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Halo High VG E-Liquid Review

Jeremy Mann
January 20, 2016

Halo High VG E-Liquid Intro

Halo update.  Halocigs has revamped their website, changed their packaging and updated their logo, but most importantly, Halo now offers a wide range of products (still selling cig-a-likes, but now offering higher power devices too) and they’ve even included the option to buy their eliquids in a high VG line called V-Type (70% VG).  For many of us that used to use Halo eliquids, this is a big deal!

Halo has always been a bright star in our industry. For years Halo has had top notch, professional packaging and a logo to die for, great customer service and a host of quality products—both eliquid and hardware—that gave their customers a good foundation; the pivotal help for getting many off cigarettes. But with Halocigs’ new direction, they’re making it possible for vapers to not only begin with them, but to stay and grow with Halo too.

For this review, I will be reviewing the first liquids released under the new Halo V-Type line of high VG eliquids while giving consideration to the taste of the same flavors in the high PG line.  This review will hopefully assist those that are curious about how Halo’s flavors translate in a high VG base.

About Halo’s V-Type E-Liquid Line

Halocigs’ new V-Type liquids are not only in high VG, but they offer a very wide range of nicotine options and one in particular that I am stoked about. Like most, they offer 0, 3, 6, 12, and, intelligently, Halo has kept their 18 and 24 mg/mL.  But what has me excited is that, for the V-Type line, Halocigs has included a 1.5 mg/mL option.  I wish more vendors would offer nic that low.

Our E-Liquid Review

Tribeca from the V-Type line

Our Thoughts
Tribeca is a classic and extremely popular flavor from Halo.  Tribeca is an RY4, the name for caramel and vanilla favored tobacco eliquids.  Years ago, RY4 was a flavor that virtually every eliquid maker made, yet out of the scores of options in the market, Tribeca remained one of the best.

Vaping the original Tribeca and the new V-Type Tribeca, I can vouch for Halocigs keeping the exact same taste.  Like the original Tribeca, it gets better with a little time. The V-Type version took a few days/up to a week to blossom into its amazing flavor, and when it did I was reminded of why it is so popular. Tribeca is a caramel-flavored tobacco with underlying notes of vanilla.  The tobacco is not very prominent, but it gives the flavor an earthy bottom-note and an added dimension that keeps Tribeca from being more than just a sweet eliquid.  It’s a classic that still deserves to be vaped, and, since Halo is now offering it in high VG, I will.

Prime 15 from the V-Type line

Our Thoughts
Halo Prime 15 is considered by most to be a 555, a nutty tobacco flavor—designed after the State Express cigarettes. Like RY4s, 555 liquids used to be all the rage.  Also like RY4s, Halo has one of the best. Prime 15.

Similar to my experience with Tribeca, Prime 15 in the V-Type line tastes exactly the same as in the normal, high PG line—and I used to vape a lot of this stuff when I first began vaping. That said, it took more than a few days, like a couple weeks, for the flavor to be enjoyable for me in the V-Type line.  (Maybe my tastes have changed?) Initially, the taste of Prime 15 in the V-Type line was just a bit too heavy on the nutty taste. But that’s how it’s supposed to taste, that is the defining characteristic of a 555-type tobacco. The thing is, in the Halo V-Type line, vaping Prime 15 with high power just made the nutty element too much for me.

I didn’t touch it for a couple weeks, but now it has simmered down (‘steeped’) to be a more balanced, medium-bodied, nutty tobacco. Not just all nutty!

It’s an enjoyable vape for me now, someone who knows this flavor well, but I suspect that this flavor will only be good to those already familiar with it in its high PG form.

Turkish Tobacco from the V-Type line

Our Thoughts
Obviously, Turkish Tobacco from Halo is modeled after Turkish tobacco cigarettes.  I can’t say that if you were a Camel smoker that this would taste like those, but it does somehow approximate a feeling of Turkish Tobacco.

In the normal line from Halo, I liked the Turkish tobacco somewhat, but not a whole lot–I expected no different in the V-Type line.  Much to my surprise, the V-Type Turkish Tobacco is more enjoyable than it is in high PG, so much so that I finished my bottle with a quickness and ordered more!  Turkish Tobacco is a bright, punchy—almost citrus—tobacco with a noticeable sweetness, finishing with a spark of spice.

I highly recommend this to those that love their tobaccos, or even to those that just have a more varied palate.  Grown-up stuff, here!

Black Calico from the V-Type line

Our Thoughts
Black Calico is a tobacco flavor from Halo that is new to me.  It’s been added since the time I used to buy from Halo.  Black Calico is vanilla bean infused, Cavendish tobacco flavored eliquid.  In real life, Cavendish is typically a highly cased (flavored) tobacco and I imagine the name, Black Calico, is a reference to how dark Cavendish tobacco can be, often as dark as black.

