May Team Handcheck!

Here's some of the vape gear that the Vaping360 team has been enjoying in May 2016.

May Handcheck RPadTV

Welcome to Vaping360’s monthly “handcheck” feature. Every month, the Vaping360 team will write a bit about the vape gear they’ve been enjoying on their personal time. These are not subjective reviews, but personal accounts of the vaping hardware and e-liquids that are making the Vaping360 team happy. After you’ve checked out each writer’s picks for the month, please feel free to post a handcheck of your favorite setup in the comments section.

Alex Kendell

Alex May Handcheck

So this month I am still using the Joyetech Cubis tank with the 1.0-ohm coil. For me, this is currently the best clearomizer for mouth-to-lung vaping and until I get the Aspire Nautilus X it will stay as my all-day vape. This time around, I have put the Cubis on the Council of Vapor Mini Volt. I have used the Mini Volt before, using different sub-ohm tanks, but the battery life was not good enough for any of the subohmizers that I used. The Mini Volt is a great size and if you are using a MTL device with a higher resistance coil, the battery life is great! I am currently running the Volt at around 16-17W and it lasts around a day or two.

The carbon look and the black-on-black with the Cubis is a great mix. It’s nice and compact for the odd stealth vape, whilst being fully mobile. I have no cons for this setup other than for its size it is quite heavy. I have dropped the Cubis a few times together with the Mini Volt and both still function without problems. As for the liquid, I am still using my standard base liquid of 75 percent PG and 1.2mg nicotine (without any flavorings).

Chris Kendell

Chris Handcheck May

I have been testing cig-a-like style devices the last few months and the Juul Vapor e-cigarette was one of the set-ups that stood out for me and I have been using it quite a bit this month. It’s a very unique vape and is the same sort of size as some of the smallest cig-a-likes on the market. It uses little pods which are super easy to install and switch out, making it an ideal device for a beginner vaper.

The throat hit on this thing is massive as well given the extremely high nicotine content in the pods. Whilst this device is mainly marketed towards beginners, I can see it being a really useful stealth vape for more experienced vapers. You can slide it into your trouser or shirt pockets very easily given its miniscule size. The flavors have some scope for improvement and the replacement pods are not the cheapest. However, overall this is a great little vape for beginners and more experienced vapers looking for an ultra-portable stealth vape.

Raymond Padilla

May Handcheck RPadTV

This month, I’ve chosen a stealth vaping setup…or as stealthy as a 26650 vaping setup can be. The device is a Mini-Ecig ProYStick. It features the YiHi SX350J v2 chipset and a novel cutaway that accepts atomizers 23mm or smaller. I love the way the ProYStick looks and it feels shockingly comfortable in my right hand. The only problem is that I’m lefty and it feels awkward when I use the mod in my left hand. *sigh* First-world vape problems….

My e-liquid pick this month is Triangle by Jiu Jit Juice. It’s a strawberry Belgian waffle with brilliant layers. I love actual strawberries, but am often disappointed with the strawberry flavors used by many e-liquid manufacturers; they’re either too artificial or too candied for what I enjoy. The strawberry in Jiu Jit Juice Triangle reminds me of strawberry jam. Combined with the waffle flavor, it’s a delightful blend…that’s named after a chokehold.

The atomizer in the ProYStick is a SMOK TFV4 Mini. It’s certainly a good atomizer, but not among my favorite sub-ohm tanks. It’s just a placeholder for now. I’m looking for a top-airflow RTA or sub-ohm tank to put in the ProYStick. If you have any suggestions, please let me know.

Dave Kriegel

May Handcheck Dave

This month I have been rocking out with the original Snow Wolf 200 lately. Believe it or not, I have owned this mod for quite some time, although I had barely used it up until this point. The temp control can be a bit wonky at times, so I have been just using it in straight wattage mode. At 50 watts, the battery life gets me through most of the day. Although heavy, it is a nice solid mod.

The Twisted Messes has become my go-to atty lately. I was a diehard Plume Veil fan up until recently, but there is no turning back now. I have been spoiled by the airflow on this bad boy; it makes the Plume Veil feel like a Nautilus, and that’s wide open. The wells are also nice and deep. I have literally been just dumping 9-12 drops of liquid through the drip tip, without any leaking issues. Obviously no atty is going to be resistant to over-dripping, but that is on us.

For a while I was on a Pop Deez kick. It was pretty much the main flavor I would vape for at least a couple of months. I still love it, but I can’t vape buttery caramel popcorn 24/7 anymore. French Dude by Vape Breakfast Classics was one of those e-liquids that I was excited to try, since I am a big fan of Toast’d by 9South. French Dude is a superb blend of whipped cream, French toast, blueberries and syrup. You can taste all of those flavors, but they are blended together in perfect harmony. I would recommend this to any lover of blueberry and/or French toast-style breakfast vapes.

