iJoy Limitless RDTA Review

Bill Herbst
June 10, 2016

iJoy Limitless Intro

The Chinese company Ijoy recently teamed up with California’s Limitless Mod Company to design and produce the Limitless RDTA, which is a Genesis-style tank atomizer, meaning that the build deck sits on top of a tank section containing eliquid. Traditional genesis tanks used stainless steel mesh rolled into a tube for wicking eliquid to the coil, which was wound around the mesh. In the Limitless RDTA and other recent Genesis-style tanks (such as the Theorem or Avocado, among others) cotton wicking is used rather than stainless steel mesh.

Unlike vacuum-pressurized Kayfun-style tanks, where eliquid is forced into channels that hold the wicks, in this new generation of Genesis-style tanks, the cotton wicks simply “hang down” into the tank, just above the eliquid, and the natural physical movement of vaping the tank causes eliquid to slosh around inside the tank and saturate the wicks, carrying eliquid up to the coils, which are built on a standard Velocity-style deck.

So, in a sense, these new Genny-style tanks are hybrids that combine different tank designs. Unlike some hybrids, where the mixed designs are not particularly well-suited (such as RBA decks with sub-ohm tanks), here the marriage is a happy partnership. It’s a match made in heaven.

iJoy Limitless Specs and Features

iJoy Limitless RDTA Package Content
  • One iJoy Limitless Two Post RDTA
  • One 510 Delrin Adapter
  • Spare Tank Seal Pack
  • Hex Keys and Grub Screws
iJoy Limitless RDTA Explosion Graphic
  • 24 mm Diameter
  • Two Post Build Deck
    • Dual Terminal Per Post
      • 2 mm Diameter Terminals
  • Dual Coil Compatible
  • PEEK Insulation
  • Quad Wicking Ports
    • Sidewall Cutouts
  • Threaded Mid Section
    • Access Into Tank
    • Easily Wicked System
    • Threaded onto Build Deck
  • Innovative Side Fill
    • Fill Port Positioned Centrally Between Top Cap O-Rings
    • Sealed When Assembled
    • 10 mm by 3.5 mm
    • 4 mL Tank Capacity
  • Dual Slotted Direct Airflow
    • 15 mm by 1.5 mm Airslot
    • Adjustable via Drip Cap
    • Direct to Coil
  • Delrin Chuff Cap
    • 5 mm Bore
  • Adjustable Gold Plated 510
  • Stainless Steel and Glass Construction

Notable Remarks


Online prices for the iJoy Limitless RDTA are right around $35.00 from all the vendors I checked. This consistency across the entire spectrum of vendors is unusual, but it simplifies shopping, since prices vary so little from one vendor to the next.


iJoy Limitless RDTA Side Fill

The Limitless RDTA is wide — 24 mm diameter — but not especially tall at only 48 mm with drip tip. It’s a handsome, well-made beast.

To orient myself to the tank, I watched various reviews and how-to-build videos on YouTube (which are an invaluable resource, since showing what to do is almost always much easier and more effective than attempting to describe a procedure in words). Without a single exception, all the reviewers I watched were over the moon in their unconditional praise of this tank. Although not quite as exuberantly enthusiastic, I concur that the Limitless RDTA is an impressive tank.

The design, machining, and tolerances of the Limitless RDTA are flawless. OK, so the top sleeve with the two wide air intake slots is made of rather thin stainless steel. It’s solid enough, though, and works perfectly. In fact, the design of the side air intake is particularly smart. Both the metal sleeve with the intake slots and the plastic top cap that covers or uncovers those slots rotate independently. This allows every air intake adjustment, from wide open to almost closed, to be positioned directly in front of the coils. Even at half-open, which was my personal sweet spot, the draw was less restrictive than with many RTAs at full bore.

The two-post Velocity style-deck, with two wire terminals and side hex screws on each post, is huge — 18 mm in diameter (as large as my previous massive-deck winner, the Augvape Boreas). While no plug is included that would allow a single-coil setup, building dual coils doesn’t get any easier. As with any RDA/RBA/RTA, understanding how to wick the coils is critical to the tank’s performance. In the Limitless RDTA, wicking is easy-peasy-Japanesey. Use ample cotton, then fluff the four wick ends and cut them off even with the top of the tank section. Make sure that no cotton from the wick ends is caught in the threads when re-attaching the deck to the tank, and you’re good to go.