I can’t compare V-Type Black Calico to it in the normal line because I didn’t receive it, but, on its own, the V-Type Black Calico is fantastic!  Out of the other tobacco liquids I have for this review, Black Calico is definitely the most tobacco-forward and easiest to identify as a tobacco flavor.  While Tribeca is a tobacco flavor with caramel and vanilla, Black Calico is nothing like it. This is a tobacco flavor before anything else!

Accentuated with a semi-sweet, toasty vanilla bean, Black Calico is a medium-bodied tobacco with a smidgen of a taste of a burning tobacco. For pipe smokers, or even cigar smokers (especially those that use to smoke Black and Mild), this flavor is a must-try.  I’ve always been a fan of tobacco flavored eliquids and this one immediately jumped to my favorites.  This is very good! It goes great an Irish dry stout.

Malibu from the V-Type line

Our Thoughts
Malibu is a mentholated pina colada.  Pretty straight forward, but taste of this liquid is in high-definition.

I don’t particularly want to vape this flavor in high PG or in high VG because I don’t do menthols, and I abhor the taste of pina colada (mostly because I don’t like coconut flavoring  Having said that, I can say that if you do like menthol and the taste of pina colada, this liquid is one you should give some thought to trying.  The pineapple and coconut really play well of each other while balancing each other’s profile and giving the liquid that island flare.

The sweet pineapple is probably my favorite component of the liquid; the coconut does taste natural, but, for me, the menthol makes it too hard for me focus on the other flavors, even though Malibu isn’t excessively strong with menthol.  Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, depending on how you feel about boozy flavors, I can’t taste any rum in Malibu.

Belgian Cocoa from the V-Type line

Our Thoughts
Belgian Cocoa. The name says it all.  It is an uncompromising cocoa/chocolatey flavor.  I’ve never been a fan of choco-vapes, but I have to make an exception for Halo’s Belgian Cocoa in the V-Type line.

Halo’s Belgian Cocoa is, well, how do I say this?  It’s effin’ remarkable! I swear it’s got to be one of the most authentic tasting eliquids I’ve ever had; it’s spot-on.  Belgian Cocoa is a rich, semi-sweet cocoa with a luxurious, velvety feel and loads of flavor. Fluctuating between the tastes of ‘hot cocoa’ and actual cacao, Belgian Cocoa must be considered by anyone that likes cocoa, even if they’ve never had a good choco-vape.

Note: In the normal line, Belgian Cocoa has a wallop of a throat hit, but in the V-Type it is much smoother while still having a touch of a thump.

Kringle’s Curse from the V-Type line

Our Thoughts
Kringle’s Curse from Halocigs is a peppermint flavor that has scores of fans (just check the 400+ reviews on Halo’s site!)

Even for those of us that don’t typically do mints/menthols, I have to say that this is one to consider, even if for just an occasion.  In real life, I do really like peppermint candies and this tastes exactly like that.  Strong, cooling and sweet, with all the distinct peppermint flavor possible!

Halocigs V-Type Kringle’s Curse It’s completely accurate to the taste of peppermint and how it tastes in normal PG version.

Note: While I am not a menthol/mint kinda guy, I mixed a little bit of Kringle’s Curse with Belgian Cocoa and discovered a wonderful experience, the likes of which I never would’ve thought I could enjoy.  Truly awesome!


These liquids are made very well and they perform great. I can’t say I imagined a day when I would be a frequent customer again, but I’ve got new spots on my juice rack for Halo eliquids.

Most of these liquids taste great in my RDA, and even in my “sub-ohm” tanks.  I’m blowing clouds of Halo.  Imagine that!

I did receive these products free for this review, but my last and all my soon-to-be purchases will gladly come from my pocket.

I'm a freelance reviewer here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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John B.
John B.
8 years ago

While I use other e-liquids, Halo e-liquids are not new to me. I have been using Malibu and Belgian Coco for several years. I now use the high VG liquid on both of these flavors. Both In high VG are equal to or better in flavor than the high PG liquids. Both provide great vapor, regardless of PG/VG mix. I use in iSub G and Acme L tanks at 22 to 25 watts. Your reviews seem to be spot on, at least to what I have experienced. Thanks for all of the reviews you guys do! Keep up the great… Read more »

7 years ago

in the original non-high VG formulation I absolutely loved Tribeca but found Prime 15 just too nutty. when I switched to high VG in a more powerful, sub-ohm device it switched: I didn’t like Tribeca; and, for me at least, the nuttiness of Prime 15 came way down to something I now love. in my opinion Tribeca works best in the original, higher PG liquid (and in an old eGo-type setup), but Prime 15 in high-VG has improved greatly in today’s high-power mods. so if you’ve just upgraded, I’d recommend giving Prime15 another go.

5 years ago

I’m a big Halo fan. As a matter of fact it’s all I vape. I’ve been hooked on Menthol “V” ( use to be called Menthol “X” ) for 3 yrs. now. I switched directly from Salem Slim Lights to this and I never looked back! Best thing I ever did for myself.