October Team Handcheck!

Here's some of the vape gear that the Vaping360 team has been enjoying in October 2016.

October handcheck Jeremy

Welcome to Vaping360’s monthly “handcheck” feature. Every month, the Vaping360 team will write a bit about the vape gear they’ve been enjoying on their personal time. These are not subjective reviews, but personal accounts of the vaping hardware and e-liquids that are making the Vaping360 team happy. After you’ve checked out each writer’s picks for the month, please feel free to post a handcheck of your favorite setup in the comments section.

Alex Kendell


This month’s handcheck is something special. Jeremy (who reviewed the iCare and iCare Mini) messaged me constantly for two weeks nonstop and told me to get the latest Eleaf iCare. Normally, I am that person who does a lot of research on new products that I want to buy, but this time was different (highly due to Jeremy spamming me). I looked it up and found out that it only costs €20, which is normally half of what I spend on normal vape gear. It looked interesting, so I just went ahead and got it without even thinking twice. Damn, was that a good idea! Maybe I should just be randomly buying things; it seems to work out better than doing days of research. Anyway, thanks to Jeremy I actually got my hands on the Eleaf iCare in white (looks damn nice too).

For everyone who is reading my handchecks for the first time, you must know that I only vape on MTL (mouth-to-lung) devices. I am extremely picky when it comes to MTL. I need the perfect amount of flavor and airflow to get the perfect vape. Normally, I vape on non-flavored e-liquid but this time I had to try a new German Flavors mango e-liquid that I purchased together with the iCare. I cannot describe how perfect the iCare is. Size, airflow, design, and e-liquid capacity are close to perfect. I was not expecting much from the iCare to be brutally honest. I do have two slight complaints about it though. The flavor is good but not amazing; I am guessing that is due to the coil size and amount of airflow passed through the chimney. Getting the chimney section out of the iCare is slightly fiddly for my likings, especially after using it for a few days as the e-liquid starts to build up on the mouth piece. Definitely get some tissues out before you refill e-liquid or swap the coil.

Other than that, the iCare has a great system that is super super easy to use and is just a great ADV. The coils are extremely cheap compared to other competitors and the device itself is crazy cheap. Normally when I see 3D models from certain vape companies, I tend to be very pessimistic. Never has a 3D model of a tank or mod looked as good in real life as the iCare. The iCare is simply a fantastic creation from Eleaf and I highly recommend getting one if you enjoy MTL vaping. If you want to know more about the iCare Mini (which I did not get yet) read more here.

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Jeremy Mann

October handcheck Jeremy

The Cync by Vape Forward has quickly turned into a device I grab first when reaching for a vape. The Cync (as well as the Juul) has really whet my appetite for small devices. I could’ve never imagined last year, that this year, I would want stealth devices. To every season….

It really is a remarkable thing to be able to travel with so many flavors all at once, while not weighing my pants down one bit. I can carry in excess of 10 of these (probably more) with little to no sense of having too much gear with me (even if I do).

And based on the way I vape the Cync — clenched in between my teeth — I am hands-free! Now I can vape while typing, bowling, doing yard work, or anything that I wouldn’t normally be able to do with a mod in my hand. This is my “Bluetooth” style of vaping!

But the price of pods tho. Ouch!

Raymond Padilla

October handcheck Raymond Padilla

On the left is my new beater setup. I picked up a Starss Player DNA 200 for only $80! While the mod is slightly wide for my hands and the finish isn’t perfect, having the brilliant performance of the Evolv DNA 200 chip in an $80 mod is an excellent thing. The mod is topped with the Goocig Toro sub-ohm tank adorned with a Vaponaute teflon drip tip, mostly to keep the black-and-white theme going. While it’s not the best tank I have, it’s very good and I love its refill system.

The Toro is filled Graham Central Station. The official description of this 80/20 VG/PG e-liquid is, “graham cracker rippled ice cream with chocolate drizzle served in a waffle bowl.” The chocolate and waffle notes are the most dominant to my tastebuds. Overall it’s a tasty dessert flavor that’s great in a tank and even better in an RDA.

Lastly, the box mod on the right is a custom RGX II from Varitube. When you completely adore someone, you get them a box mod with her favorite NFL team on it. It’s science.

Sam Bass-Cooper

October handcheck Sam

I’ve missed a couple of monthly handchecks lately, due to a very hectic summer. I’m back and it’s nice to spend some more time with my mechs again! This month I have been vaping on the Smog Mods Sub Syndicate Mongrel. It’s a single-18650 mech made from 99.5-percent copper, which results in an insanely low voltage drop and allows this thing hits like Chuck Norris on steroids!

[Editor’s note: Chuck Norris doesn’t need steroids. Steroids need Chuck Norris.]

The best thing about this mod — it’s 100-percent UK made! This is awesome, since I get to support my local mod makers rather than some huge Chinese company. The Mongrel’s super-sleek design is what pulled me into this mod. I love the engraving — not so deep that you get lost in it, but just enough to notice it when it’s polished nicely. On top of the mongrel, I’m rocking a nice copper Goon. It’s a great RDA, albeit a little fiddly to build on at first. Initially, it felt strange not having post holes.

As for the juice, I’ve been suffering with a sore throat lately, but I wasn’t going to let that stop me from using my beloved Mongrel, so I cracked out some Avant Garde Red Ice for a nice menthol hit to try and clear my throat a little. Let’s just say I’m still working on it!

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