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Best Accessories 2022
Last updated: January 12, 2022

Best JUUL Chargers 2022

Find the best JUUL charger for keeping your JUUL ready for all-day use. These chargers give you the power.
1st Place
Fuma J-Box
Fuma J-Box

The J-Box portable JUUL charger by Fuma features 1200 mAh capacity, up to three full JUUL charges, storage for three extra pods, and a door that keeps it all contained.


Are you tired of losing your JUUL charger? If so, you’re not alone. The standard JUUL charger is small and easy to misplace, and it keeps us dependent on a USB outlet. Plus, since the famous little ecig is not a pass-thru device—meaning you can’t use it while it charges—bringing the battery back to life with the standard charger forces you to take a break from your favorite JUUL flavor (or other JUUL compatible pods).

Who wants to do that?

There’s good news. Now you can vape without a charger! Disposable vapes are the easiest and most convenient way to vape. They provide a similar experience to pre-filled devices except they don’t require charging. Just pop it out of the package and start puffing.

Even if you love your JUUL, disposables serve as a perfect backup to carry around, so you can always have a vape, even when your JUUL runs out. But if you are still looking for a portable charging solution, check out some of the best JUUL chargers available below. They allow you to charge your device in your pocket up to 3 or 4 times before charging it and can often store a spare pod. Perfect for vaping on the go.

Check out the best disposable e-cigs for the easiest and most convenient way to vape, without a charger.

Fuma J-Box

Fuma J-Box

The Fuma J-Box JUUL compatible charger features 1200 mAh that can keep your JUUL charged all day, or up to three full charges. It’s got a digital-read out that tells you the status of the charger’s battery, and it holds three extra JUUL pods in addition to the one in the JUUL. It’s sleek and fits easily in a pocket. JUUL charge time: appx. 1 hour.



The BRIK is a compact, slim and lightweight JUUL charger that’s built to last. It has a 1000 mAh capacity, extra storage for one pod that clicks into place, and its all-metal construction ensures durability. The BRIK can charge a JUUL fully up to three times before needing to be recharged. JUUL charge time: appx. 1 hour.

Jili Box

Jili Box

The Jili Box Charger is the most powerful charger with 1200 mAh. It has storage for two extra JUUL pods, a digital read-out for its charge status, and a flip-top cover like a pack of cigarettes. The Jili can charge a JUUL fully up to four times, and it’s the fastest charger in the list. JUUL charge time: appx. 30 minutes.

Charging a JUUL without a charger

Because the standard JUUL charger is small, it’s easy to misplace. A popular question that pops up is “how to charge a JUUL without a charger?” 

There are many videos on YouTube and other “how-tos” posted on social media platforms that explain how to DIY a JUUL charger. We recommend against taking matters into your own hands, and instead only using approved devices or chargers dedicated to charging the JUUL. If you attempt to charge a JUUL from a makeshift charger, you risk: 

  • Harming yourself: While there are many things in life that you can and should do yourself, there are other things that are simply not worth the risk. To make a DIY JUUL charger, you have to splice a charge cord from another device (like an Android cord), identify positive and negative wires, and leave the wires bare. When doing something like this, “possible outcomes include a fried charging port and overcharged batteries, which can make a lithium-ion-powered device explode…”
  • Voiding warranty: Should something go awry when trying to charge your device when using it with a DIY charger, your device will not be covered by warrantyJUUL explicitly mentions that any Damage to the device (1) attributable to accessories or attachments not authorized or recommended by JUUL Labs …” is not covered.
  • Damaging your JUUL: If you care anything about your JUUL, don’t try and DIY a charger. You could end up having to buy another JUUL because your DIY charger damaged the circuitry. The money it would cost to replace the JUUL could’ve been spent on a portable JUUL charger. 


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