IJOY A160 Box Mod Review

iJoy A160W
iJoy A160W

iJoy A160 Intro

Today, we review the iJoy A160, a simple compact 160-watt device from iJoy. The iJoy A160 is a small yet powerful device, powered by dual 18650 high drain batteries (not included). One Unique feature of the A160 by iJoy is its size. Small yet mighty this box is a simple workhorse for those sub ohm builds and tanks that flood the vaping market today.

Although I rarely push this device to its capabilities its nice to know that you can push 160 watts with this device, plus it means that all those using rebuildable drippers can get a killer vape without having to build super low on a mechanical mod.

Retailing at around $69.99 the iJoy A160 is an affordable high power mod. We take an in depth look into the A160 by iJoy below.


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iJoy A160 Specs and Features

  • 1 x iJoy A160 mod
  • 1 x User Manual
  • 1 x Ego threading adapter


​The A160 by iJoy comes in a neat looking presentation box with slide on sleeve that houses all safety information and basic specs. Inside the presentation box is a simple foam insert, which houses the mod and ego-threading adapter with the user manual sitting on top. It did come as a surprise to us that no warrantee card was issued. Although there is a authenticity scratch code on the back of the information sleeve.

iJoy A160W Battery Compartment
iJoy A160W Battery Compartment
  • Power output: 5-160 watts
  • Resistance Range: 0.03Ω-3.0Ω
  • Size: 92*43*28mm
  • Powered by dual 18650
  • Threading: 510 (comes with ego adapter)

Notable Remarks

Using the iJoy A160

iJoy A160W Screen/Buttons
iJoy A160W Screen/Buttons

Whilst the user manual was a nice touch, using this mod was so simple I don’t think a user manual was needed. A simple 5 clicks of the power button to turn on and off, wattage up and down buttons to adjust the power going to your coil. The only extra feature available on the mod is a wattage lock mode where the power becomes non adjustable but the mod can still be fired.

The screen is clear and bright which helps on a sunny day. Displayed are the current wattage, voltage, resistance, battery life, puff timer and amp draw. The amp feature we’re a big fan of as now you can see exactly what you’re drawing from you battery and that you’re not pushing the 18650’s you have beyond their capabilities.


The Chip

We love the chip in this device, being capable of firing down to 0.03Ω is something very few mods can do, whilst this is not something we do or encourage it is good to know the chip is not being pushed to its limits when vaping at 0.3Ω, 0.4Ω etc… The 160 watts is another big plus! Whilst we rarely vape up to 160 watts it is good to know we can if needed on the right build. The iJoy A160 certainly wont leave you desiring any more power. It’s always better to have too much than too little!


iJoy A160W Fire Button/Vent Holes
iJoy A160W Fire Button/Vent Holes

Whilst the size of a mod may not be top priority we feel it’s a big feature of the iJoy A160. This mod is so compact its incredible. It’s shorter, thinner but slightly thicker than the Sigelei 150w. It fits perfectly in the hand and is a great option for a powerful stealth vape on a night out that fits just right in your pocket.


We love the fact that iJoy have brought a simple high power device to the market, although temperature control mods like the Smok X Cube 2 and the Yihi SX Mini M Class have been taking off recently, the simplicity of the iJoy A160 is really attractive, a mod that you can simply switch on and vape with without any worries of any settings or added features. Not only is this great for us, but it is also a fantastic starting point for those wanting to get into sub ohm vaping and using high power mods.



​Although the simplicity is a big selling point for us, we would like to see a couple more features. A stealth mode wouldn’t go amiss due to the bright screen. Also a full locking of the device would be appreciated so there is no risk of the device firing in your pocket or bag on a night out.


iJoy A160W Top Pin
iJoy A160W Top Pin

We would like to see iJoy change the button design on the A160, specifically the wattage up and down buttons. They have no markings on or near the buttons so when we first used the mod we did constantly scroll the wattage down before realizing and then have to scroll the wattage back up again and vice versa so indicators would be nice. Also the buttons do protrude out from the face of the mod by a couple of millimeters. Whilst this doesn’t seem an immediate problem, when putting the device in a pocket and taking it out they do regularly get caught which is somewhat of a frustration.


The iJoy A160 is a fantastic little high power box mod that will meet all of your needs, what it lacks in features it makes up for in its portability and power utilizing dual 18650’s to run up to 160 watts and fire atomizers down to 0.03Ω. Suited to someone new to high wattage vaping this device can compete with the best and will certainly not leave you disappointed.


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