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Jim McDonald

Jim McDonald
Smokers created vaping without any help from the tobacco industry or anti-smoking crusaders, and vapers have the right to keep innovating to help themselves. My goal is to provide clear, honest information about the challenges vaping faces from lawmakers, regulators, and brokers of disinformation. I recently joined the CASAA board, but my opinions aren’t necessarily CASAA’s, and vice versa. You can find me on Twitter @whycherrywhy
taiwan ban vaping
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Health authorities in Taiwan are planning to ban the sales of e-cigarettes and hookah products, as part of a revision of the country’s tobacco regulations.
lung xray
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The FDA-funded tobacco control research operation at the University of California is paying $2,000 to study smokers who claim to also vape.
provape closed
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ProVape, an iconic American manufacturer of vaping equipment, closed its doors after years of struggling to compete in a market it helped create.
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British smokers are switching to e-cigarettes faster than in other European countries, probably because public health agencies have encouraged vaping.
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A new study shows that pregnant teens in areas where e-cigarettes were unavailable because of age restrictions smoked more than typical pregnant women.
Just Say No
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The Australian government confirmed that it won’t change its position on nicotine for e-cigarettes and vaping. Recreational nicotine will remain illegal.
indiana law
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A federal appeals court has reversed a lower court decision and overturned major parts of Indiana’s infamous monopolistic vaping law.
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Public health officials in Wales are calling for a ban on sweet e-liquid flavors that most adult vapers prefer, insisting they are aimed at children.
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Apple is rejecting new apps for its iOS products that are tobacco- or nicotine-related, including apps centered around vaping and e-cigarettes.
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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s proposed 2017 budget includes a wholesale tax on vaping e-liquid that would make it less attractive to quitting smokers.
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