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5 Vape Apps You Should Try for Mobile Devices

Vaping360 Team
May 29, 2018


Thanks to the continued growth of this industry, the number of vape apps available for iPhone and Android devices has risen exponentially over the last few years, with many options and features for even the most discerning vaper.

I’d wager most of you already knew that, and probably use vaping apps every day. Whether it’s for shopping, researching or creating the world’s “next big e-liquid recipe,” more often than not, vapers are turning to apps to help them find an optimal e-cig experience.

Here’s a look at five vape apps that may be the perfect complement to your vape life.

Vape apps

Vaffle (Free, iOS, Android)

Vaffle is an app that started in 2018 in association with Heavengifts, and it’s available for iOS or Android. With YouTube and Facebook quickly becoming unfriendly places for vapers and vaping, Vaffle is looking to fill that void. Vaffle combines an Instagram-like format with the communal aspect of Facebook and quickly became populated with personalities and vape stars from YouTube – and it’s dedicated to vaping!

The interface is clean and everything that you’re already used to for major apps. Opening the app will get you to the social platform of Vaffle, with a personal feed, a general feed and a tab for vape reviews. If you are a vape reviewer, you can upload short videos straight from the app, or connect your YouTube account for longer content. Another section of the app is dedicated to vape tools. You have a vape calculator, an e-liquid DIY app, a vape diary and loads of other tools and features to make Vaffle your new all-in-one hangout for almost anything vape related. There is even a section where you can add your devices and let the app show you vapers that carry the same gear!

While the app still has some minor bugs here and there, the dev team is very responsive to users reporting errors. Couple that with the variety of features and an intuitive interface and you see why Vaffle has gotten great reviews both in the Play Store and the App Store.

Android link

Vape Boss (Free, iOS, Android)

Chances are, Vape Boss is probably one of the first things you saw – and continue to see – whenever you Google “vape app.” Even if you don’t know it.

This is because Vape Boss isn’t just an app. It’s a full-fledged mobile platform for vapers, complete with news, shopping, social networking, pic sharing, tips and more.

Launched in 2014, Vape Boss was designed to offer a free, all-encompassing, “one stop” resource for vapers. With just a few clicks, users are able to find nearby shops, locations of their favorite e-liquids, product reviews, and a platform to buy, sell, trade and share vape products.

Using a clean, intuitive interface, Vape Boss not only exists as its own app, but the platform can be licensed and customized by any vaping retailer to promote their own businesses. So, if you search “vape app” in the Play Store, you might not only see the core Vape Boss listing, but also potentially dozens of nearby vape shops leveraging the tool for their own purposes.

Vape Boss also gives shops the chance to be featured retailers, build SEO-driven websites, and much more, showing just how dedicated they are to our cause.

Your vaping Swiss Army Knives

Ohm’s Law (Free, with in-app purchases, iOS)


Consider this the most important tool in your collection. Anyone who builds coils, regardless of wire type, desired resistance or style of vaping NEEDS to understand Ohm’s law before vaping. Though you might think you have this down to a science, there’s only one way to know for sure, and that’s by doing the math.

There are a slew of Ohm’s law and resistance calculators on Android and iOS. But there’s something beautiful about the simplicity and intuitive design that makes us come back to this one. Even the ads that help pay the bills are not intrusive (but $0.99 will take care of that, too.)

In quick fashion, even vaping newcomers will be able to calculate pinpoint-accurate voltage, wattage, resistance, current and power from providing just two simple values.

If you like to build low and crank the power high, this is an absolute must-have. Not only for getting that ideal vape, but for staying safe to keep enjoying it.

iOS link

The Vape Tool (Free with ads, $3.49 Pro, Android)


Coil calculators are a dime a dozen. In fact, most vape apps are one-trick ponies. But, when a multipurpose vape app comes along that not only works, but excels, we take notice.

The Vape Tool is a multifunctional tool for vapers who don’t have time to jump between apps to build a coil, measure ohms and benchmark battery life. With this solitary Android-exclusive app, you get a top-notch coil building tool that adjusts for different wire diameters, wraps, spacing and more.

Add to that a full-featured Ohm’s law tool, a juice mixing and recipe function and ever a battery life calculator, and you have a fantastic, one-stop resource for any scenario.

E-Liquid Calculator ($0.99, Android)

All-in-one is certainly how we like to roll, but if you have a little more Walter White in your veins, a separate e-liquid crafting app might be what you need. Enter E-Liquid Calculator.

Other e-liquid apps have measurements. They accurately measure PG/VG. And they account for nicotine. E-Liquid Calculator uses these functions as a starting point and doesn’t look back.

This simple-to-use tool helps you record even the most complex e-juice recipes with ease, allowing you to measure and portion perfect levels of PG/VG, then recommending appropriate balances of nicotine, flavoring and base ingredients, in standard milliliter, grams and drop measurements.

The app also adds flavoring additives and bottle volume to the equation, alongside a coil tool to help build an ideal matching wrap for your new juice creation.

When you craft that cloudy masterpiece, you can save and archive it for making it again down the line. No guessing, just vaping. What more could you want?

Android link

There are quite a few apps on both platforms named “E-Liquid Calculator.” Be sure to follow the link above to get to this particular piece of software. Some of the others are a little rough around the edges.]

No matter which app store you use, there are a wealth of vaping apps that do a perfectly good job of helping you build coils, check for mod safety and more. The ones highlighted above represent one author’s preferred tools for his phone and tablet. But, like any good online list, we’re bound to hear 100 reasons why we’re wrong and need to get a clue.

Some of you may have come here to see if your favorites were included. If they were absent, let us know in the comments sections what your favorite vape apps are.

The Vaping360 team is a diverse group of experienced vaping contributors. We strive to bring you the finest content on all things vaping. Don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more!
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2 years ago

Wish they would design a mod that u can locate on a phone. I’m always laying mine down somewhere

3 years ago

This is a good app

3 years ago
Reply to  karabo

Was great. Thanks.

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