SFATA Talks FDA Deeming Regulations & Vaping

SFATA SoCal president emeritus Doug Hughes talks about the FDA deeming regulations and what vapers can do to fight them.


SFATA Doug Returns

To complement¬†Vaping360’s excellent coverage of the FDA deeming regulations by Jim McDonald, I had a chat with SFATA (Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association)¬†SoCal president emeritus Doug Hughes. Last time I spoke to Hughes, we focused on the proposed anti-vaping laws in California (which have since been signed by Governor Brown). This time around, he was kind enough to clear up some of the misinformation people have about the FDA deeming regulations and, more importantly, discuss what vapers can do to fight the power.

FDA Deeming Regulations and You

SFATA (Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association)
SFATA (Smoke Free Alternative Trade Association)

Hughes made it clear that the FDA deeming regulations are not the end for vaping. Certainly they’re a tremendous challenge that vapers and vaping businesses will have to fight, but it’s premature for businesses to close shop today and for vapers to stock up on years of e-liquid. He advised vapers not to panic and to get their information from trusted sources like CASAA, SFATA, NotBlowingSmoke.org, and the AVA.

In order to mobilize against the FDA deeming regulations, he wants to see vapers join CASAA and vaping businesses join SFATA. If possible, he wants vapers to donate money to CASAA.

On the government side, he stressed developing relationships with senators and congressmen to urge them to support the Cole-Bishop bill and HR2058. American vapers need to let their elected officials know how they feel about vaping for these issues and for things to come. As always, it’s best to contact these officials in a respectful and coherent manner.

Hughes went over several details of the FDA deeming regulations, why PMTAs are the kiss of death for most American vaping businesses, and a whole lot more. Please check out the video above to get more information and to find out what you can do in order to join the fight. If you’re a vaper, it’s more important than ever to stay informed and get involved.

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