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April 15, 2016

iCloudCig Moradin RTA Review

iCloudCig Moradin RTA Intro

The box sleeve of the iCloudCig Moradin RTA has a text description that is classic Chinglish:

"ICLOUDCIG spend plenty of time in the development of revolutionary products until we have reached every wonderful ideas. We hope define us and the whole industry by subversive products. ICLOUDCIG, we are on the way…"


iCloudCig claims that the full-ceramic composite of their coil chamber provides better flavor and reduced spit-back. While the “pure ceramic chamber” of the Moradin’s build deck and chamber cap may or may not be truly revolutionary — and considerably less than “subversive” — this new RTA (Rebuildable Tank Atomizer) does provide impressive performance.


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iCloudCig Moradin RTA Specs and Features

  • 1 Moradin RTA
  • 1 Screwdriver
  • 2 Pre-built Coils
  • Spare Screws and O-Rings
  • 22mm diameter
  • 60mm height
  • 5ml or 3ml e-liquid capacity
  • Superior stainless steel construction
  • Glass tank (not replaceable)
  • Ceramic build deck and chamber
  • Single or dual coil build configurations
  • Convenient top-fill method
  • Removable wide bore 12mm drip tip
  • E-liquid flow control
  • Bottom airflow control with two 9.5mm slots
  • 510 threading connection
  • Adjustable copper center screw

Notable Remarks


The Moradin RTA is sufficiently new that few online vendors have it in stock yet. Prices at those retail sites that have it or offer pre-ordering currently vary from $24.00 to $33.00, with at least one well-known Chinese site offering free shipping.


iCloudCig Moradin RTA Taken Apart

Design of the Moradin RTA is simple, almost elegantly so. It comes in two sizes, 5ml and 3ml capacity (I was sent the “Mini-size” 3ml in black). The stainless steel top cap is plain, with a proprietary wide-bore 12mm drip tip that screws off to provide very easy top filling. The drip tip feels like delrin-coated metal, and the threading into the top cap is smooth as silk.

The tank itself is glass. The tank section is more like a sub-ohm (clearomizer) tank than a typical RTA, with a ceramic chamber cap for the coil deck that’s permanently integrated into the tank section. The base has a knurled bottom section and an adjustable air-flow ring with two wide slots (9.5mm each). The air-flow ring is a bit stiff but no problem to adjust anywhere along its infinite range, from wide-open to totally closed.

The Velocity-style two-post deck, designed to accommodate dual coils, is spacious and very easy to build on. The posts have large 2mm holes for wire, with nicely-machined Phillips set screws, making placement of the coils and snipping off the excess wire a snap. I used the two coils included in the parts bag, which also contained extra O-rings and one additional set screw, but no replacement glass tank, probably because the glass is apparently not user-replaceable. Like the top cap, the deck itself seems to be integrated into the base.

No instruction booklet is included with the tank package, and I never did figure out the “e-liquid flow control.” Maybe it’s automatic. At any rate, I found no way to manually adjust the flow. Happily, I didn’t need to.

The Trick of Wicking

iCloudCig Moradin RTA Deck
iCloudCig Moradin RTA Deck

If there’s a trick to building on the Moradin (and there is), it’s the wicking.

Mounting coils is no problem, since the deck is ample size with Velocity-style posts, and especially because the ceramic deck and chamber cap minimize the chances of shorting out. I used the coils that were included, which seemed to be 26 gauge wire with 2mm inner diameter coils and 0.36 ohms resistance), but larger twisted or Clapton coils could be accommodated. Almost any coil will work — higher or lower gauge, single- or multi-wire, spaced or compressed.

Wicking, however is different than on many RTAs. Since the deck is integrated into the base, the e-liquid wicking channels, although ample in size, are covered by the base. As a result, the tails have to be “stuffed” into their respective e-liquid channels. I had some trouble with that at first.

The rayon wicks I tried initially had short, reduced tails, as is common practice for most RTAs. In this case, however, less wick is not better. After vaping one tank, I suffered massive leaking through the air flow slots during and after refilling. Why? I’m not sure, but that’s what happened. I learned my lesson quickly, though, and re-wicked the coils with more substantial cotton, this time keeping longer tails that fully filled their e-liquid channels, all the way to the bottom of the e-liquid intake. That worked beautifully.


iCloudCig Moradin RTA Top Fill
iCloudCig Moradin RTA Top Fill

I tried vaping the tank from 30-75 watts. The vape experience was full and satisfying at all power levels, with excellent flavor and copious vapor production. 30 watts produced a very cool vape with moderate vapor, while 60 watts was warmer than I like, but a virtual cloud machine. I tried 75 watts for the heck of it with good results, but I really saw no need for such high power. I settled on a relatively modest 50 watts as the equivalent of Baby Bear’s porridge — perfect. Whatever iCloudCig’s mystery e-liquid flow control is, it works well. Even with wick-stuffed e-liquid channels, I never came close to a dry hit. My only criticism was slight flooding immediately after refilling the tank, but a minute or two of vaping took care of it.

