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Rincoe Manto 228W Kit: Starring the Manto Mod

Jeremy Mann
August 8, 2018

Rincoe Manto kit review

Rincoe is a new name in the industry but it’s quickly gaining traction. One of their first products is the surprisingly good Manto kit which features a mod called the Manto 228W TC, and a sub-ohm mesh tank called the Metis. The Manto is a simple-to-use dual-18650 mod with a full TC suite and an almost instant fire at 0.002 seconds. The Metis is a stout 25 mm sub ohm mesh tank with a 6 mL bubble glass. It is compatible with two of Rincoe’s own coils (a mesh and a hive coil, both rated at 0.15 ohms) as well as the Baby Beast coils.

Price: $59.90 (at VapeSourcing)
Colors: blue, SS, rainbow, full black, red


  • Manto measurements: 89 x 47 x 31 mm
  • Metis e-juice capacity: 6 mL
  • Screen: 2 inches
  • Battery type: dual-18650 batteries
  • Drip tip: 810
  • Thread: spring-loaded 510

Kit Content

  • Manto mod
  • Metis sub ohm tank (pre-installed hive coil)
  • Mesh 0.15-ohm coil
  • USB charging cable
  • Spare parts
  • Warranty card
  • User manuals (2)

The mod: Manto 228W TC

No mod is perfect. But even with its flaws, I think the Manto is an incredible mod! The hand-feel, performance, screen, and ease of use all get high marks. Also, the spring-loaded 510 is of high quality and the battery door has strong magnets (although mine has too much lateral play.)

The Manto is about 22 grams heavier than the Vaporesso Polar but it’s a few millimeters shorter. It’s also got a similar body shape, though the Manto is much more ergonomic.

The screen on the Manto is nice! It’s not “3D”, like I’ve read it’s supposed to be, but the black background and graphics are really easy on the eyes. It’s a 2-inch deep-set adjustable color screen that’s overlaid with a thick and scratch-resistant glossy plastic (making it a fingerprint magnet).


Screen info

  • Wattage
  • Voltage
  • Ohms
  • Puff counter
  • Puff duration (up to 10 seconds)
  • Dual-cell battery indicator


  • Five clicks on and off
  • Three clicks to enter menu
  • Navigate with +/- button
  • Select with fire button and long-press to go back
  • Press minus button and fire button for wattage adjustment in TC
  • Lock resistance with +/- button press

Menu Options

  • VV mode: minimum, normal, high, max
  • TC mode: Ni, Ti, SS, and TCR
  • Settings: brightness, timeout (screen-on time), color (green blue, purple, pink, red, orange, yellow, and green)
  • Factory reset

It’s been a pleasure to use this mod. It fires super-quick with maybe just a tiny delay compared to something like the Vaporesso Polar. The TC worked well for me too without any convoluted protocol or fiddling.

It’s adjusted in temp with watts pre-set to 60 (where I left it). I tested the TC with the Freemax Mesh Pro SS coil head, and my own 28 gauge 0.8-ohm single-coil build on the Fumytech Rose. Both coils shocked me for how easily and quickly they worked in TC with no error messages. TC has never been this easy for me. Initially I thought that the dry hit protection didn’t work, but it does. My RTA SS coil stopped making vapor once the cotton got back to bone dry.

For watts mode in the normal setting, the Manto seems to push power a bit above what it’s set to. It hits fast and hard! I like it though. It’s just something to consider if you’re used to vaping one coil at one setting; you might want to start a little lower with this mod.

The tank: Metis


As good as the Manto is for performance, the Metis isn’t on the same level. It’s a good-looking sub ohm tank with Rincoe’s with mesh and hive coils.

The paint job is stellar and it holds 6 mL of juice despite only standing 46 mm off the mod with the removable 810 tip included. The refill method is a simple screw-top to access the fill ports, which are really wide and unobstructed when filling. You can just pour juice in the tank.

But the disassembly can get wonky. The Manto it one of those tanks that when you go to unscrew one part, sometimes you end up unscrewing another part. That can make a mess or just an unnecessary hassle.

One cool thing about the Metis is that it’s compatible with SMOK Baby Beast coils in addition to the two Rinoce-made coils: a 0.15-ohm hive coil head and a mesh coil head of the same resistance. The hive coil head, which is a mesh-like coil but with wider perforations, is a separate purchase.



  • Mesh 0.15-ohm coil: Rated for 40 to 100 watts. I found it best around 75 to 85 watts with the airflow wide open.
  • Hive 0.15-ohm coil: Rated for 40 to 100 watts. This coil takes a little bit longer to break in, but the performance was about the same as the mesh coil. Best around 75 to 85 watts.

The coils’ performance for flavor and vapor is fairly good, and they haven’t spit, leaked or gurgled. The airflow is fairly open, but it can be loud and turbulent, especially when starting to close the three airflow slots. Luckily, the coils perform best in the upper range of the recommended wattage — which is better for an open airflow.

Each coil head has the same four elongated hexagonal wick ports, but they’re too small. They don’t wick as well as they should. If you chain vape them at their higher recommended wattages, you will get some bad hits. I was able to vape both coils all the way up to 100 watts, but the wicking can’t keep up fast enough to stay that high. Fortunately, being Baby Beast compatible opens up the options for a lot more coils to use.


  • Design and aesthetics
  • Large and bright screen
  • Almost an instant fire on the Manto
  • Easy to navigate menu system
  • TC works easily and without complications
  • The mod feels good in the hand
  • The Metis is compatible with Baby Beast coils
  • No leaking from the tank
  • Wide-open top fill


  • The Manto is a fingerprint magnet
  • Coils sometimes don’t unscrew with the base
  • Wicking is a bit slow


Overall, I think this is a good kit made by a great mod. The Manto performs well, it has a lot of quality features, and it’s easy to use. The screen is amazing in any light, the mod fires quickly, and it feels good in the hand. And although I hardly ever vape in TC, the Manto seems to do it well, and without complications.

The Metis tank isn’t bad, but it’s got performance issues due to the slow wicking of the Rincoe coils. Luckily, it’s compatible with the Baby Beast and many other tanks’ coils. I think the tank itself is good enough that I would not advise against buying the whole kit. Having said that, the driving force behind the recommendation is the Manto mod. It’s easily my favorite mod right now.

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3 years ago

Does anyone know where to get coil replacements for this thing? I can’t find them anywhere.