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Vaporesso Nexus Review: Automatic TC in an AIO

Jeremy Mann
May 22, 2018

Vaporesso Nexus Review

Automatic temperature control on a refillable AIO that actually works…it’s about time! The Vaporesso Nexus is a small all-in-one MTL unit that holds 2 mL of juice and is powered by a 650 mAh battery. With automatic temperature control and it’s form factor, it’s reminiscent of the SMPO kit. But the Nexus is refillable, has airflow control, and three temperature control settings selected via a small button. It’s draw activated, has a built-in 2 mL reservoir, and comes in eight different colors.

Price: $25-30
Five-pack coil price: $11-12
Colors: silver, black, orange, blue, green, purple, ruby, dark blue


  • Powered by OMNI board Mini chip
  • Dimensions: 85.7 mm x 34 mm x 17.2 mm
  • Automatic draw
  • All-in-one device
  • E-liquid capacity: 2.0 mL
  • Built-in battery capacity: 650 mAh
  • Auto temperature control
  • Low liquid detection
  • Physical on/off button
  • Glass chamber
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Battery life LED indicator light
  • Lightweight and compact design
  • Utilizes Vaporesso NX atomizer heads

Kit Contents

  • Vaporesso Nexus
  • NX CCELL 1.0-ohm atomizer head (pre-installed)
  • NX 1.0-ohm atomizer head
  • Micro USB cable

Build quality and design

The Vaporesso Nexus has a flattened octagonal form factor that’s perfectly pocketable. It’s around five grams heavier and a bit larger than the SMPO, despite its zinc alloy construction. But the Nexus doesn’t feel cheap. Quite the contrary. It’s a slick, classy looking device that feels “right” in the hand. And also similar to the SMPO, the mouthpiece is very ergonomic and comfortable for the lips.

The overall build quality of the Nexus is well done, but there are some matters of its design I’d like to point out that could be better:

  • Setting TC: you have to quickly press the button three times, but the button is tiny and recessed which make it difficult to use with finger pads – you will likely need to use your nail
  • The juice window: it’s just a small slot on the front and back that’s best viewed in light
  • Cleaning the tank: it will be challenging due to the built-in tank design
  • Coil swap: the coil head and airflow controller are removed by a flat-head like tool on the underside of the mouthpiece — it’s not difficult to use, but it’s an outdated design
  • Refilling the tank: with a 4 x 6 mm fill port, most droppers fill fit easily, but the fill plug doesn’t feel as secure in the port as it should

Temperature control


The Nexus has three temperature control settings. They correspond to an LED in the button. The TC settings are changed by quickly pressing the button three times. To see which setting you are on, press and hold the button.

  1. The high setting is a white light that delivers 12.5 watts
  2. The medium setting is a yellow light that delivers 10.5 watts
  3. The low setting is a red light that delivers 9 watts

The temperature control in the Nexus flat out works! The only dry hit will occur if the liquid gets too low, but it will cut off before burning. If you like to take long draws (like I do), you can do that with no fear of dry or burnt hit. But it’s a bit slow on the ramp, and it remains a relatively cool vape even at 12.5 watts. I would’ve preferred a couple more watts for the high setting to get a warmer vape.

NX Coils


The two coil heads available for the Nexus are a 1.0-ohm NX CCELL ceramic and a 1.0-ohm NX OCC cotton head (not pictured). Initially when Vaporesso sent out the kits, they came with an OCC head and a CCELL head, but a recent shipment only included the CCELL coils. Not sure what’s going on there.

I am not the biggest fan of ceramic coils but I think they work just as well as the cotton heads. I’ve gotten over 20 mL on one coil and it’s still going. The key to optimal performance with these coils is to use high viscosity juice. Due to both coil heads having rather large wicking holes (2 x 3 mm holes), thinner juices should be avoided due to the heads being easily flooded.

