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Innokin Pocketbox AIO Review: Can Simplicity Satisfy?

Spyros Papamichail
March 29, 2018

Innokin Pocketbox intro

The Innokin Pocketbox is a tiny AIO device. It follows the form factor of the popular SV Mi-One and SMOK Priv One, and is small enough to fit in any pocket you decide to throw it in. You can only use it for direct lung vaping out of the box, but mouth-to-lung coils are available separately. Will the Innokin Pocketbox be the next big winner in the tiny AIO category?

Colors: black, white, blue
Price: $35

Innokin Pocketbox specs and features

Kit Content

  • Pocketbox device
  • DTL 0.35-ohm coil (1)
  • Micro USB charging cable
  • Quick start guide


  • Maximum 40-watt output
  • Ultra-fast 0.02-second click to vapor response time
  • Grip-textured rubber diamond button
  • Adjustable airflow
  • 2 mL glass tank
  • Includes one PocketBox DTL 0.35-ohm coil
  • (PocketBox MTL 1.2-ohm coils available)
  • 1200 mAh internal battery
  • Micro USB charging
  • Integrated battery safety protections
  • LED battery indicator

Innokin Pocketbox AIO review



As you can see from the pics, this thing is TINY, even for AIO standards. It’s also lightweight without feeling cheap. Part of the body of the Pocketbox features a discrete carbon fiber-like design. A clicky rubber firing button is placed on the top, which feels a little awkward at first but begins to make sense after briefly using it. I was very happy to see the micro USB port conveniently placed in the front and not on the bottom of the device.

Setting it up for first use was very straightforward: 4-5 drops in the middle of the coil, screw it on the top-cap, fill the tank up with 2 mL of liquid up to the MAX line, screw the top-cap in place and let it stay for 5-10 minutes to make sure the coil is saturated. The top-cap features two cut-outs which make it a little harder to screw on, but at the same time prevent the pressure caused by sealing the cap from flooding the coils. I wish the MAX line was a bit easier to read; a black font on a dark background doesn’t work that well for visibility.

Three clicks turn the device on and off and an LED on top of the USB port functions as the battery life indicator. A green light means the device is fully charged, yellow means 50% and red means you’d better find a power outlet soon.

The Innokin Pocketbox comes with one 0.35-ohm coil rated for 20-40 watts. Yes, only one and it is made for direct-lung vaping only. The device’s specs mention that 1.2-ohm mouth-to-lung coils are available, but I unfortunately did not receive any of those.



The included 0.35-ohm coil performs better than I expected. Flavor and vapor production have been surprising considering it’s an AIO device. Bear in mind, there is a break-in period and you might notice a small variation between coil to coil. In general, the flavor will start to kick in anywhere between the first and second refill. The coil wicks high VG liquids without a struggle due to its large wicking ports, and I had no flooding or gurgling on refills.

There is plenty of airflow from the two fully adjustable slots — one on each side. With the airflow fully open, the vape is on the cool side, even with the battery fully charged. This will probably help with coil longevity but might disappoint those who are after a warmer vape. Closing the airflow will warm it up a bit and produce slightly more intense flavor, but that’ll also reduce vapor production. All in all, you might want to raise your e-liquid nicotine levels a bit with the Pocketbox.

Vaping MTL on these coils is close to impossible though. Technically it can be done, but the airflow will have to be almost completely choked off. I am curious to see whether the 1.2-ohm coil will modify the airflow on this device.

Battery life on the Innokin Pocketbox is meh at best with the 0.35-ohm coil. Its 1200-mAh battery will last around two tankfuls (4 mL of e-liquid) which is not much considering the juice consumption of this coil. In fact, you will get close to around one and a half tanks in full power mode before the yellow light appears, along with a noticeable drop in performance. It took my computer 1hr 45m to fully charge the Pocketbox using the supplied USB cable. Fortunately the device supports pass-through charging so it is possible to vape while charging it.


  • Tiny and lightweight
  • Simple
  • classy design
  • Easy to operate
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Wicks thicker e-liquid
  • Good flavor and vapor production
  • MTL coil available (separately)
  • Pass-through charging


  • Only includes direct lung coil
  • 1200 mAh battery life is tiny for sub ohming
  • 2 mL goes fast with sub ohm coils
  • Difficult to monitor e-liquid levels


I have mixed feelings about this one. On the one hand, it houses a really good coil which wicks thicker e-liquid without a struggle, and it doesn’t flood after every refill. It also looks classy and feels great in the hand. But then there’s the battery life; I’d never feel safe leaving my place with only the Pocketbox in my arsenal. I barely feel safe chain-vaping it on my balcony to be honest.

The battery life and e-liquid capacity of the Innokin Pocketbox practically spell MTL AIO, and it’s a shame that Innokin chose to not include the MTL coil in the box. While it is simple and fun to use, performs well, and comes in a form factor that is hard not to love, without being able to test the MTL coils I can only recommend it as an emergency second vape for now.

The Innokin Pocketbox is the kind of vape I would throw in my pocket when larger devices are impractical, for example when heading for a work break. That said, I do see a lot of potential here and if I test the MTL coils, I’ll update the review and let you know how they perform.

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