Silo Beast Sub Ohm Tank Review

Beyond Vape Silo Beast
Beyond Vape Silo Beast

Silo Beast Intro

Today we review the Silo Beast sub ohm tank by Beyond Vape. The Silo Beast is a top filling sub ohm tank with a 5ml tank capacity and compatibility with the Aspire Atlantis 2 coils. The Silo Beast has two massive Cyclops style air flow slots and comes with 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm Japanese cotton coils.

A big thank you to Beyond Vape for sending us out this product for reviewing purposes. Check out their store on the button below.


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Silo Beast Specs and Features

  • 1 x Silo Beast tank
  • 1 x User guide
  • 1 x 0.5ohm Silo coil
  • 1 x 1.2ohm Silo coil
Beyond Vape Silo Beast Disassembled
Beyond Vape Silo Beast Disassembled
  • Price: $35.99
  • Wattage Range: 20-45W
  • Tank Capacity: 5ml
  • Coils Available: 0.5ohm and 1.2ohm (compatible with Atlantis 2 coils as well)
  • Wicking material: Organic Japanese cotton
  • RBA: No RBA deck
  • Diameter: 22mm

Notable Remarks

Vaping the 0.5ohm Silo Beast Coil (Recommended wattage 20-45W)

Beyond Vape Silo Beast Coils and an Atlantis Coil
Beyond Vape Silo Beast Coils and an Atlantis Coil
Beyond Vape Silo Beast Coils and an Atlantis Coil
Beyond Vape Silo Beast Coils and an Atlantis Coil

The 0.5ohm Silo coil comes pre-installed in the Silo Beast tank. We used our Fa-Q Miss Samoa Max VG E-Juice on our IPV 4 box mod.

20W – Not much happening at 20W
30W – Flavor already really good and the coil didn’t take long to prime and produce good flavor. We found the Atlantis 2 coils took a lot longer to get the same sort of flavor, which is odd as I can’t see much of a difference between the coils. The vapor production isn’t huge yet and it is a nice cool vape
40W – Bigger clouds now and a little bit warmer as well. The flavor is really outstanding at this wattage. Comparable, flavor wise, to the Crown and Freemax Starre, our two favorites to date! The air flow is absolutely perfect as well and the coils wick beautifully!
50W – I saw other reviewers vaping this nicely at 50W, but I am getting a slight burnt hit already. The vapor is also considerably warmer at 50W. I wouldn’t be vaping the Silo Beast this wattage and would stay at 40-45W.

Our sweet spot for the Silo Beast on the 0.5ohm Silo coil is around 40-45W.

Vaping the 1.2ohm Silo coil (Recommended wattage 20-35W)

​20W – Decent flavor already and pretty big clouds
​30W – Outstanding flavor and a lovely warmish vape with nice plumes of vapor! The vapor on the 1.2ohm isn’t as much as on the 0.5ohm one.
​40W – Slight burnt hit now, so would recommend staying at 30-35W.

Our sweet spot on the 1.2ohm coil is around 30-35W!


Top Filling

Beyond Vape Silo Beast Top Fill Holes
Beyond Vape Silo Beast Top Fill Holes

The top filling capacity works great and is a really nice feature. There is also no leaking when filling it up through the top, unlike some other top filling sub ohm tanks.


Interestingly enough we found the flavor on the Silo Beast standard coils to be better than the Atlantis V2 coils. We found this interesting, as from comparing the coils side by side there only seem to be marginal differences between the coils. Perhaps the Silo coils use slightly different cotton or something, I am not sure. The flavor on both the Silo coils was outstanding and up there with some of our favorite sub ohm tanks thus far. The coils also didn’t take very long to prime fully, unlike some sub ohm tanks where you need to vape through half a tank before the flavor peaks.

