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Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA Review: MTL Squonking on a Budget

Spyros Papamichail
March 27, 2018

Vapefly Galaxies intro

The Vapefly Galaxies is an affordable 22 mm mouth-to-lung rebuildable dripping atomizer. Affordable MTL RDAs are not as common as some of us would wish nowadays. In fact, the Galaxies along with the recently released Berserker RDA are the only two worthwhile budget-friendly MTL RDAs to enter the market lately. Did Vapefly, creators of the surprisingly good Nicolas MTL tank, hit another home-run in the MTL game?

Colors: black, stainless, gold, rainbow
Price: ~$25

Vapefly Galaxies specs and features

Kit Content

  • Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA
  • Screwdriver
  • BF pin adapter
  • Cleaning cloth
  • Spare parts
  • Ni80 pre-built single -strand coils (2)
  • Ni80 Clapton (2)
  • User manual


  • Size: 22 mm x 32.4 mm
  • Coil: single
  • Material: PMMA/stainless steel/Delrin
  • Thread: 510 threaded
  • 6-level side airflow system
  • Unique limitless screw airflow control
  • PMMA/Delrin material for anti-heat
  • BF pin adapter included
  • Easy single-coil building deck
  • Deep juice well

Notable Remarks

A piece of vaping history: MTL RDAs are nothing new. In fact, there was a point early in vaping history when most (if not all) RDAs were mouth-to-lung. As time progressed and airier, cloudier atomizers became the mainstream, MTL RDAs became kind of a novelty.

Subsequently, vapers who enjoyed a tight draw had to pick between either restricting the airflow of some of the less airy direct-lung RDAs out there or spend a lot of money for the MTL RDAs that made their appearance around the $80-100 mark.

Build Quality and Design

Vapefly Galaxy MTL RDA

Machining on this small RDA is of high quality. From the engraved galaxy-like logo to the domed press-fitted Delrin top, Vapefly is showing an attention to detail that is not all that common for RDAs that cost under $30. It just feels smooth.

The RDA itself came clean with no weird machine oil smells and the such. I took it out for a quick rinse and I was good to go. I received the stainless-steel edition which comes with a black Delrin top and an Ultem mouthpiece. Three colors on my dripper were too much for me so I immediately replaced the included mouthpiece with the black one from my Berserker Mini RTA.

The dome shaped top-cap comes with built-in notches that limit it from turning around. This feature is very helpful both for guiding the airflow adjustments and unscrewing the RDA.

All in all, there are absolutely no complaints on the Galaxies build quality and design, especially considering the price point this one comes at.

Build deck

Vapefly Galaxy MTL RDA

The build deck features two posts, a negative stainless steel, and a positive gold plated one. Don’t let the two screws on each post confuse you, this is a single-coil only RDA with the second screw being there for airflow adjustment (more on that later). Props to Vapefly for also including cut-outs on each side for placing your coil tool, a feature I always appreciate.

Building on the Galaxies is not the easiest task in the world. And the reason for that is not the usual challenges that MTL vapers have grown accustomed to, i.e. tiny build decks and even tinier wicking holes. The only problem with this one is its wire trapping design. The width of the posts combined with the small size of the screws make trapping round wire a bit of a challenge. This means that you can either try to wing it (praying your wire is not going to slip out) or spend some time trying to keep your wire centered while at the same time setting the screw. But I have found that adding in 45-degree bends to the leads makes it much easier.

Still, I can’t help but think that a tiny modification (a larger screw for example) would have made this deck a piece of cake to work with. Know that you may need some patience, especially with the thinner gauge wires used for MTL builds.


Vapefly Galaxy MTL RDA

The RDA features an elaborate airflow design, with the planets of the galaxies that appear on each side functioning as the airflow channels. Removing the top cap reveals a three-step airflow system, letting you choose the number of airflow holes you would like to use. The first step features only the bottom 0.8 mm hole, moving to the second step adds the middle 1.2 mm hole and the third step will add the top hole, measuring 1.5 mm in diameter.

The air will then be channeled through a slightly angled single hole on each side of the RDA, placed just under your coil. On top of that, each of the two posts of the RDAs build deck features an airflow adjustment screw, letting you reduce the airflow even more.

When the deck screws are not restricting the airflow, one hole will give an MTL draw which is not loose but not super tight either. Adding the second hole will still be MTL but of the airy variety and all three will give a very restricted DL draw. I actually enjoyed slip-streaming on three holes open but I settled for one hole with just a tiny further restriction from the deck airflow adjustment screws. Be wary that the screws will produce a slight whistling sound at some settings, another factor to take into account when aiming for the perfect draw.


In my opinion, this RDA is made for squonking. Dripping through the mouthpiece is not practical and removing the top cap to drip will soon become a chore, especially with the airflow having to be set in its exact place every time. But, when built accordingly, it performs as a squonking MTL RDA should.

I tried the included Ni80 26-gauge wires as well as the Ni80 thin fused Clapton wires and they both gave me a rich and satisfying vape. I also tried my usual MTL builds on a mech squonker, 5 wraps of 28-gauge Kanthal and 7 wraps of 28-gauge stainless steel with a 3 mm inner diameter – the deck seems to favor 3 mm inner diameter coils due to its relatively large size. Flavor was on point with every build and the throat hit was an unexpected surprise. It was almost too much!

Due to the slightly angled airflow and the relatively large size of the juice wells I had no leaking when over-squonking. I did notice some condensation on the airflow when I removed the top cap though, so be sure to clean every once in a while.

Coil positioning is paramount with the Galaxies. Don’t be afraid to move your coil around if you haven’t found a satisfying vape, a little goes a long way. Use the cut-outs as guides for coil height and try to position the middle of the coil exactly in front of the airflow channel.

Another important thing to remember is to not remove the deck airflow adjustment screws completely. I noticed a drop in flavor when I did so and soon realized that the reason behind it was air escaping through the holes these screws are securing. Even if you are not planning on using them for airflow adjustment, I’d suggest keeping them firmly screwed in place. It wouldn’t hurt to periodically check their status, especially if you are using the RDA on a mechanical squonk box.


  • Many airflow options
  • Satisfying MTL draw
  • Great machining and build quality
  • Squonk-friendly
  • Good flavor
  • Practical notches on the top cap
  • Impressive throat hit
  • Did I mention the price?


  • Fiddly wire trapping design
  • Airflow options can get confusing
  • Can’t really drip through the mouthpiece
  • Some condensation


The Vapefly Galaxies is a solid MTL RDA. It doesn’t come without its flaws, with the fiddly nature of the deck and the slightly confusing airflow adjustment options being the most notable ones. But once you manage to work around these minor inconveniences you will get a very satisfying MTL vape that you can adjust to your preferences.

I keep mentioning its price and for a good reason: you do get a bang for your buck with the Vapefly Galaxies. Is it the best MTL RDA out there? Probably not. But if you are in the market for an MTL RDA and price is a factor, you can’t go wrong with this one. In fact, pairing the Galaxies with a Pico Squeeze will give you a reliable squonk MTL setup for less than $50 — that’s as close as one can get to the definition of “money well spent”!

What are your thoughts on the Vapefly Galaxies MTL RDA? Let us know in the comment section!

Having quit smoking using vapes in 2016, I quickly developed somewhat of an obsession with all things vaping. I managed to turn my hobby into a full-time job, and I now work as the content manager here at Vaping360. In my free time you'll find me gaming on my PS5 or playing fetch with my dog, Buffy.
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