July Team Handcheck!

Here's some of the vape gear that the Vaping360 team has been enjoying in July 2016.

July Handcheck Kyle
July Handcheck Kyle

Welcome to Vaping360’s monthly “handcheck” feature. Every month, the Vaping360 team will write a bit about the vape gear they’ve been enjoying on their personal time. These are not subjective reviews, but personal accounts of the vaping hardware and e-liquids that are making the Vaping360 team happy. After you’ve checked out each writer’s picks for the month, please feel free to post a handcheck of your favorite setup in the comments section.

Chris Kendell

July Handcheck Chris
July Handcheck Chris

This month I have been vaping on the Crown 2 by Uwell on a host of different box mods. I have been using the Atom Vapes Yakuza box mod recently and it’s a cool looking small single 18650 mod.

The Crown 2 more closely resembles the Rafale tank than the original tank in my opinion, but Uwell decided to call this one the Crown 2. The original Crown is my favorite sub-ohm tank to date, so I was very intrigued to see how they would try and better it with the Crown 2. It is easier to fill and features some other subtle improvements over the original. As Bill points out in his expert review, the Crown 2 provides a smoother/silkier vape over the original. The flavor doesn’t seem to be much better than the original, but then again how could it be? I think it will be difficult to top the current flavor from the Crown 2 and original on stock factory coils, but I’d love to be proven wrong. Lastly I have had zero leaking issues with the Crown 2, even when leaving the tank to sit for days on end full of e-liquid!

Make sure to check out Raymond’s Crown 2 preview and interview with Uwell and Bill’s Crown 2 review for more information on this wonderful tank!

Alex Kendell

Alex July Handcheck

As usual I am vaping on an MTL device using the same box mod as April’s handcheck. This time I am using the Nautilus X instead of my Cubis (which is still vaping fabulously by the way). The Nautilus X has been an all-round great tank for MTL. It has a great adjustable airflow system that will cater for all MTL users who like their draw tight or very open.  I am currently using the 1.5 ohm coil which seems to be the best for flavor in my opinion.  The lack of juice capacity due to TPD regulations is slightly annoying as the X can get through quite a bit of e-liquid whilst vaping during the day. I normally have to fill this bad boy up once and if I am up late sometime even twice a day.

The box mod I am using is the SMOK R-Steam Mini (this time in white). It is a trusty all-rounder that is perfect for longer MTL vaping sessions using a 3000mAh 18650 battery. If you would like to see what exactly I wrote about the R-Steam Mini head over to our April Team Handcheck. The liquid I have been using is a German made peach flavored eliquid (75% PG) with 12mg nicotine. Yes that is correct I am vaping on a flavored e-liquid – surprise surprise! All in all it is a nice little set-up for working long hours. The only grudge I hold for this set-up is the lack of e-liquid capacity. A totally understandable reason to put a 2ml limit on due to TPD/2 regulations, but an extension would be great Aspire!

Dave Kriegel

July Handcheck Dave
July Handcheck Dave

There is something magical about mech mods, especially if you are using a dripper. Sometimes you just want something simple that works. That is why people still use them. I would compare them to vinyl records, because even though the technology has advanced, people still find something special about playing old records.

I feel like mechanicals and RDAs go hand in hand. When I started dripping, you either had a mech mod or you had some weak-ass clouds. Nowadays anyone can blast their coils with 250 watts on an RX200 and blow clouds the size of Japan, but there is just something special about pushing that button and getting a massive rip off of a tiny little tube.

The Twisted Messes has to be one of the best RDAs I have ever used. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. I have been using 22-gauge kanthal dual-coils, ohming out to about 0.2 and it has been marvelous, if I may use that word. I also love its smooth and swooshy airflow. Honestly this RDA has made it hard for me to pick up or use any other dripper.

Last but not least, the e-liquid. Zenith Orion has become my all-day vape, especially during the summer. It is a pink lemonade flavor, so it tastes like real lemons mixed with almost a candy note reminiscent of Swedish fish. It has just the right amount of sweetness and doesn’t gunk up my coils. It also leaves behind a pleasant and non-intrusive odor.

Kyle Formeck

July Handcheck Kyle
July Handcheck Kyle

My favorite setup this month is the Nextasis by VapeWare Mods paired with a DNA40 Apocalypse Mod. I love the way the full glass tank looks with the beautiful array of colors on the Apocalypse. The buttons have fantastic tactility and the way this mod feels in the hand is indescribable.

I’ve put the Nextasis through quite a few builds already and the one I decided to stick with for a while is a parallel 28-gauge kanthal coil with 4.5 wraps around a piece of #325 mesh that measures roughly 13 x 40 mm. This build comes out to around 0.44-ohms and I am firing it at 26.5 watts. This atomizer wicks so well that I can fire this build at 40 watts without a dry hit! That’s just too crazy for me since the chamber is so small, so I stick with a lower power setting.

The flavor on this thing is just phenomenal, definitely some of the best flavor I’ve ever had. I haven’t touched my In’ax MKIII (previously my favorite genny) since I got this and lately, I have been reaching for this instead of my NarDA, even when dripping is convenient. The vape is quite warm as well due to the ridiculously small chamber.

I have been vaping Rose Pudding by Nolli Designs nonstop this month — it’s just so delicious. At first, I was afraid it being to florally but it’s not at all; it has a thick pudding flavor with a touch of rose that comes off a bit sweet and candy-ish. I’ve already gone through 120 ml this month and I’m not even close to being sick of it.

Ian Jones

July Handcheck Ian
July Handcheck Ian

This month I’ve been vaping on the SMOK TFV4 tank on the SMOK X-Cube II. For e-liquid, I’ve been vaping the Pink Spot Hubba Bubba Grape at 50 watts on a 0.16-ohm coil. The juice is mixed at 30 perent flavor with two mg of nicotine at max VG. It’s a great, thick gummy taste — almost like a bottle of pop. As you can see, I have no fear of food coloring.

Raymond Padilla

July Handcheck Raymond
July Handcheck Raymond

My mechs and RDAs have felt ignored for the last few weeks, as I’ve been enjoying the YiHi SXmini Q Class and the Uwell Crown 2. Kyle recently reviewed the SXmini Q Class and had loads of fantastic things to say about the mod. It’s basically the YiHi mod that I’ve always wanted — the company’s latest and greatest chip in a dual-battery box. I couldn’t be happier with its power, accuracy, and versatility. To me, YiHi and Evolv make the best vaping chips on the market, by far.

Like Chris, I’ve been vaping on the Crown 2 for the last couple of weeks. Check out Bill’s Uwell Crown 2 review for the full details. In terms of looks and how it vapes, it’s definitely more of a Rafale 2 to me; it’s like a Rafale that vapes a little bit better and has a superior refill system. I definitely need to give it more time, but right now I prefer how the original Crown vapes (but only by a tiny bit).

My e-liquid is a bit of a throwback — Ahlusion’s Godfather. Originally called Smooth Criminal, this e-liquid is a sweet tobacco flavor that’s marvelous after a few months of steeping. When I first started with cig-alikes, I would still sneak in the occasional tobacco cigarette. My hot friend Kim gave me some Smooth Criminal (now Godfather) to try and I haven’t touched a tobacco cigarette since. This is the e-liquid that got me off of smoking for good and it will always hold a special place in my heart.

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