5ml Tank Capacity

The Silo Beast can hold between 4.5 and 5ml depending on how you fill it up. We managed to get the full 5ml in, by first saturating the coil with e-juice and then filling the rest from the top. As with all sub ohm tanks the Beast gets through a lot of e-juice, so having the 5ml capacity is great. The 5ml capacity does mean that the Silo Beast is slightly on the tall side. The Silo Beast also has a 2.5ml tank sleeve which can be purchased separately should you want a slightly smaller tank. There is also a bigger sleeve that holds 6ml of juice if that interests you.

Cross Compatibility with Aspire Coils

Beyond Vape Silo Beast Coils and an Atlantis Coil
Beyond Vape Silo Beast Coils and an Atlantis Coil

The Silo Beast tank comes with a 0.5ohm coil and a 1.2ohm coil. The coils are very similar to the Atlantis V2 coils, with marginal differences. The Silo Beast can also use the Atlantis 2 coils, which is a positive in my opinion as the Atlantis 2 coils are very solid and gives an added flexibility to this sub ohm tank.

Massive Airflow

Beyond Vape Silo Beast Airflow
Beyond Vape Silo Beast Airflow

The two air flow holes are massive on the Silo Beast. You can see right through to the other side if you look through and can also see the bottom of the coil. The air flow is comparable to the Arctic and the Atlantis 2 with its drip tip air flow closed. The air flow when fully open was absolutely perfect for how we like to vape.

Stainless Steel Design

The Beast has a lovely looking stainless steel frame. In my opinion the tank looks great and the steel housing will protect the tank from smashing if you drop it. The bottom of the glass is open, so you can see when you are about to run out of e-juice, which is a good touch.

Great Build Quality

The whole tank is very well built and easy to take apart. The threading is nice and smooth and the top filling function works well. The Stainless steel finish looks sleek and you get the feeling that the whole tank has been manufactured to a very high standard. There weren’t any metal shavings or any residual machine oil in and around the tank. Overall the Beast is a finely crafted sub ohm tank!

No Leaking

​A lot of the top fill tanks have some leaking issues, but the Silo Beast didn’t have any such issues. The top filling function is easy to use and works well without any leakages, which is a big plus.

Removable Drip Tip

The Silo Beast comes with a nice removable steel drip tip. I would have liked the beast to have come with a drip tip with additional air flow, as I think those add great value to a sub ohm tank, especially when vaping at higher wattages.


Very Tall Tank

Aspire Atlantis V2, Uwell Crown, Silo Beast and Freemax Starre
Aspire Atlantis V2, Uwell Crown, Silo Beast and Freemax Starre

The Silo Beast is a very tall tank. It towers above other tanks in terms of the actual tank height, which some vapers might not like. There is an extra 2.5ml sleeve which you can get which is a lot shorter if you want something smaller. I didn’t really think the height was a massive issue personally, but it is something to bear in mind if you think that might be an issue. Check out the pics below for size comparisons.

Difficult to fill from the bottom

Beyond Vape Silo Beast Bottom Fill Holes
Beyond Vape Silo Beast Bottom Fill Holes

​This isn’t a massive issue as you can fill the tank from the top. But if you do want to fill from the bottom the slots to fill through are tiny. The top filling function works really well, so I wouldn’t even use the bottom filling function.

​No RBA deck

A nice RBA deck for this tank would have been the icing on the cake, as everything else about this tank was fantastic. You can however use the Anyvape Segatank RBA section on the Silo Beast!


Overall I was really surprised by this tank in a really positive way. I wasn’t expecting that much from this tank, but the coils it comes with are fantastic and having the option to use Atlantis coils is great. I will be getting some Vaporshark Ni200 Atlantis 2 coils for the Silo Beast to use on my IPV4!

The flavor was outstanding on this tank on both coils and the air flow was spot on. The top filling function works well and the whole tank is crafted extremely well and is very solid. It is slightly on the tall side and slightly pricier than some other sub ohm tanks, but in my opinion well worth it. I would rank the Silo Beast up there in the top 5 or so sub ohm tanks on the market so far!


