Great Discounts on “The Drip Factory” E-Liquids

Father'sa Day Sale on Drip Liquids

The Drip Factory e-juices have hit Fuggin Vapor’s online store and they have discounted all of their 30 mL bottles to only $5.87!

Choose any of their three delicious flavors and save $16 per bottle, making it cheap enough to sample all flavors in their line if you’re feeling adventurous!

Plus, if you are looking for great additional deals, you can still save 50% off all Fuggin eliquids using the code “FUGGIN50” with your purchase of their signature house brand.

Saska Nel
A marketing manager by day and an avid reader - and vaper - by night, I came into the vape scene almost by accident and have never looked back. You will find me in sunny South Africa where I am mostly always curled up on the couch with a good book and a fruity vape. At other times, I am known to indulge my unhealthy obsession with musical theatre and live comedy shows, in that order.