Digiflavor Lynx RDA review

The first RDA released by Digiflavor is an interesting 25 mm dripper with a unique airflow system, and a spacious deck that accepts most any exotic wire.


Digiflavor Lynx RDA Intro

GeekVape sprang into the vaping scene late in 2015 with a huge amount of fanfare. Vapers worldwide have been lining up to purchase its popular atomizers and other products. Digiflavor is the new offshoot company of Geek Vape and continues the tradition with several exciting and intriguing new designs of RDAs, RTAs and Sub-ohm tanks.

The Lynx is the first RDA under the Digiflavor name. It is a 25 mm dripper featuring a huge 2 mL capacity juice well. The deck of the Lynx is both innovative and inviting. Spring-loaded shelf clamps are utilized to capture leads on this dual coil designed RDA. In addition, the Lynx features below coil airflow and/or side airflow to cater to different vaping styles.

Without further ado, let’s take a closer look at the details on the Digiflavor Lynx RDA.

Digiflavor Lynx RDA Gallery

Digiflavor Lynx Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • One Lynx RDA
  • Package of spare o rings and post screws
  • Hey key/screwdriver tool
  • 510 drip tip adapter


  • 25 mm diameter
  • 2 mL capacity well
  • 26 mm height
  • Spring loaded post clamps
  • Bottom airflow control for mouth to lung
  • Side airflow control for clouds
  • Wide bore Delrin drip tip

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish


I received a black Lynx for the purpose of this review and the finish is nicely done with no marks or scratches. The design of the well will prevent leaking. However, the threaded part of the top cap that is used to adjust the side airflow makes loud, high pitched squeaks when adjusted. My two African Grey parrots were thrilled, and promptly began imitating it, but those who are sensitive to such sounds may not be so appreciative. I have no way of knowing if this is a common problem though, and hope more use will eradicate it. Luckily, should it persist, I don’t really have a reason to adjust my airflow often as I’m now just vaping at my personal sweet spot (rather than experimenting with it for this review).

Build Deck and Ease of Build


The deck of the Digiflavor Lynx RDA is likely its most interesting feature. The dual coil designed Lynx features centered positive and negative blocks. Shelf styled clamps secure coil leads, and are spring loaded to remain in the up position while the user places the coils. I liked how the blocks have raised edges to ensure the coils do not slide off the blocks as the clamps are being tightened down with the Phillips head screws.

For those vapers who wish to use only the bottom airflow, or to use it in conjunction with the side airflow, I recommend a 3 mm inside diameter (ID) coil to best match up with the size of the below coil air holes. However, should you wish to use only the side airflow, the Lynx RDA can fit some rather large exotic coils, being a 25 mm diameter dripper.

Wicking the Lynx is a simple affair. Be sure your wick tails rest at the bottoms of the well to transport all your e-juice to your coils. However, bear in mind that your wick tails should not touch or be in the below coil air holes to prevent e-juice from dripping into them, and then onto your mod.

Juice Well

The Lynx RDA has a large juice well that spreads over the entire bottom of the deck save for the terminal blocks and raised bottom air holes. It holds a generous 2 mL of e-juice to allow for long periods of time between refills. One may drip directly down the drip tip to refill the Lynx without removing the top cap.

Airflow and Controller

The Lynx RDA offers users the option of using only the bottom airflow, using only the side airflow or using both together. Digiflavor suggests mouth to lung (MTL) vapers use only the bottom airflow. It is adjusted by the placement of the top cap. The further down the top cap is placed dictates how open or closed the bottom airflow will be. Pushing the top down all the way fully closes it. I did find the adjustment for the bottom airflow to be somewhat difficult. It is very easy to push the top cap down all the way to close it completely, or to pull it up too high, exposing all of the very narrow air slots. I would rather have seen Digiflavor cut out slots on the top cap that matched up with the slots on the deck. Then users could simply turn the top cap to adjust the size of the openings, or to close it all the way down. I feel that feature should have been a no brainer on the design, but apparently it wasn’t.

Adjustment of the side airflow on the Lynx is much easier because the upper part of the top cap is threaded. One must simply screw it down further to cover more or all of the side slots, or unscrew it more to open them up.



For mouth to lung vapers, performance on the Lynx will be largely dependent on getting the proper adjustment of the bottom airflow. I suspect many will find it frustrating though to zone in on his or her sweet spot. Thankfully, Digiflavor did include a 510 drip tip adapter, which allows you to use the narrow bore drip tip of your choice.

For those looking for an airy RDA capable of large clouds, the Lynx is a surprisingly open draw with the side air slots fully open, and even more so with both side and bottom slots fully open. On first glance the slots appear too narrow to allow a completely unrestricted draw, but it’s an illusion! They certainly can and do allow a loose direct to lung (DTL) inhale. Combine the airflow with large, exotic coils and the Lynx should please the cloud chasing crowd.

I found the flavor on the Digiflavor Lynx to be spectacular with all the airflow settings I tried. Whether lower power, tight airflow or an unrestricted, high power draw, the Lynx churns out powerhouse, thick, tasty vaper. In fact, there were times I found the the flavor almost overpowering, and upon rewick I switched from the strong raspberry slushie e-juice I was first using to a mellower, creamy custard.


  • Spring loaded post clamps that stay in the up position while placing coils
  • Raised edges on the post blocks to keep coils in place during installation
  • Fantastic flavor
  • Deceivingly open draw for cloud lovers
  • Easily adjusted side airflow
  • Huge juice well
  • Delrin wide bore drip tip remains cool


  • Difficult adjustment on bottom airflow if not fully open or fully closed
  • Phillips head screws can be easily stripped


The Digiflavor Lynx provides amazing flavor in a variety of airflow settings and power levels. For those seeking an airy RDA with a large deck and well, I definitely recommend this dripper. However, I have concerns that mouth to lung (MTL) vapers may find the adjustment of the bottom airflow frustrating. For those interested in adding the Lynx to their collection, the deck is user friendly and easy to build on.

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Audrey Saccogna aka "Roxynoodle" is a retired math teacher who enjoys art, music, and remodeling her old farmhouse. While she is devoted to her horse, dog and four parrots, she is also dedicated to helping others discover the miracle of vaping because she kicked a 35 year smoking habit.