SFATA Doug Hughes Talks California Vaping Legislation

The president emeritus of SFATA SoCal clarifies the anti-vaping situation in California.


SFATA Provides Clarity on California Vaping

I’ve been wanting to get SFATA (Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association) SoCal president emeritus Dough Hughes on camera for a long time. Part of it was to follow up on my call-to-action for vapers to fight smarter against anti-vaping legislation. Additionally, with bill SBX2-5 on California governor Jerry Brown’s desk, getting Hughes to clarify the situation with proposed anti-vaping laws and clearing up misinformation was crucial. In the video above, he spoke about what’s happening in California and, perhaps more importantly, what isn’t happening.

Both Sides Now

Big Pharmaceutical Threatens Vaping
Big Pharmaceutical Threatens Vaping

SFATA Doug, as he’s affectionately known, went over the proposed laws in a way that every vaper can understand. He covered the potential impact of the bills, such as raising the vaping age to 21 and hindering — not outright banning — online sales by California vaping comapnies. These bills are multifaceted and have the potential to make life more difficult for vapers, as well as people in the vaping business. As SFATA is an organization for vaping business owners, he’s well versed on the issues.

SFATA Doug also clarified where the lobbying money is coming from. The sad truth of American politics is that special-interest money controls many politicians. I’ve been annoyed by many California vapers that scream at the top of their lungs (on the Internet) about how “big tobacco” is threatening the most successful way they’ve found to stop smoking. While the money flows to politicians differently from state to state, the real enemy in California is big pharmaceutical. SFATA Doug did a great job of explaining that issue.

[And yes, this section title was an homage to Joni Mitchell.]

What’s Next and Why You Should Care

As SFATA Doug said in the clip above, the situation in California isn’t good, but it’s not as bad as some people are making it out to be. That said, there are dangerous precedents that other politicians — no matter where you are in the world — could follow. Additionally, California hosts a large number of vaping companies (some estimate more than half in America). Should this legislation pass, there’s a good chance that it will become more difficult to get some of your favorite vaping products through the Internet. There’s even a chance a California vaping business you patronize will have to close shop.

If vaping has helped you successfully quit smoking tobacco cigarettes then I urge you to learn about the issues. If you’re a California resident then it’s imperative that you contact the governor’s office and urge him to veto SBX2-5. If you’re an American living outside of California then give your local congressman and senator a call to find out their position on vaping and let them know yours. Most importantly, vote. While lobbying money is powerful, your vote is also powerful.

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