Modvapa SUB2 MK1 Sub Ohm Tank Review

Modvapa SUB2-MK1
Modvapa SUB2-MK1

Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Intro

In this review we take a look at the Modvapa Sub2 mk1 sub ohm tank. The Modvapa Sub2 mk1 comes with a 0.5ohm organic cotton head which is capable at firing between 15-50W. There are also 0.2 and 1.2ohm coil heads available. The Modvapa’s unique selling point is its innovative replacement coils that don’t have any steel casings. This makes them a lot cheaper than standard replacement coils and saves on materials.


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Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Specs and Features

Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Kit Content
Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Kit Content
  • 1 x Modvapa SUB2-MK1 kit
  • 1 x 0.5ohm coil
  • Price: $32.98
  • Wattage Range: 0.2ohm (30-100W), 0.5ohm (15-50W) 1.2ohm (20-120W)
  • Tank Capacity: 3.5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.2ohm, 0.5ohm & 1.2ohm
  • Wicking material: 100% Organic Cotton
  • RBA: No RBA available
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.5ohm coil (15-50W)

Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Coil next to Aspire Atlantis Coil
Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Coil next to Aspire Atlantis Coil

We vaped all of the coils on our Sigelei 150W using our F-AQ max VG e-juice.

20W – Faint whisp of vapor
30W – A bit of vapor but no flavor
40W – Decent vapor now, but flavor still a bit muted
50W – Flavor coming through now and bigger clouds. The tank and drip tip are now getting quite hot. The flavor is decent, but could be improved.

I’d vape the 0.5ohm coil at 45W.

Vaping the 0.2ohm coil (30-70W)

30W – Nice vapor already. Not much flavor yet.
40W – Tank getting quite warm already. Good vapor production, but flavor is still slightly muted.
50W – Vapor getting quite hot now and so is the tank. Flavor is now coming through a bit better.
60W – Can’t really do long inhales now as the vapor is too hot. Big clouds and the flavor is quite good now. I would say the flavor is better than on the 0.5ohm coil we tried before.
70W – Vapor just too hot now and not vapable at this wattage.

I’d recommend vaping the 0.2ohm coil at 50-55W. We preferred the flavor on the 0.2ohm coil.

Vaping the 1.2ohm coil (20-120W)

20W – Nothing happening yet
30W – Decent vapor at 30W, but flavor is still lacking slightly.
40W – Big vapor already and flavor starting to come through a bit now.
50W – Great vapor but still the flavor could be better. Tank staying a lot cooler on this coil.
70W – Flavor coming through more now and good clouds of warm vapor.
80W – Tank getting hot now. The flavor is good now and the vapor is nice and warm, but not too hot yet.
90W – Pretty similar to 80W, with a bit more vapor.
100W – Vapor still not getting too hot. Flavor is ok, but I think could still be improved
110W – Same as above really.
120W – Very vapable at 120W and no burnt hits and the vapor is staying quite cool. The drip tip is however getting quite hot, so would have been good to have a drip tip with additional air flow.

I’d recommend the 1.2ohm coil at 100-110W.


Innovative Cost Effective Coil Replacements

Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Coil
Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Coil

The coil replacements for the Sub2 mk1 are very unique. The coil replacements come without the metal casing of the coil (see pic). This means you use the same casing you got with your kit. This basically saves on material and makes the coil replacements a lot cheaper as well as being more environmentally friendly and producing less waste. In Germany from Dampftbeidir you can get 2 replacement coils for just 4 euros, which is a lot cheaper than standard replacement coils for sub ohm tanks. I really like this concept and think it is a fantastic idea. This is definitely a reason to get this tank.

Good Looks

I really like the looks of the Modvapa Sub2 mk1. It has a very clean look to it and looks really nice in my opinion.

Juice Flow Control on the Coils

Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Coil next to Aspire Atlantis Coil
Modvapa SUB2-MK1 Coil next to Aspire Atlantis Coil

We talked about the innovative coil replacements above, but the coils also feature another nice capability. You can control your juice intake on the coils, should you want to restrict the juice flow with higher PG juices etc. It is another nice feature on these great coils.

No Leaking Issues

We didn’t experience any leaking issues with the Modvapa Sub2 mk1 at all, which was a plus.

Easy to Fill from the Bottom

The Modvapa Sub2 mk1 tank is very easy to fill from the bottom with plenty of space for filling your e-juice. The tank was also easy to take apart and clean and you can purchase spare Pyrex glass, should yours break.

Good Clouds

The Modvapa Sub2 mk1 produces some good vapor and especially on the 0.2ohm coil head. It isn’t up there with some of the biggest cloud chuckers around, but it isn’t bad at all.

Good Air Flow on the Bottom of the Modvapa Sub2 mk1 Tank

​The bottom dual air flow slots are great and give you a nice draw. It isn’t the widest air flow around, but makes for a nice direct lung inhale. I’d say it is a similar draw to the Arctic, but perhaps slightly tighter.



We have tried so many sub ohm tanks now (over 35 now), so we are very picky when it comes to flavor. Most people would probably say the flavor is great on the Modvapa Sub2 mk1 tank, but having tried so many others, we think the flavor could be improved upon slightly. We got the best flavor from the 0.2ohm coil, but the 1.2 and 0.5ohm coils were slightly muted in flavor, in our view. This is our personal opinion, and the flavor wasn’t bad at all, but I think it could be better!

No Drip Tip with Additional Air Flow

The Modvapa Sub2 mk1 comes with good air flow holes at the bottom of the tank, but when vaping the 0.2ohm coil the tank got very hot and so did the vapor. I would have liked to have seen a drip tip with some additional air flow installed to help keep the heat down and vapor cooler at higher wattages on the 0.2ohm head.

No RBA Section

I would like to see an RBA section for the Modvapa Sub2 mk1 tank going forward as an additional option or perhaps included as part of the kit.

Only One Coil Head in the Kit and No Replacement Pyrex Glass

At $32 I would have liked to have seen an additional coil head come with the kit. At the moment you only get the 0.5ohm with the kit. There is also no spare Pyrex glass with the kit, so it would be good to see one included for the price of $32!


Overall we thought the Modvapa Sub2 mk1 was a good sub ohm tank. Its biggest selling point is its cheap replacement coils that come without the steel casings. This is a great idea and I am sure we will see other brands adopting similar styles. The flavor wasn’t bad at all, but perhaps not quite up there with some of our favorite sub ohm tanks so far (Crown Uwell & Freemax Starre). The tank itself looks great and is easy to take apart and re-fill. Unfortunately the Modvapa Sub2 mk1 is not stocked in that many shops yet, but we hope it will be soon.

If you want a sub ohm tank with cheap replaceable coils and juice flow control then definitely check the Modvapa Sub2 mk1 out.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
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