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
Alex Kendell
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  • audiosabre

    Just ordered a Beast, they’ve been hard to get in the UK, but I finally found a supply. Excited to experience Crown-level flavour at half the wattage! Have the tried iJust 2/Melo coils in the Beast? I have loads of them, is why I ask. Also, have you had any flooding when using Atlantis coils? I’ve read you should swap out the o-rings from the OG coils if it ever floods. Cheers.

    • Havent had any issue with the Atlantis coils flooding on our Beast. We haven’t tried the melo coils but they should fit, if I am not mistaken. Let me know what you think of it when you try it. We really loved the Beast!

      • audiosabre

        Forgot to get back back to you, but I love the Silo Beast. Definitely in my top 3 sub ohm tanks, I’m using it a lot at the moment.

        The iJust coils work better in the Beast. The iJust tank has a small issue with those tiny juice-flow slots, which can impede wicking anything over 80VG, when you take long pulls and chain vape. Silo Beast doesn’t have that issue, and because the airflow is so good (my favourite so far), it’s a much more enjoyable vape. Those iJust coils are cheap as chips on FastTech too, so I’m really happy with it.

        Think I’ll get some Triton 2 Clapton coils for it next 🙂

        • Awesome, glad you like it! Yes the iJust 2 coils are a lot cheaper especially from fasttech. What is your experience with them? Have you ever had any issues? Thanks for your feedback, much appreciated!

          • audiosabre

            No issues. I buy the ‘authentics’; they appear and perform legit. Not had a dud or leaking. The wick holes appear small compared to the stock Beast coils, but they are identical in size to the Crown coils. The holes sit lower in the tank, meaning you can vape every last drop of juice. I’ve vaped 90 VG (not watered down) @ 55w with these coils in the Beast, and no sign of a dry hit.

            Overall, they taste and perform every bit as good as in the iJust 2, only the Beast has better airflow & top-fill. I’m pleasantly surprised eleaf have made an Atlantis-style coil this good. Definitely going to get my hands on some of the new Titanium versions. FastTech and GearBest have yet to let me down, never had a problem with either company shipping to UK.

          • Thanks for the feedback, I shall pass the info on! We keep on hearing all sorts of weird and wonderful things about GB and FT. We had some stuff come from Gearbest but it took about 3-4 weeks to get here and was all over the place (last tracked in Ireland, Netherlands, France and finally Germany). Much appreciated mate, thanks!

          • audiosabre

            FT does take several weeks, but I always expect and plan for that. The stuff has always been the correct items, authentic, and in working order.

            GB are another beast. They have a EU warehouse here in the UK, so I’ve only ever bought gear via that method. The shipping is shockingly quicker than some UK companies. I’d expect it would be FT-slow otherwise, but I’m just speculating.

  • Daniel Thornhill

    Is there a website that you can buy the replacement o-rings for the mouth piece and the gaskets for the tank? I can’t find them anywhere? For the Silo Beast. Please help!?!?

  • David Killens

    Edges of the drip tip hole are not filleted (rounded) and can rip up drip tip o-rings unless care is taken.
    If you don’t close off the air holes when filling, leaking issues can arise.
    Very tall, really really tall.
    Lack of spare parts. (o-rings and spare glass).
    Can go through a lot of juice each day.

    Can go through a lot of juice each day.
    Huge selection of different types and makes of coils.
    Capable of respectable amounts of smoke, and excellent taste.
    Excellent taste (so good I had to say it twice).
    Top fill.
    Well designed adjustable air holes. This can go from being a wind tunnel to sucking a thick milk shake through a straw.
    Large capacity, but it has to be because this is used a lot and can use juice when the urge to chuck smoke arrives.
    Because of the very long tank, it delivers a cool hit.

    Of all the money I have spent on vaping, this was the best purchase by far.