Sam Bass-Cooper

May Handcheck Sam

For this month I have gone back to my trusty mechanical mods. I recently invested in this neat little setup consisting of the Clean Mod and a color-changing hourglass RDA, both coming from a small UK company under the name of Endless. It first released a sleeve mod similar to the Limitless Mod, except with the ability to be stacked or even triple stacked!

Two years down the line and Endless has released a new mod, the Endless Clean. It has a simpler design that really appeals to me. The silver plating looks fantastic and is super easy to keep clean, whilst the color-changing RDA is a cool extra feature. This whole setup costs less than £100 which is an absolute steal for an authentic mod and RDA set.

The performance is as good as any other mechanical mod I have owned. In other words, it hits like Chuck Norris on steroids! [Editor’s note: Chuck Norris does not need steroids…ever.] I’ve been really enjoying this setup with some Blue Raspberry Candy Floss juice courtesy of Golden Gate E-Liquids. May has been a good month for me!

Kyle Formeck

May Handcheck Kyle

My favorite setup this month is an Eden Mods Snapdragon v1.5 on a JMFD DNA40 mod with a Nolli Designs 2.0 hybrid wood grain drip tip. I love the way this drip tip complements the wood on the JMFD and the size of the bore is just perfect for me.

Since Eden Mods released the Velocity-style posts, I’ve been using the Snapdragon a lot more since it is now extremely simple to build. The clamps were a cool concept, but it made building dual coils a real pain. Now I can rebuild it in 20 minutes or less. My go-to build for it is a dual 26g kanthal, 8.5 wraps around a 2.4mm screwdriver and it comes out to around 0.53 ohms. Firing it at 31.1 watts, the vape is warm and dense and the flavor is super crisp. This is definitely in my top three favorite flavor chasing RDAs.

I have been loving JMFD’s Pear Cake juice. I’m not a huge fan of pear flavors, but the vanilla frosting blends so well with the cake and pear, making it one of the best juices I’ve ever vaped. I could easily kill a 60 mL bottle without vaping anything else in between, it’s that good! If you’re into dessert flavors, you have to try this juice.

Ian Jones

May Handcheck Ian

Here’s my current favorite mod, tank, and juice, as well as a dog, for bonus points. Mod is a Pioneer4You iPV D2 75W. It’s a single battery device, nice and chunky to hold, but doesn’t take up too much space. It lasts about a day on full charge. The tank is my very first sub-ohm tank, the Kanger Subtank (not Mini). I’ve never had a smoother, more pleasurable vape from any other sub-ohm tank — though the TFV4 comes close at times.

The juice is a DIY concotion, one of the first I ever made: the legendary Zoochberry Cream. I’ve tried hundreds of recipes and this is the daddy of them all — I always go back to this. It’s creamy but with dozens of other subtle flavors that come out at different times of the day and different temperatures. Nothing else comes close. I vape it at 30W, sometimes up to 35W, using Kanger’s own 0.5-ohm coils. It’s a fairly basic setup, been around for a couple of years but it has never let me down yet.

As for the dog, she’s just a dog. Sneezes when I vape around her.

Tom Forde

May Handcheck Tom

My first team hand check! This month, I bring you a very familiar box mod in the DNA 200 Reuleaux by Jay-Bo Designs & Wismec. Granted I purchased it back in November 2015, my Reuleaux came from one of the first batches where the screen connector was being pinched by the fire button. This was an issue with the first few batches of DNA 200 Reuleauxs and has been resolved now, but I still opened it up to tuck the screen connector behind the screen as Evolv recommends. Personally, I run my “Rolo” on three LG HE4 18650s and it still lasts me about a full day at 125 watts with the LG HE4 battery curve programmed into the settings in Evolv’s Escribe software.

The RDA on top of the mod is a Dotmod Petri v2 with Dotmod’s Cloud Cap and v2 wide-bore top-cap. As a vaper that loves building complex coils, the Petri v2 is a great atomizer to house larger builds, however larger builds usually mean lower ohms and a hotter vape. That’s why I’m using the cloud cap and wide bore “Dot Cap v2,” as the Cloud Cap provides double the airflow and a super smooth draw with the Dot Cap.

As for the e-juice I’m vaping, it’s a limited run of my personal favorite — Vapergate Crystal Smurf. Before changing the recipe to the Crystal version, Vapergate’s Original Recipe was a bright electric blue in color. It’s a blue raspberry flavored liquid mainly comprised of strawberries, blueberries, with hints of cotton candy and a sweet cream finish. If you’re a fan of Crystal Smurf, I highly recommend trying out Original Recipe.

Raymond Padilla
Raymond Padilla is a level 26 Pokemon Go trainer, a longtime journalist, and an accomplished verbal entertainer. Kindly visit him at his personal website "RPadTV" (linked above) or his various social media accounts (linked below).