Wismec Reuleaux Issues With SMOK TFV4 and Other Third-Party Atomizers

    Using third-party atomizers on the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 voids the device's warranty. Fair or foul?

    Wismec RX200
    Wismec RX200

    The Problem

    In a short amount of time, the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 has become a hugely popular vaping device. People love its combination of power, versatility, and uniquely comfortable ergonomics. Many vapers are also enjoying the Smok TFV4 tank. With a great top-fill system and a wide array of coils that accommodate almost every vaping style, the TFV4 is one of the most popular sub-ohm tanks on the market. Unfortunately, in some cases, these two devices don’t play well together.

    Last week, a vaping industry friend of mine pointed me to this Reddit thread about the Wismec Reuleaux RX200 and the Smok TFV4. Due to the relatively short length of the former’s 510 connection, it’s possible for the TFV4 to damage the Reuleaux, making it unusable. The Reddit poster linked to an image of an email from a Wismec customer service representative (CSR). The rep said:

    “Do you don’t use our brand? As the length of the atomizer’s thread is longer than 4.6mm which our device could support max, especially the Smok atomizer. If you thread the atomizer on for a long time, it will damage the 510 thread of our device. Sorry that our warranty is invalid for this situation.”

    The Controversy

    SMOK TFV-4 Mini on xCube II
    SMOK TFV-4 Mini on xCube II

    Some Reddit users and posters on various forums interpreted Wismec’s response in various ways. Some believe that the company is trying to lock users into the Wismec system. They think that the company is trying to get vapers to only use its atomizers and devices.

    Others believe that Wismec is simply trying to absolve itself of liability. In other words, they think that the company is saying, “The problem isn’t that our 510 connection is too short. The problem is that the 510 threads on certain third-party atomizers are too long. Ergo, it’s not our problem.”

    Either way, this isn’t a good thing for consumers. It does protect Wismec and its retail partners, but it leaves vapers with inoperable Reuleaux RX200 devices. The enduser is left up a creek without a paddle. (For the record, I don’t really know what that phrase means. I just wanted to use it.)

    It is important to remember that this isn’t happening with all Reuleaux RX200s that use atomizers with connectors longer than 4.6mm. As with any mass produced vaping device, the tolerances will have variance. While there are certainly some people having issues with the Reuleax RX200 topped with a TFV4, there are also vapers that aren’t having any issues with the combination.

    Some Clarification

    Wismec Logo

    I contacted Wismec to get some clarification on the issue. Some vapers, including a few members of the Vaping 360 team, have noticed that other products in the Joyetech family use a similar 510 connection. They noted that popular vaping devices like the Joyetech Cuboid and the Eleaf iSmoka iStick 100W seem to have the same or similar 510 connection as the Reuleaux RX200. Joyetech is the parent company of Eleaf and Wismec.

    With all of that in mind, I asked Wismec if using the Reuleaux RX200 with atomizers in the Joyetech family would keep the warranty intact. Here’s the response that I received from Wismec CSR Olivia:

    “It is better to use Wismec atomizers, as some atomizer threads on the market are too long to thread on. If you thread these atomizers on the device for a long use, it will damage the 510 thread of our device. Our warranty will be invalid for this situation, as the problem is caused by the third-party products. If the 510 pin is stuck down, you could try to make it up with a screwdriver or a nipper.”

    I interpreted the response as, “The warranty for the Reuleaux RX200 is only good if the device is used with Wismec atomizers.” Again, this isn’t a good thing for vapers. While I don’t have any hard numbers, I suspect that the majority of Reuleaux RX200 users are not using Wismec atomizers. I suspect that most of them are using many different atomizers from many different companies. If my suspicions are correct then most Reuleaux RX200 users are rocking devices with invalid warranties.

    The Solution

    The Solution

    So what’s the solution here? There are a few ways to make this negative situation better. The obvious one would be for Wismec to be more lenient with its warranty policy. Yes, it will cost the company and its retail partners money, but it would also engender good will. If vapers feel like Wismec is taking care of them then they’ll be more likely to buy Wismec products in the future.

    It’s likely that Joyetech will use a different 510 connection in its products, as well as Eleaf and Wismec products. This is a simple and inexpensive fix that will negate this issue particular going forward. This would, of course, be applied to yet-to-be-made Reuleaux RX200 devices and future Wismec products.

    As for you, the consumer, I recommend (politely) contacting Wismec. I find the company’s warranty policy unsatisfactory at best and unreasonable at worst. While there are analogs that the company can make in order to support its policy, I believe that it’s unfriendly to vapers. If you agree that Wismec’s policy is unsatisfactory then you ought to share your opinion with the company.

    Your Thoughts (Please)

    As with most things in life, there’s a chance that I’m completely wrong about this. What do you think of the way Wismec is handling issues with Reuleaux RX200 owners having problems with the Smok TFV4 and other third-party atomizers? Is the company’s policy fair? If you’re a Reuleaux user, please leave a comment on whether or not you’re having issues with third-party atomizers in the comments section.

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