One might wonder if dry hits might be a problem with this design, where the wicks sit above the eliquid in the tank. Nope, at least not in my experience. The natural movements of vaping are sufficient to keep the wicks fully saturated, even as the level of eliquid in the tank diminishes — which it quickly will, since the Limitless RDTA is yet another very thirsty tank. Eliquid consumption can probably be reduced with certain builds or by vaping at lower power, but I see no point to slowing down a thoroughbred that loves to run fast. Eliquid is cheap, especially if you DIY your own.

iJoy Limitless RDTA Black

For my build, I used the pre-wound twisted wire coils that were included in the parts bag. I assume that these coils were Kanthal wire, although I couldn’t find any documentation about that; in fact, the tank has no instructions of any kind in the package (don’t worry, though — YouTube is your friend). My build came in at 0.32Ω resistance, right about where most of my dual-coil builds end up.

Filling the tank is a breeze. The metal sleeve and top cap lift up to reveal a large, wide slot for eliquid. Since the air intake is on top with the tank below, filling is virtually leak-proof and requires no closing of air slots or waiting for internal pressure to stabilize.

The top cap that adjusts the air intake is a single piece of delrin with a very wide but short chuff-style drip tip, as are found on many RDAs. With the air intake slots fully open, the draw is massive, with no resistance at all. An additional drip tip with a smaller bore is included that fits into the chuff tip and doesn’t add much height, only about 1/8”. Most YouTube reviewers didn’t like the add-on tip, since it makes the draw noisier, but I didn’t mind it.

Since the coils are at the top of the tank, close to the vaper’s mouth, spitback or excessive heat are both reasonable concerns. I experienced no spitback, but I wasn’t vaping at high power. 65 watts was ample for me to provide a wonderful vaping experience. I did turn up the power on the Sigelei 213 box mod to 75W, and I could feel the heat mounting. That could be a problem, especially at 80 or 90 watts.

For higher power, a taller drip tip would help, perhaps one with AFC to cool the vapor with extra air. Certain of the large RTAs have removable drip tips that work on the Limitless RDTA — I tried one from a Griffin RTA that was a bit snug, but fit. Ijoy’s decision not to include an adapter for standard 510 drip tips is a mistake, plain and simple, and they should remedy that in future production runs.

Other than that oversight, though, it’s difficult to find any criticisms of this tank.


iJoy Limitless RDTA TSS Coils

To call the performance of the Limitless RDTA “good” is extreme understatement. Insert any superlative you like — great, terrific, fantastic, supercalifragilisticexpialidocious — and it will be accurate. With a good build, this tank chucks voluminous, saturated clouds, and, especially with a slightly restricted air intake, flavor production is intense and satisfying.

Sometimes, reviewing products can be a chore, like a job. Other times, when the products are great, it’s a pleasure. This time it’s a definite pleasure.


The Ijoy Limitless RDTA is yet another impressive contender for the title of “Best Rebuildable Tank of 2016,” which has already become a very crowded competition, chock full of extremely talented performers. Who will take the gold medal? I don’t know, but the Limitless RDTA is certainly in the running. We’ve seen only the preliminary heats so far, with the SMOK RTA and RDTA, Augvape Boreas, Sense Herakles RTA, and Ijoy Limitless RDTA all clear winners. With seven months still left in the year, however, the eventual finals may yet surprise us all.

Highly recommended for experienced vapers, and well worth considering for intermediate vapers who want to move into building their own coils.

My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.


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R@M Dom

Love it. Have two of em.



Pål Basso
Pål Basso

I’m loving this. I even use this more than my Goon. The Goon is awesome, but this one is even better as it holds a tank for the liquid. Total vaping awesomeness.

ₓᵋ‡Ɽⱡ₲ΘЯ ṂΘЯ†ΐ₴‡ᵌₓ
ₓᵋ‡Ɽⱡ₲ΘЯ ṂΘЯ†ΐ₴‡ᵌₓ

Good review, I just picked this up today, 5ml tank on it. Just wondering if you knew the type of coil that comes with it, I’d like to try my temp settings if possible

jordan thomas
jordan thomas

when setting up on the velocity deck what settings should i set my mod? i am using the smok alien220 tc should i use temp control settings or just simple wattage settings i dont want to over or under fire the coils as it is my first build

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