Once I solved the leaking problem, the Moradin RTA performed like a champ, providing extraordinary flavor and room-fogging vapor. I will emphasize the standard wisdom of closing off the airflow slots before refilling, and I’d strongly advise not filling to tank to the very top. Leaving a small air space in the tank helps equalize the internal pressure and prevent or minimize leaking when the air flow slots are re-opened before vaping. That’s not really a negative comment, however, just common sense. In fact, I’ll forego a listing of Pros and Cons, since I don’t really have any serious Cons. Basically, it’s all good.


When I first vaped a Crown and Starre at 80 watts almost a year ago, the experience was revelatory. Now that superb level of vaping has become my baseline. While the Moradin RTA didn’t produce a new epiphany, it more than held its own, and did so by providing brilliant flavor and clouds of vapor at a mere 50 watts of power. That’s impressive. I will happily add the Moradin RTA to my daily stable of vaping hardware. I can hardly wait to try the tank with Clapton coils.

The iCloudCig Moradin RTA may be an indication of what’s coming in the tank atomizer marketplace, namely, hybrid designs that combine the simplicity of clearo-style sub-ohm tanks with the user control and build options of RTAs, but which use ceramic decks and caps. If so, then vaping enthusiasts can look forward to good times ahead.


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*Some discounts are dependent on your geographical location.
My name is Bill. I’ve been a dedicated vaper for five and a half years, having ended a 35-year addiction to tobacco cold-turkey on my first day of vaping. I live on the Oregon coast, in the tiny town of Florence, one huge sand dune away from the Pacific Ocean.

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I have the moradin for 6 months and currently I have leaks to the filling of eliquide
The compression makes that when I close the drip tip there are leaks at the level of air flow for so firm well the arrivals of air during the filling, would you have an idea of my problem please


I love this rta alot but i have my glass breaking.
And how can or what kind of glass tank that fit with moradin rta ?

Thank you


I feel like there’s a flaw in the design.

I’ve gone through 2 glass replacements. They all seem to break after 2-3 weeks of usage. It’s not from any impact damage. Both times, I was either screwing the top cap in or out during refilling the juice and the glass just cracked.

The replacement glass, i got them on vape empire.


I don’t know. I tried a google search for “moradin RTA replacement glass”, but that came up empty. Perhaps you could contact the vendor from whom you bought the tank.

ruslan abdul M

Google-ed about “moradin rta replacement glass” everyweek 🙁


do you guys experience juice popping into your throat when sucking it in? 🙁



I’m not sure if you’re asking about what is commonly referred to as “spitback” — which is eliquid, usually hot, popping off the coils and shooting up through the chimney and drip tip into the vaper’s mouth — or a different, more specific phenomenon. From the way your comment was worded, I think you might be asking about something different than typical spitback.

Do I experience juice popping into my throat when inhaling? No.

Do I experience spitback ever? Yes, with various atomizers and tanks, but I haven’t with the Moradin.


The juice flow is controlled by the air flow control ring. It pulls up from the set position to partially or fully close off the juice channels. It’s tough to get it moving up but it does go. Great tank and I’m delighted with mine.


Thanks, John.

Yes, after writing the review I finally deciphered from the little card in the box with the tank drawings (no text, just pictures) that the air flow ring pulls up to cover the e-liquid flow control intake. What I didn’t understand is that it’s either fully open or fully closed, and that the only time it should be closed is during filling. I mistakenly thought it was adjustable, so I was scratching my head about that.

I like my 3ml version so much that I ordered the 5ml size from eBay. Since I get freebies these days for review, it’s rare that I’d actually pay $27 for any tank, much less an RTA, but that shows how great I think the Moradin is.


I find it can be adjusted but not by a lot. There’s enough hold on the airflow ring to hold it half way or so but at the same time this is restricting your airflow. I put my first clapton build in it today and I think it’s made a great rta even better.


Great, John!



Yes, I’m very curious to see how the Moradin will vape with a Clapton build. I have a spool of Clapton wire, so it’ll be time for a rebuild soon…

One thing that flummoxed me was hearing in a YouTube review that iCloudCig supposedly recommends letting the tank sit for half a day after filling to maximize flavor production. What’s that all about? I don’t know about other vapers, but I’m not patient enough to wait half a day. Ten minutes, OK, but half a day? No way.

Luckily, I love the tank with no waiting, so I’ll just ignore that advice.


Yeah I saw the same review and having looked into the Moradin a lot before and after I bought it it’s been the only reference to the half day wait that I’ve come across. I can’t se in any way how this would improve the performance of the tank. Surely it’s the wicking and the coil that affects the flavour? The ceramic wouldn’t be porous I assume so leaving it to sit wouldn’t have any benifits in that respect. From day one until now I’ve built it and vaped it or filled it and vaped it. It’s been fine for me and even having it in my rotation and not using it for a couple of days I’ve not noticed any improvement. It’s my favourite at the minute and I think until I can get my hands on the new Therom it’ll stay that way 🙂


Not to resurrect an older forum, but it’s likely the “half day” wait is yet another ‘Engrish’ error. They likely meant half an HOUR!

A half hour is standard advice for non-rebuildable atomizers when swapping coils. It allows time for the wicks and coils to be fully saturated before you start vaping. It’s also fairly common advice for folks who might be new to building RTA’s (for all the same reasons). More experienced builders sometimes pre-saturate everything before reassembly, which can negate the wait… but even then, it’s not a bad idea to give some tanks a few minutes to equalize before vaping.

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