NX coils:

  • Good and consistent flavor
  • No dry hits
  • Long lasting (if using thick juice)
  • Slow to ramp coils even on highest TC setting
  • Likely to flood and wreck performance with less than 70 VG liquid
  • Not good for priming due to flooding issues

Airflow control and draw


The airflow controller is a knurled head that screws onto the coil (similar to the new Aspire Breeze 2). Fully open you can get a nice restricted lung hit; closing it off completely gives a tight MTL draw.

The airflow controller works well but it’s polished stainless steel like the rest of the deck, which makes it too shiny and reflective to get a clear picture of your setting. It’s also set a little too deep on the deck which also interferes with being able to easily see where the airflow is set. Other than that, the airflow controller works well for restricted hits.


The flavor on the Nexus is really good with both coils, and the throat hit is neither aggressive or soft. It’s likely just right for most people. The vapor is appropriate for this type of device, meaning not too much or too little. Even on the lowest TC setting, the puff is still satisfactory.

I enjoy using this device a lot. It’s an awesome feeling to know that a random dry hit isn’t looming. But I think it could be better if the vape had a warmer setting and if it allowed for thinner juices. That’s my biggest gripe. Most high-nic juices (free base or nic salt) that are ideal for MTL come in 50/50 or even thinner viscosity. You wouldn’t make a direct-lung device strictly for high PG juices, would you?

Battery life and charging


The Nexus’ 650 mAh battery is in line with other products of its range (like the original Aspire Breeze and the SMPO). Depending on how much you vape, it’s likely to get you through most of the day before needing a charge. The battery status is indicated while you vape: the LED will glow white when it’s full, green means there is a 50% charge left, and red means it’s almost empty.

The Nexus claims to have a quick charge but I would argue it doesn’t. It takes the advertised 40 minutes to fully charge, but 40 minutes is hardly quick.

Although the charge takes 40 minutes, the Nexus features pass-through charging which means you won’t have to wait to vape. While charging, the LED will glow red until it’s charged, then it will turn white when the device is full.


  • Small size
  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable mouthpiece
  • Really good flavor
  • Automatic TC that works
  • Adjustable airflow
  • Long hits with no fear of burning a coil
  • Comfortable throat hit
  • Eight color options


  • Needs thick viscosity juice
  • Flimsy filling mechanism
  • Juice window is hard to see through
  • USB port on a rounded bottom
  • Button is recessed and too small to easily access with fingertips


My time with the Nexus has been mostly great. There are some design choices that aren’t well-thought-out, but it’s built well and it’s been a solid performer for me over the past few weeks. The overall vape is consistent and flavorful, and the coils appear so far to be long-lasting. The airflow adjustability and the built-in temperature control are two features I would like to see implemented in all AIOs in the future. Hopefully this will be the new thing! Aside from the Nexus being a little cool and needing thick juice, I think it’s a good AIO. Assuming they will all work as well as mine have, I recommend it.

I'm a freelance reviewer here at Vaping360 and I reside in southeast Michigan. I've been vaping since my first ecig purchase in 2010. For more reasons than I can list, vaping has been a lifesaver for me. Now, my goal is to help other smokers make the switch.
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5 years ago

With this mod do you need to use Nic salts or can you you use normal pg/vg fluids?

Dave Kriegel
Dave Kriegel
5 years ago
Reply to  Mason

Hey Mason. I would suggest using it with nic salts, but it will work well any e-juice that is 70% VG or more. This is one of the rare little MTL devices that does well with thicker juices. It will work with 50/50, but it’s possible to flood the coil.

Check out our favorite nic salts: https://vaping360.com/best-e-liquids/nicotine-salts/
Check out our favorite high VG eliquids: https://vaping360.com/best-e-liquids/high-vg-e-juices/

adib hakimi
adib hakimi
4 years ago

nexus can use freebase?

4 years ago

If you use a quick charge 3 charger it charges super fast like 5 mins from green to full

5 years ago

Was enjoying using this small device only with thick juice and hate it with most of other juices, unfortunately. I bought it on 24 August and it’s dead today! When I’ve plugged it for charging, red led blinked in a strange manner, and then stopped firing or even charging, this will be my last vaperesso product, 2 months and half of usage is really a mediocre performance