you should get this unit simply because, for the money, it really is a sexy mod!


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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