FreeMax Starre Pure Review

FreeMax has put out a lot of tanks under the Starre name and this one is their latest creation called the Starre Pure. Audrey puts it to the ultimate test.


FreeMax Starre Pure Intro

The FreeMax Starre Pure is the latest sub-ohm tank from a company known to offer atomizers with an excellent blend of strong performance and great ease-of-use. FreeMax’s Starre line of sub-ohm tanks, in particular, has been highly acclaimed. The Pure continues the tradition by bringing to the table a Ceramic Cover Coil (CCC) to improve the vaping experience, along with a leak-proof design.

The Starre Pure hits the market with a lot of hype surrounding it being the best sub-ohm tank yet — a claim we’ve never heard before…right?

Let’s take a look at this sub-ohm tank and see if it lives up the hype.

FreeMax Starre Pure Gallery

FreeMax Starre Pure Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • FreeMax Starre Pure Sub-ohm tank
  • One 0.25 ohm CCC Pure coil head
  • One 0.5 ohm CCC Pure coil head
  • Package of extra o rings
  • Manual


  • 25 mm diameter
  • 4 mL capacity
  • Top filling design
  • Leak proof top airflow
  • Stainless steel covered Delrin drip tip

Notable Remarks


The FreeMax Starre Pure is available from both US and Chinese vendors, with prices ranging from $21-45.



The FreeMax Starre Pure is the first sub-ohm tank to use the company’s CCC coils. They use kanthal wire and are covered in a cylindrical ceramic sleeve. Each coil is wrapped in organic cotton which is between the coil and ceramic covering. The CCC coil heads were developed for two reasons. The first was to create clean, pure taste. The second was to provide heat insulation for the coil. I have to say I agree with FreeMax that both goals have been achieved. While the Starre Pure doesn’t quite match my RTA builds, it is close. I am enjoying the flavor generated by the Starre Pure.

Note: Additionally the tank is staying cool in the upper power ranges.

FreeMax estimates that the CCC coil heads will last for 60 to 80 refills of the tank. If this is true, the Starre Pure will be a low maintenance and economical tank. Just for grins, I may keep track of that and report back later.

Another nice feature FreeMax added to the Starre Pure was top airflow in order to make the tank “leak free.” The dual adjustable top-airflow slots are generously sized. Wide open, the Starre Pure provides an excellent direct-lung inhale. Is it leak free? While I can’t test it in every possible scenario and position, laying it on its side is fine. If it the tank were bouncing around in my purse or backpack, I might close the airflow just to be certain.

The FreeMax Starre Pure top fills and has generously sized slots. The slots will allow vapers to use any type of e-juice bottle. Filling was simple and mess-free.

I have enjoyed using my Starre Pure so much that I recommended it to a friend. After one day’s use he is convinced he has found the ease-of-use atomizer of his dreams.



The FreeMax Starre Pure is a sub-ohm tank for flavor chasers who also enjoy a nice cloud. The CCC coil heads bring out the nuances of complex e-juice, and produce amazing flavor. Airflow is certainly acceptable wide open to those who prefer a lot, but vapor production won’t match the Smok Cloud Beast. However, the Starre Pure makes a thick, tasty cloud many vapers will appreciate and find satisfying.

One gripe


The FreeMax Starre Pure arrived with the 0.25 ohm CCC coil installed. I primed the coil, filled the tank, went to try it out, and…nothing! My mod read “atomizer short.” I wondered, wow, how low is the resistance exactly (I admit I hadn’t checked first to see what the coils were rated for). My ohmmeter told me 0.03 ohm. That certainly qualifies as a short. My 0.5 ohm coil is working perfectly, but that is a 50-percent fail rate for the included coils. I looked around the Internet to see what others were reporting and did find others had defective coils as well. Hopefully FreeMax address quality control on the coil heads quickly.


Outside of possible early quality control issues on coil heads, the FreeMax Starre Pure is a wonderful vape. Flavor oriented vapers who enjoy the convenience of pre-built factory coil heads will love this clearomizer. In fact, if this atomizer was around two years ago, I may not have started using rebuildables. The coils do deliver clean, pure taste and are easy to install. The top-filling, leak-proof top-airflow and good heat dissipation are all fantastic features that add the icing to the cake.

Audrey Saccogna aka "Roxynoodle" is a retired math teacher who enjoys art, music, and remodeling her old farmhouse. While she is devoted to her horse, dog and four parrots, she is also dedicated to helping others discover the miracle of vaping because she kicked a 35 year smoking habit.
  • Michael Abrams

    Any safety concerns about ceramic, given the report that Uwell just released? Thanks

    • Audrey Saccogna

      Hi Michael, I think it may be too early to say for certain, but so far nothing about them has given me cause for concern. I guess we should all be vigilant though and keep up on reports.

  • Bud

    With the freemax starre pure, I’m on my second package of .02 coils. I’ve always primed them and broke them in gently, bringing wattage up gradually. They’re rated up to 70 watts but none of the 7 previous coils will last past 2 tanks without starting to burn. I back down to 35 watts is the only way I can use them. Is this a widespread problem? I love the tank but….