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Best Hemp Flower 2020
Last updated: November 14, 2020

Best CBD Pre-Rolls 2020

The best pre-rolled CBD hemp joints available right now
1st Place
Frosted Kush cbd pre-roll
Frosted Kush

Secret Nature offers their top strains in pre-rolled CBD joints. Frosted Kush is an indica-dominant hemp strain that contains 22.4% cannabinoids and a frosty appearance.

Sour Space Candy
Sour Space Candy cbd pre-roll
Suver Haze
Suver Haze cbd pre-roll

What are CBD pre-rolls?

CBD pre-rolls are pre-made joints rolled with hemp instead of marijuana. Hemp is a form of cannabis that naturally contains cannabidiol and is generally low in THC. CBD pre-rolled joints are for people who enjoy smoking hemp but are not so keen on the rolling process, or just want to enjoy a professionally rolled joint of top shelf hemp for its aroma, taste, and as an effective delivery method for CBD.

CBD pre-rolls often get mixed up with CBD cigarettes, which are not quite the same thing. CBD cigarettes are more of an alternative to tobacco, and are typically much lower in terms of CBD content. This page focuses on CBD hemp pre-rolls containing significant amounts of cannabidiol that are within the legal limit of 0.3% THC. Here are best CBD pre-rolled joints that you can get right now.

Frosted Kush cbd pre-roll

Frosted Kush

Secret Nature offers their finest buds in pre-rolled CBD joints. Frosted Kush is an indica-dominant strain that provides aromas reminiscent of fresh berries, gas and cupcake frosting. Each pre-roll has 0.6 grams of organic hand-trimmed bud, grown in the USA. Frosted Kush contains up to 22.4% total cannabinoids.

Sour Space Candy cbd pre-roll

Sour Space Candy

Berkshire CBD offers CBD pre-rolls filled with their finest hemp strains. Sour Space Candy is categorized by its unique sour taste which incorporates notes of lemon, cheese and exotic fruit, and its relaxing and calming effects. Each pre-rolled joint contains a gram of flower with 155 mg of cannabinoids in total.

Suver Haze cbd pre-roll

Suver Haze

Loot offers pre-rolls made with hand-selected buds from the more popular CBD hemp strains. Suver Haze is a type of haze categorized by fruity notes combined with the spiciness of black pepper. Each joint contains a gram of lab tested hemp flower with 150 mg of various cannabinoids including CBD, CBG, CBDA and CBCA, etc.

Cherry Cough cbd pre-roll

Cherry Cough

This sought-after strain got its name from its unique fruity terpene profile. Cherry Cough is often compared to the sweet taste of cherry combined with notes of syrup and gas. Secret Nature uses trimmed hemp buds, grown without additives or pesticides. They contain 0.6 grams and provide up to 129 mg cannabinoids each.

Casino Cookies cbd pre-roll

Casino Cookies

Tillmans Tranquils offers pre-rolls made with pesticide-free lab tested hemp grown in the USA. Each joint comes with a gram of Casino Cookies, a sativa dominant strain that is rich in caryophyllene and contains 180-200 mg CBD. They are rolled using organic hemp papers and are non-GMO and 100% natural.

Lifter cbd pre-roll

Lifter Pre-roll

This strain is excellent for daytime use. It contains terpenes like limonene, linalool, and humulene, and it is said to enhance creativity without burning you out. Lifter is packed with 225 mg total cannabinoids, including CBD and CBGA. Each pre-rolled joint from Cannaflower contains a full gram of hemp.

Hawaiian Haze cbd pre-roll

Hawaiian Haze

Best known for their vape juice, edibles and oils. Now JustCBD offers CBD joints pre-rolled with exotic strains like Hawaiian Haze. Each one contains a gram of finely ground bud, no trim or shake. They are ideal for achieving the entourage effect, with 180 mg of cannabinoids in total including CBDa, CBG and THC-A.

What are CBD joints used for?

Obviously, these CBD joints are meant for smoking. Since smoking involves direct inhalation, it happens to be one of the more effective delivery methods for full-spectrum CBD, besides CBD vapes and CBD oil. Some smokers might just enjoy the process of smoking hemp joints as an alternative to smoking tobacco or even marijuana. They are also a nice way to sample a variety of strains across different vendors.

CBD joints provide many of the benefits of cannabis without the psychoactive effects associated with THC. The best CBD pre-rolls can actually emulate the experience of smoking a joint filled with top-shelf weed strains from a high-end dispensary. CBD joints are easy to use and convenient, especially if you enjoy smoking joints but are not good at rolling—or just don’t want to be bothered with that process.

Technically you could open up a pre-roll and transfer the bud to a weed vaporizer, if that’s your preferred method. It’s generally more cost effective to just buy CBD flower, but If you happen to come across a good deal on CBD pre-rolls and you’re not a smoker, it’s just ground-up bud wrapped in paper.

What’s inside of a hemp pre-roll?

There are levels of quality when it comes to hemp joints. If you’re looking for significant doses of CBD, you’ll need a CBD pre-roll that contains high-quality hemp bud—not just any old hemp. All of the CBD joints on this page happen to be relatively high in CBD. Familiarize yourself with some of the best high-CBD hemp strains, so you’ll know what to look for when shopping for pre-rolls. Avoid joints made with low-grade industrial hemp that will likely be both harsh and of poor taste.

There is some degree of trust involved with buying pre-rolls, since you’re most likely not going to unroll it and look inside. Some vendors have used pre-rolls as a way to get rid of their leftover shake and trim, but that isn’t necessarily always the case. The best CBD joints are made with high-grade hemp buds that are finely ground and rolled to perfection by a machine, or by the hands of a rolling expert.

A more practical way to verify the quality of CBD pre-rolls is utilizing independent lab testing. The more reputable companies make these test results available on their website. This allows you to verify that each pre-roll contains the purported amount of CBD and THC. They often provide an overview of the terpene and cannabinoid content, which can give you an idea as to what your experience is going to be like. You might also want to browse the manufacturer’s website to learn more about their growing process.


By now, you should be aware of the major things to look for when shopping for CBD pre-rolls. Check out the best CBD pre-rolls above for some examples of premium CBD joints filled with some of the finest hemp bud you will find.

Here are the most important things to keep in mind when buying CBD pre-rolls:

  • Third-party lab testing
  • Coming from a reputable vendor
  • Strains with positive reviews
  • Avoid low-grade industrial hemp
  • CBD cigarettes are low in CBD
  • Smell-proof packaging

In case you were wondering, none of the CBD pre-rolls on this page contain any tobacco or marijuana. All these products adhere to the federal rules and regulations regarding the production and sale of hemp.

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