SMOK VCT Sub Ohm Tank Review



In this article we review the SMOK VCT A1 (vapor chaser) sub ohm tank. The VCT is priced at the lower end of the sub ohm tank market. It costs around $20-25 in the US and around £20 in the UK. This means it is similarly priced to the Eleaf Melo sub ohm tank, and about 50% cheaper than the higher end Kanger Subtank Mini, Delta 2 and Aspire Atlantis. The SMOK VCT seems to boast a lot more features than the similarly priced Melo. I think it could be a real contender, in what is becoming an exceedingly competitive, sub ohm clearomizer market.

We hadn’t heard too much about the SMOK VCT A1 tank, so we were interested to see what it could offer compared to the rest of the sub ohm tanks.

SMOK are also releasing another sub ohm tank called the Gimlet (GCT), which is meant to be an improved version of the VCT A1. All the Smok coils will be interchangeable between the two tanks. We have a Gimlet on the way, so stay tuned for that review early next week!


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SMOK VCT Specs and Features

SMOK VCT Kit Content
SMOK VCT Kit Content
  • 1 x Smoktech VCT A1 Sub-Ohm Vapor Chaser Tank
  • 1 x SS Widebore Tip
  • 1 x Spare Pyrex Glass Tube
  • 2 x Organic Cotton Coil: 0.5 Sub-Ohm
SMOK VCT Disassembled
SMOK VCT Disassembled
  • Ultra durable Stainless Steel and Pyrex Glass Construction
  • New adjustable airflow control for superior airflow delivery
  • Innovative coil design with 100% Japanese Organic Cotton Coil
  • Smoktech VCT A1 Sub-Ohm Tank is capable of holding 3.8ml of juice
  • Smoktech VCT A1 uses single vertical coil with revolutionary ALF (Adjustable Liquid Feed)
  • Comes with two 0.5 ohm coils
  • 510 connection
  • Diameter: 22mm
  • 4 different coil types to choose from: A1,X1, X2 and the DIY (RBA)

Notable Remarks

Different SMOK VCT Coils

SMOK VCT X2/A1/1.2 A1 Coils
SMOK VCT X2/A1/1.2 A1 Coils

First off let me try and explain the different coils SMOK are offering with the Vapor Chaser Tank. SMOK have launched 4-5 different coils for the VCT, meaning everyone’s tastes should be catered for. They have done both horizontal and vertical coils in different resistances. All the SMOK VCT coil heads are made from 100% Japanese organic cotton.


  • Coil Type: Single bottom vertical coil available
  • Resistance: 0.5ohm or 1.2ohm
  • Power: 15 – 30W
  • Juice flow control: Yes


  • Coil Type: Single horizontal
  • Resistance: 0.5ohm or 1.2ohm
  • Power 15 -30W
  • Juice flow control: no


  • Coil Type: Dual Horizontal
  • Resistance: 0.4ohm
  • Power: 20 – 30W
  • Juice flow control: no


Dual airflows and comes with a pre-built 0.4ohm coil.

Ni200 (comes with the SMOK Gimlet sub ohm tank but can also be used on the VCT):

  • Coil Type: Vertical
  • Resistance: 0.2ohm
  • Power: Up to 100W!
  • Juice flow control: No

SMOK have produced so many different coils, which is awesome, but very confusing. It took me a while to even find the information on all the different coil types and even then I wasn’t sure if I had missed any. I have also heard of a 0.3ohm coil being mentioned, but I can’t find anything concrete on that, just a few mentions of it on Reddit. Let me know if I have missed any coils or resistances, as I was a little confused by the amount of different coils there are!


Variety of Different Coils

SMOK VCT X2/A1/1.2 A1 Coils
SMOK VCT X2/A1/1.2 A1 Coils

As explained above the VCT A1, comes with several different coils, which I think is a big selling point. Having the different coils means the tank is very versatile and will cater to a larger audience of vapers. Some people will prefer the vertical coils, which tend to produce more vapor and others will opt for the horizontal ones which produce a more intense flavor.

