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Dr. Attila Danko

Dr Attila Danko is a vaper and snus user. He's also a medical doctor from Australia. He's also a criminal, because he smoked from the age of 11 and couldn't give up any other way except by vaping, and it's illegal to vape nicotine in Australia. Along with other citizen advocates, he runs the New Nicotine Alliance Australia and has been campaigning for the last few years to make low risk recreational nicotine products legal and accessible.
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Guest columnist Dr. Attila Danko explains how the tobacco control movement in Australia lost its way by transferring hate for the tobacco industry to smokers themselves and fighting a religious war on nicotine use that demanded smokers be punished for their “sin” with death and disease.
Dr Attilla Dankos Simon Chapman story
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An editorial from Dr. Attila Danko of the New Nicotine Alliance-Australia asks whether Prof. Simon Chapman is working against or for Big Tobacco.