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Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank

Audrey Saccogna
October 3, 2016

Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank Intro

Digiflavor is the new sub-brand of GeekVape, a popular Chinese manufacturer that wasted no time in becoming a popular name in this industry. Digiflavor collaborated with well-known vape reviewer RiP Trippers to create the new Pharaoh Dripper Tank, and I was definitely racing out of the gate to put it through its paces.

The Pharaoh is a unique atomizer that is partly an RTA and partly an RDA, and features an intriguing deck and airflow system. It’s an exciting new RDTA — and not just because of hype. So without further delay, let’s take a close look at this new RDTA.

Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank Specs and Features

Kit Content

  • Pharaoh Dripper Tank
  • Two wide bore Delrin drip tips (one with spitback protection
  • one without)
  • Spare Parts kit with extra o rings and and post screws
  • One combination hex key/screwdriver tool
  • 510 drip tip adapter


  • 25 mm diameter
  • 2 mL capacity
  • Dual adjustable side wicking and fill ports
  • Full shelf spring loaded dual posts
  • Single or dual coil design
  • Triple rectangular adjustable air slots
  • 5 mm by 2.5 mm each
  • 11.5 mm bore drip tip with spitback protection
  • 10 mm bore drip tip
  • PEEK insulator
  • Gold plated positive contact

Notable Remarks

Machining/Fit and Finish

Digiflavor Pharoah

The Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank is a well made atomizer — no ifs ands or buts about it. It is full stainless steel with hefty weight and thickness. The threading is excellent, and the spring loaded post clamps remain in the up position for ease of coiling. The airflow control (AFC) ring has excellent resistance and clicks into place. The finish machining is fantastic and mar-free.

Build Deck and Ease of Build

Digiflavor Riptrippers Pharoah Tank deck
Digiflavor Riptrippers Pharoah Tank deck

The deck of the Pharaoh Dripper Tank is its most interesting feature. It has large, shelf-type opposing dual posts that sport spring-loaded clamps. The novel posts allow for a variety of coil configurations. The Pharaoh works well with a large single coil or dual coils in two possible positions. Users may place two coils end-to-end, or place both so their long sides are parallel to one another. I used all three possible builds and found I prefer a single coil or duals placed end-to-end for ease of wicking. When dual coils are placed parallel to one another, coil placement low enough to not short on the top cap is difficult and wicking becomes tricky as well. However, that type of placement works nicely with the triple adjustable airflow.

The Pharaoh features dual-wick slots very similar to the wells of an RDA, so wicking is extremely easy. Simply tuck your tails to the bottoms of each slot and you’re in business. The sizes of the wick slots may be adjusted by a lever on the outside of one post. Reducing the opening after filling may help prevent leaking if your dripper tank is not upright, although I recommend keeping the atomizer standing up to prevent any possibility of leakage.

Airflow and Controller


Another intriguing feature of the Pharaoh Dripper Tank is its adjustable airflow. The deck features triple 5 x 2.5-mm rectangular slots which are fed by triple slots located at the bottom of the atomizer. Users may choose to open one, two, or all three slots by rotating the outside airflow control (AFC) ring. The ring clicks smartly into place to prevent accidental adjustment when pocketing the Pharaoh or placing it into a purse or backpack.


Filling the Pharaoh Dripper Tank is very similar to filling an RDA. Simply fill each of the two wick slots on the deck to capacity. The Pharaoh holds one mL of e-juice per side for a total capacity of two mL. It is easiest to fill the wick slots with them in the fully open position, and then if you choose you may close the slots some to help prevent leaking in the event of a tip over.


The Pharaoh Dripper Tank is made for large coils, both in inside diameter and length. It also has amazing airflow. With only one airslot open it provides a loose mouth-to-lung (MTL) or slightly restricted direct-lung (DL) vape. Fully open it is capable of being quite a cloud machine. The Pharaoh will appeal to vapers who enjoy an open draw and generous, thick clouds of vapor. Flavor production is spectacular with an RDA-styled experience.


  • Very easy to coil and wick
  • Deck is designed for creativity in coil configurations
  • Variety of airflow settings to appeal to direct to lung (DTL) vapers
  • Fantastic flavor


  • Included drip tips are thin and have sharp top edges
  • Must be upright to ensure no leaking


The Digiflavor Pharaoh Dripper Tank is a unique atomizer for direct-lung (DL) vapers looking for a deck that allows many coil configurations and large, exotic coils. With bomb-proof wicking and an RDA-style vape even beginners to rebuildable atomizers should be successful with the Pharaoh. Add in spectacular flavor and the Pharaoh Dripper Tank is a winner!

Audrey Saccogna aka "Roxynoodle" is a retired math teacher who enjoys art, music, and remodeling her old farmhouse. While she is devoted to her horse, dog and four parrots, she is also dedicated to helping others discover the miracle of vaping because she kicked a 35 year smoking habit.
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Michael Abrams
Michael Abrams
7 years ago

Great review. What are some RDA’s that have deep juice wells, that don’t need to be upright at all times? Prefer 2 coil DL type.

Can be newer or older product as long as not extremely intricate to build and wick. Something built to last, now that we have deeming regs.

Tried a Limitless Plus and it just didn’t take- sloppy side filling, leaking if not upright, and juice consumption that makes my tfv4 look economical to run.

Audrey Saccogna
Audrey Saccogna
7 years ago
Reply to  Michael Abrams

Hi Michael, offhand I can’t think of any RDA that can be laid down if there is juice in the well. By design, they are that way since they don’t use a chimney or vacuum like an RTA does. You mentioned the Limitless, which sometimes gives me some trouble as well on filling. Have you tried the Avocado 24? It has a nice little door that covers top fill slots on the deck so no side filling. Could it still leak if not upright? Probably because if you have your wick too tight in the wicking ports it won’t allow… Read more »