We tried the A1 and X2 coils. The A1 we tried in the 1.2ohm and 0.5ohm resistances and the A1 coils feature an impressive juice control function, like on the Joyetech Delta 2. The juice flow control is a great option, for those who like to use differing PG/VG mixes. If you have a higher VG e-liquid you’ll want to keep the juice holes open wider and with heavier PG e-liquids you will want to close the juice holes more. We used Driptonic e-liquid, which is around 70-80% VG and had the juice holes wide open. We didn’t have any wicking issues as the juice holes are absolutely massive, much bigger than on any of the other sub ohm tanks so far.

The A1 coil at 25W, produced magnificent vapor production (see vid below), but for me it lacked flavor. I think this is probably because of its vertical coil build.

The X2 (o.4 ohm) on the other hand tasted incredibly good (up there with the Subtank mini in terms of flavor). This is most likely because of its dual horizontal coil build (something I haven’t seen on any other sub ohm tank) and the 5 massive juice holes! We used it at 30W which seemed to work great. The one thing I would say is that the vapor production was a bit warmer on the X2 coil, much like the Subtank Mini. When chain vaped at 30W the drip tip did get slightly warm as well and we got the occasional bit of spit back. Also note that the X2 doesn’t come with the juice flow control that the A1 coils come with.

I can’t comment on the RBA or the X1 coils, as we didn’t get to try those, but If you are looking for flavor I would recommend either the X2 or X1 with their horizontal coils. If you want clouds and juice flow control I would go for the A1.

Low Price Point

As mentioned above the VCT A1 is priced at the lower end of the sub ohm tank market. It retails for around $20-25 in the US and for around £18 in the UK. For what you get and the different coils available, I would say it is an absolute bargain.

100% Cotton Coils

All the different coil types use a 100% Japanese Organic Cotton. There are no mystery ceramic materials as far as I am aware, which is a big positive for me. As you might know from some of the other sub ohm tank reviews, we were not a big fan of the ceramic man-made mystery wicking materials on one or two of the other tanks.

Great Flavor and Vapor Production

Using the iStick 50W with the SMOK VCT (A1 0.5ohm Coil)

The flavor and vapor production you get off the SMOK VCT tank will depend on which coils you use. As mentioned above the X1 and X2 being horizontal coils, will provide more flavor, whilst the A1 with its vertical build, will produce more vapor. The A1 coils also feature that handy juice flow control system, which is useful for those using higher PG liquids and wanting to perhaps mouth inhale instead of lung inhaling.

With the X2 coils we tried the flavor was right up there with the subtank and with similar vapor production. I thought the flavor was slightly lacking on the A1 coils compared with the Delta 2, Melo or Atlantis. I would definitely opt for the X1 or X2 coils, unless you want the juice flow control, then I would go for the A1.

MASSIVE Juice Flow Holes

On all the coils, the juice flow holes were massive, bigger than any of the other sub ohm tanks we have tried so far. This meant the wicking had no issues dealing with 80% VG e-liquids. For higher PG liquids you can reduce the juice flow on the A1 coils to make sure it doesn’t over wick.

Fantastic Airflow

On first glance the air flow holes do not look as big as the Atlantis. However the SMOK VCT features two airflow holes, one on either side of the device. The airflow can be easily adjusted by sliding it, and it has a little stopper to stop you sliding it all the way around.

The coils also have a good amount of room at the bottom for the air to flow through the coils. The vertical coils will obviously have better airflow because of the vertical coil build allowing more air to flow through them.

Other Little Things

SMOK VCT on the iStick 50W
SMOK VCT on the iStick 50W

The tank was very easy to fill and had plenty of room down the sides to pour in e-liquid. The 510 connection worked well and we didn’t have any issues putting it on any of our box mods. The kit also comes with some red replacement o-rings, if you want to change out the black ones. Aestetically I also think the SMOK VCT looks really nice especially on top of a nice mini box mod!


Flavor Lacking on the A1 Coils

I thought the flavor wasn’t quite as good as some of the other sub ohm tanks when it came to the A1 coils. My brother was of the same opinion, but I have heard others enjoying the A1 coils, so I would say it’s down to personal preference. The X2 coils that we tried, and I expect the X1 coils will be similar, produced a much more pronounced flavor, which was a lot more enjoyable for me.

