Fuggin Vapor E-Juice Review

This value for money vape juice is “Fuggin Fantastic”


Fuggin Vapor e-liquid Intro

I have spent the past week vaping up a storm with five of Fuggin Vapor Co.’s e-liquids, and it’s been an interesting journey through some great profiles that truly provide something memorable for every taste palate. Although this is far from the full line of flavors, it was a good indication of what the brand has to offer — it left me wanting more!

I decided to tank test these e-juices to see if they could be enjoyed as an all day vape without becoming overpowering or nauseating. This was done on a 0.3-ohm kanthal build in the Steamcrave Aromamizer set to 50 watts, which in my experience is a warm and flavorful vape without being too hard-hitting. Here’s how they measured up…

Let's head into the soup

Shake Dat Ass

Shake Dat Ass

To kick things off I decided to go with Fuggin’s number one e-liquid seller, “Shake Dat Ass”. This e-liquid is a classic strawberry milk vape that is very mild on flavour and very high on enjoyability. Given that it isn’t particularly overwhelming in terms of either the strawberry or the milk, it is easy to vape this juice for hours at a time without it becoming tired or stale. It is the subtleness of the flavors in this e-liquid that make this an easy all day vape that won’t overpower your senses and it is easy to see why it is so popular.


Chee Berry

CheeBerry is a New York style cheesecake finished off with a strawberry syrup drizzle and a ripe strawberry topping. This e-liquid has a decadent “dessertiness” that is full-bodied with a hint of biscuit undertone and it is a well-rounded dessert flavor that isn’t too sickly sweet like so many others on the market. What I loved about this flavor is that it wasn’t a typical “vanilla custard” style base that is often overused and repetitive and easily becomes boring for the palette. If you love strawberry and cheesecake, this juice is a great choice. Considering that I am not a particular fan of dessert flavors in general, this one actually measured up pretty nicely in my overall estimation.

Cereal Vapist

Cereal Vapist

Although I am inherently a cereal lover (meaning that I can quite easily eat cereal as a main meal if given half the chance) I find that most cereal vapes are very “lemony” and VERY sweet, with the sweetness alone tending to make me want to shy away from these flavors altogether.

Nonetheless, I was pleasantly surprised with Fuggin’s “Cereal Vapist” as it really is a well-balanced vape that does justice to the popular cereal flavors like Fruity Loops and Fruit Pebbles. However, sadly I didn’t manage to overcome my obvious bias of the profile and it was my least favorite of the selection but having said this, I had no problem recommending it to the cereal vape lovers in my life and it was certainly a big hit with them!

Strawberry Cream Nog

Strawberry Cream Nog

When it comes to classic Christmas cheer, there is nothing more cheerful than drinking a warm Egg Nog on a snowy, Christmas night. And if for some reason you haven’t had the joy of this experience, then you are just going to have to call on your memories of classic Christmas movies to set the scene for this occasion in your mind. Either way, despite being a firm favorite around the holidays, Egg Nog is still one of those drinks that you either really love or really hate with most people finding themselves firmly planted in either camp.

However, if you can imagine a sweet and spiced milky egg drink (think diluted custard), with a generous dash of bourbon, then you are probably getting the picture of why it’s so split if its “yeah” or “neah” on this traditional holiday concoction.

Fuggin Vapor Co. have put their own spin on this classic flavour with their “Strawberry Cream Nog” that combines this complex base with a smattering of strawberry to make it truly “one-of-a-kind”. This vape is decadent yet spicy (cinnamon, nutmeg), and like the drink – you will either love it or hate it! But although you might struggle to get you taste buds around this e-juice initially, you might be pleasantly surprised at how much you do end up enjoying the richness that it has to offer. Plus, if you’re in a wintery climate, this is one vape to settle down with in front of a cosy fire for maximum vaping pleasure.

Rainbow Road

Rainbow Road

Sherbet candy comes to life in this delicious e-liquid creation that is fresh and fruity with just a sprinkle of creaminess to make it well-rounded. This was my favorite of the bunch. Vaping it was a very similar experience to eating real sherbet sweets – seriously how did they do this? It is light and tart with enough sweetness to be tasty but not overpowering and this makes “Rainbow Road” a perfect tank juice that you, if you are like me, won’t easily tire of!


Although there were some hits and misses in this selection, there were none that I would pack away at the back of the cupboard and completely forget about, which given my experience with e-liquids to date, is actually pretty good going all around.

I can say that all of the Fuggin juices actually vaped really nicely overall and were super smooth on the throat and, surprisingly, they all also maintained great flavor in a tank setup, which is no small feat.

I would have like to have seen less strawberry and more “other” fruit, but they have a massive selection of juices on offer and I was actually inspired to go shopping for a few of others.

In my opinion, you simply can’t go wrong with their quality and value for money with 120mL bottles retailing for only $24.99 normally and massive discounts available in their “BIG FUGGIN DEAL” and “LITTLE FUGGIN DEAL”.

Saska Nel
A marketing manager by day and an avid reader - and vaper - by night, I came into the vape scene almost by accident and have never looked back. You will find me in sunny South Africa where I am mostly always curled up on the couch with a good book and a fruity vape. At other times, I am known to indulge my unhealthy obsession with musical theatre and live comedy shows, in that order.