Vape Nation | The best or worst thing to ever happen for vaping?

What do vapers think about Vape Nation, the satirical YouTube video that blurs the lines between stoner culture and the vape life?

vape nation

What is vape nation?

If the two words “Vape Nation” mean anything to you, then chances are you have seen that hilarious video from YouTube. If you haven’t, take a moment to catch up with the rest of us….

The video features a wacky stoner who sets out to his “local vape shop” to rip the fattest cloud…

So lit

Let’s get our facts straight. Obviously he doesn’t represent vape culture, stoner culture or any culture for that matter. The character depicted by Ethan (H3H3 Productions) is clearly satirical, but do you think Vape Nation gives people the wrong impression of vaping or is it just satire?

Some of my favorite highlights of the video are the parts where he goes to his local vape shop, the reactions from the police officers and his (attempted) “sick vape tricks” in Washington Square Park. Another great part was when the newscaster takes a video from his cell phone.

You call that a vape shop?

Wait a sec, hold up. Let’s take a moment and analyze everything wrong with this “vape shop”.

First of all, it was not even a vape shop, it was a smoke shop that sells vapes. The guy in the store literally pulls the first juice off the shelf and tells him it’s organic, a common tactic used to sell more product to hipsters. Lastly he says you can get 3-4 days of vaping on a Subtank Mini!

I personally own and still use my Subtank Mini and I filled it 3-4 times already this afternoon….

The juice happened to be Churrios by The Milkman, which is actually a pretty good flavor, I’m not sure if it is “organic”. H3H3 soon released a remix titled “Vape Naysh Y’all” which is more proof that you can make anything look cool with a “phat beat” and a little bit of editing magic.

What do you think of Vape Nation? Is it vape propaganda, or just poking some fun at us?

Dave Kriegel
Dave hails from New York City and is committed to providing high quality reviews and the most up-to-date vaping news coverage. His goal is to save vapers time and money. He is passionate about keeping people off the cigarettes, which is how he ended up on our team. When Dave is not working for Vaping360, you can find him producing music or educating the youth of tomorrow.
  • Jeff Kendall

    I think its hilarious, and i think these videos have a positive effect in that dbag vapers might realize how inconsiderate it is to be like this

    • Dave @ Vaping 360

      That is a great point @disqus_cF4Y6dFO7f:disqus . The video is funny, and there is no way around that. There is a part of me that cringes, like when you look in the mirror on a bad hair day…

  • Boggsy Pockets

    Had this same discussion with Ohmboy Josh. I’m pretty sure Ethan actually vapes.

    It might be taken by some to be indictment of the “vaper subculture” – and there does happen to be plenty of douchery afoot ( I embrace the goofy shit too, though) – but as with most things that H3H3 puts out, I think it was meant to be an affectionate parody.

    • Dave @ Vaping 360

      Thanks for your thoughts. I happen to be a big fan of OhmBoy Josh, and just recently caught his video where he goes off on this video, and that vaping app for the iPhone.

      I agree with everything he said about vaping, and I think the game could potentially tarnish our already stigmatized reputation. They say in comedy, timing is everything….