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Geekvape: The Legend that Made the Legend

Vaping360 Team
November 5, 2020

Geekvape: An overview

Geekvape exploded onto the vape scene in December 2015. The buzz was real! Their first product, the Griffin RTA, was so successful that it catapulted them to the forefront of companies making authentic, budget-priced gear. At that time, affordable RTAs were few and far between, and the clone market was still flourishing. Eleaf had great success with their line of Lemos, and Youde (UD) also had some minor hits. The fall of 2015 saw newcomer OBS introduce the Crius, which was prone to many changes and quality control issues in just a few weeks, but it was an innovative idea. GeekVape’s Griffin used the Crius platform and improved upon its shortcomings with a better insulator, improved top filling and a larger, build friendly deck. Vapers were impressed and bought hordes of them, inciting the Chinese RTA boom of 2016.

Evolution of Geekvape products

GeekVape Laser Engraving
GeekVape Laser Engraving

Geekvape was by now a common name in vaping households and they continued to build their reputation with several more atomizer additions. Back in 2016, the Avocado RDTA brought on a resurgence of the Genesis style atomizer with a new twist of using mostly horizontal coils and cotton wicking. Since then the Avocado has been used by several other manufacturers as the inspiration for their RDTA atomizer designs.

The popularity of Geekvape continued to grow exponentially with the unique and affordable Tsunami RDA designs; first a 22 mm atomizer and next a 24 mm version. In addition, the Griffin spawned an entire family of RTAs, and the Ammit series is still expanding, with the latest addition being an MTL RTA. Other notable rebuildable atomizers are the Peerless series, as well as the Zeus and Zeus Dual RTAs which started the top airflow craze, offering leakproof designs that don’t sacrifice flavor.

In addition to the enormous atomizer collection, Geekvape has also produced sub ohm tanks: they started in 2016 with the Eagle with an available RBA deck, then the Digiflavor branded Espresso in 2017, and their latest addition is the mesh-powered Alpha tank which came out in late 2018.

No Geekvape profile would have been complete without mentioning their stellar vape mods. The rugged and durable Aegis and Aegis Legend have been passing torture tests with flying colors, and the Blade and Nova mods are some of the most accurate high-powered mods in the market right now.

Geekvape also produces a wide variety of fancy wires for Clapton and Alien coil builds, as well as pre-made coils so vapers can take full advantage of their rebuildable atomizers as easily as possible. Furthermore, they offer a series of 521 Tab ohm meters that can fire coils, and a variety of building kits and other handy supplies.

Geekvape offshoot: DigiFlavor

Digiflavor has made a name in the industry for high-quality rebuildable atomizers. The Fuji and Siren GTAs that came out in 2016 mixed innovation with tradition, blending RTAs with Genesis style atomizers. The Siren 2 was one of the best MTL tanks of 2017 and the Rip Trippers designed Pharaoh line includes three best-selling atomizers.

But the biggest bang came with the Drop RDA, possibly the best dripper of 2018 and one of the biggest reasons we see affordable and performing RDAs coming out of China since then.

Geekvape’s impact on the industry

Geekvape’s products have had an undeniable impact on the vaping industry. The Griffin’s inviting build deck, wicking, top fill slots and juice control have been copied numerous times on several RTAs during 2016 by a variety of manufacturers. The Velocity inspired posts were the industry standard for a long time — back then, nearly every Chinese atomizer came with a Velocity deck. Every time another company tried to best them with a new feature, Geekvape bounced back to answer it with their own improved version, such as adding top airflow. No doubt, Geekvape’s influences will continue to be noticed for many years to come.

GeekVape Reception
GeekVape Reception
GeekVape Production Line
GeekVape Production Line

Geekvape: final thoughts

The vaping industry has created new products faster than many of us can keep up with. Competition has been a driving force for producing a constant stream of new, innovative products that are better, easier, and safer than the ones that have come before them. Geekvape’s influence has been both strong and noticeable. It will be interesting to observe their impact in the future and track their progress of exciting innovative products.

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James Johnston
James Johnston
4 years ago

Recently I have purchased to Aegis legends Mods the first one lasted six months and died it has never been dropped thrown or abused in anyway. The second one I bought less than 30 days ago you need two batteries to get it started but will only draw power from one battery at a time.