Tank can’t be filled to the Top

The tank has an advertised 3.8ml capacity, but I found you can only really fill it up to around 3.2ml of e-juice. If you fill it up normally without the coil in the tank, there will be a lot of space left over in the tank when you tip it back over. This is a bit of a shame, but I found that you can fill the tank up fully by keeping the coil attached to the chimney. The coil actually screws into the chimney and if you leave it in, you can fill the tank up, almost to the max. It is a little more fiddly, but it seemed to work without leaking all over the place.

Overall Quality

SMOK VCT on the MVP 3.0
SMOK VCT on the MVP 3.0

My personal feeling is that the SMOK VCT feels slightly cheaper when it comes to the build quality. I guess as it does cost a lot less, you should expect this, but little things were lacking on the overall build quality. There is an o-ring on the underside of the pyrex glass, which looks like it is glued on (SMOK say it isn’t glued on, but it looks like it is to me). This o-ring feels very flimsy and I have heard that it has broken on other peoples devices. There isn’t a spare o-ring for that part of the kit either.

Also when we put the tank back together after cleaning it we can’t quite get the top to sit straight. It doesn’t quite sit completely flush anymore, but the o-rings are still fixed in place so it doesn’t leak. It’s just tiny things like this which could be improved upon. I am sure the Gimlet (GCT) by SMOK will be slightly better quality overall.

Overall though the VCT performed well and I can’t complain too much about those little things above. You have to remember this tank does cost $15-20 less than the Kanger Subtank!

Drip Tip Gets Slightly Warm when Using X2 Coils

The last little thing was that the X2 coils when used at 30W, produced quite a warm vape, and the drip-tip got slightly warm, if vaped heavily. I did also get one or two tiny spit-backs with the X2 coils, but nothing major.


The SMOK VCT A1 for its price, is a real bargain and in my opinion will dominate the lower price range in the sub ohm tank market. The different coil options mean it is very versatile and for its price it performs very well, with no major flaws.I think the SMOK VCT tank deserves a little bit more recognition then it is currently getting. I would put it above the Melo and it’s a real contender in the sub ohm market due to its price, coil options and performance. If you are looking for a sub ohm tank that works well for a lower price I would definitely recommend taking a look at the SMOK VCT. If it wasn’t for a few small imperfections, it would be right up there with the Kanger Subtank Mini, in my opinion!


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Chris Kendell
Chris Kendell is the co-founder of Vaping360. He started the website with his brother and co-founder Alex in 2014, after Alex introduced him to vaping. Chris was immediately won over by the revolutionary and potentially lifesaving impacts that vaping can have on our society. In his minuscule spare time, you can find Chris travelling and exploring new places from his base in Germany, eating delicious food and enjoying a range of different sports.
  • Mike Abrams

    New to sub-ohm, I hate the heat and gurgling from the Kanger Mini, unless I set it to where there’s very little production. Which tank(s) might give good vapor with less heat and noise, even if flavor is a little lower? Should I go Atlantis 2, Delta 2, or other? I have an eleaf iStick 40W TCW, so I’m guessing the Crown Uwell might be too much. Thanks,

    • Hi Mike. The Crown Uwell needs a bit more power than you have, so I would recommend the Atlantis 2 on the 0.5ohm coils or the Silo Beast on its 1.2ohm coil (can also use the Atlantis coils). They both vape well at the lower wattages and produce excellent flavor without the heat from the Kanger. I hope that helps. Any other questions let me know!

  • Jonathan Wyant

    Sub ohm noob here. I have this tank, and have noticed major leakage out of the air holes if the device is tipped in any direction. I’ve made sure that the coil is screwed in correctly, but I still get leakage. Any advice is appreciated.

    • Hi Jonathan. Make sure you do not flood the coils when saturating them before filling the tank. Also make sure all the o-rings for the tank are in place firmly as well as the coil. If you are using a higher PG juice that could also be an issue.

      • Jonathan Wyant

        Thanks for the advice, Chris. I checked the O rings and they’re good and well-seated, so I’m thinking that it’s a combination of over saturation and my juice ratio. I was using my standard 80/20 juice, but I’m going to stick to a higher VG concentration now.

      • Platano_Power

        hi am new to the vaping community and I would like to know if Smok VCT X2 is comparable with the ijust 2 battery???

        • Yes, try to use the higher resistance (ohm) coils for the iJust 2 battery, otherwise you will not be getting much vapor.