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In this article we review some e-liquids by UK e-liquid producer – The Flavour Factory. We were kindly sent four different flavours: Strawberry (Clouds range), Melon Twist, Blackcurrant Burst and Blueberry. The Strawberry flavour was from their Clouds range which is 100% VG and we chose the 6mg Nicotine option. The other flavours were all 50/50 PG/VG or 40/60 and we used the 12mg nicotine option.


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About Flavour Factory

The Flavour Factory is a UK based e-liquid manufacturer in Manchester. They produce “handmade” e-liquids from natural UK ingredients. Their e-liquids are diacetyl free and meet the highest possible quality standards.

Their e-liquids come in either a 10ml or 30ml bottle. You can choose from the following nicotine levels: 0mg, 6mg, 12mg and 18mg. They have a good selection of flavours from sweets, fruits to tobaccos and menthols. The PG/VG ratio depends on the flavour, but the majority are 50/50 or 30/70. They also do a new clouds range of e-liquids which are 100% VG.

Our Setup

Aspire Atlantis for the 100% VG juice and the Nautilus Mini for the other e-juices.

Our E-Liquid Review

Flavour Factory Dripper

Strawberry (Clouds Range 100% VG)

Our Thoughts

The Strawberry clouds e-liquid was vaped on our Aspire Atlantis tank, to get the full flavour and to see how much vapour this juice could produce. The vapour production did not disappoint at all and the 100% VG ensured some huge clouds!

Because of the 100% VG blend, it means the flavour isn’t as pronounced as it might be with a more PG heavy ratio. However, the strawberry flavour was still noticeable and tasty and had a light creamy taste to it which was really nice.

If you are going for clouds, then this is a good choice for that.

Melon Twist (50/50 PG/VG)

Our Thoughts

The melon twist to me tasted like a light watermelon and had a slight strawberry taste or maybe something else; I’m not too sure what! The watermelon flavour is light and isn’t too in your face like other melon flavours, I’ve come across. This flavour came across slightly more artificial compared with the others, which some people will like and others will dislike.

Because of the 50/50 mix the throat hit wasn’t that big with the 12mg of nicotine, so if you want more of a throat hit I would opt for the 18mg for this flavour. Overall this is a fairly nice tasting e-liquid, but not really an all-day vape for me.

Blueberry (50/50 PG/VG)

Our Thoughts

This is one of the Flavour Factory’s best sellers. The Blueberry flavour to me had a light citrus taste to it and also had a floral hint to it. You can definitely taste the blueberry as well and the taste isn’t very sweet, but instead tastes quite natural. The more I vaped this one the more I liked it. The vapour production on this one was great due to the 50/50 PG/VG mix and the throat hit was also slightly more pronounced than the Melon Twist.

Blackcurrant Burst (40/60 PG/VG)

Our Thoughts

The blackcurrant burst is a sweets flavour and was my favourite of the lot. It tasted like a sweet and despite it being more VG heavy the flavour was quite pronounced, more so than on any of the other e-liquids. It had a slight “floral” taste to it as well, which was similar to the blueberry. This one was a nice all day vape.


Overall the flavours from Flavour Factory were very natural tasting and not overly sweet, which was a big positive. The PG/VG ratios were quite VG heavy so the vapour production was really impressive. The Blackcurrant Burst and the Blueberry were my favourites. My brother likes to cloud chase, so the Strawberry clouds flavour was his favourite. The cloud e-liquids are a good addition to the range and are highly recommended if dripping and cloud chasing is your thing.

Overall we were impressed with the liquids. The bottles came with child lock caps and the delivery to us in Germany, was pretty swift. The site looks great and is very easy to navigate. You can pay by card or also with Paypal.

If you are looking for a good natural tasting, handmade UK e-liquid, then I would definitely give Flavour Factory a try. They do a great value 5 x 10ml bundle, for £19.99, which is perfect for trying a selection of their flavours.


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