February Team Handcheck!

Here's some of the vape gear that the Vaping360 team has been enjoying this month.

Jeremy Handcheck

Welcome to Vaping 360’s first “handcheck” feature of the year. Every month, the team will write a bit about the vape gear they’ve been enjoying on their personal time. These are not subjective reviews, but personal accounts of the vape gear that’s making the Vaping 360 team happy. After you’ve checked out each writer’s picks for the month, please feel free to post a handcheck of your favorite setup in the comments section.

Chris Kendell

Coolfire IV Plus "Storm Edition"

Recently I have been using the Coolfire IV Plus “Storm Edition”. Effectively it is no different to the normal Coolfire IV kit aside from the colors. I think the black and white coloring is meant to mimic the looks of a Storm Trooper from Star Wars and I have to say I think it looks pretty cool! Given I am a big fan of the Star Wars franchise and with the recent release of Episode VII, the Storm Edition seems like a fitting choice for this month’s handcheck.

As I have said in my review I really enjoy the ergonomics of the Coolfire IV Plus. It sits really nicely in the hand whilst vaping. The 3,300 mAh battery when using the stock 0.5-ohm coils at 25 watts lasts me a good few days of on-and-off vaping.

The iSub G sub ohm tank that comes with the kit isn’t, in my opinion, one of the top five or perhaps even one of the top 10 sub-ohm tanks on the market. Despite this, I find myself really enjoying the vape it provides. It is a simple-to-use, solid performer that provides a nice mixture of clouds and flavor. I like that I can vape this tank at 25 watts and don’t have to be firing it at a really high wattage.

Alex Kendell

Innokin Endura T18

My vape for the February handcheck is the Innokin Endura T18. It’s nothing fancy and it’s definitely not a high-powered box-mod with some extremely low-resistance build.

The Endura T18 is currently what I vape day in, day out. Mouth-to-lung (MTL) devices like the Endura give me with exactly what I need from vaping and keep my e-liquid consumption to a minimum! For me, it is all about damage limitation when it comes to vaping. Being an ex-smoker I enjoy the tight draw and the throat hit provided by the higher PG e-liquid. I enjoy using sub-ohm tanks and RDAs with higher VG from time to time, but not as my all-day vapes.

On top of being “Mr. Boring” when it comes to hardware in this month’s handcheck, it might also interest you to know, that I am vaping German made Avoria base liquid with no flavorings (70PG/30VG|1.2mg). Vaping on base liquid has some major benefits, I paid a total of €15 for one liter of e-liquid and I don’t have to worry about vaper’s tongue or any diketones!

Jeremy Mann

Jeremy Handcheck

This is my something-new-and-something-old setup! I’ve been a huge fan of the SXmini since I got the M Class last year, and once I saw YiHi released the followup, the ML Class, I had to get that one too! The ML Class is a beautiful unit that performs amazingly, and if I want to do ‘TC,’ there’s not too many that can do it better than YiHi. Frankly, I rock mine in regular power mode and am happy.

The RDA on top my SXmini is a blast from the past; the Veritas by iHybrid Mods. I first purchased this atomizer in early April 2014 and sold it within a few months. Ever since then, I’ve regretted that move and wanted another one. Finding an authentic one proved to be quite laborious since they aren’t made anymore, but I finally found one last month.

The Veritas is still one of the best RDAs I’ve ever used to provide an impressive and strong hit, with a flavor that is clean, crisp, and clear! I will not let go of this RDA again. And I just love it with the JMK Nub+ drip tip!

Raymond Padilla

February Handcheck RPadTV

I’ve been using the Asmodus Helve for the last month or so. It’s a good mod, but hardly a great one, as it lacks some current features. To be completely honest, I picked it up because it looks cool and is comfortable to hold. As far as those factors go, I couldn’t be happier with the Helve. The 120-watt output is more than enough for most of my vaping needs, but I wish the Helve had stainless-steel temperature-control. That would have made the Helve much more useful, as I’m currently enamored with stainless-steel temperature-control builds.

On the atomizer side, I’ve had a lot of fun playing with the Bo’sun Atomizer by SWMO. I’m more of a flavor fiend than a cloud chaser, so I appreciate the Bo’sun’s atypical features. It has customary side airflow slots that can be completely closed off, accompanied by slots at the top that can be positioned for direct or indirect airflow. Experimenting with the various airflow permutations has been enjoyable (in that vaper-nerd way). While the Bo’sun was made with flavor in mind, it’s capable of producing ample clouds too. I wouldn’t recommend it for a cloud comp or anything, but the vapor potential is more than enough to keep me happy.

Last, but not least, I have to mention Vapers Choice Cotton. I’ve tried a lot of wicking material over the years — silica, Ekowool, ceramic, mesh, stainless steel cable, cotton, rayon, etc. I’ve tried several varieties of cotton too — organic cotton balls, Japanese cotton, and Egyptian cotton. Vapers Choice Cotton is some of the best wicking material I’ve used. The flavor is very, very clean. It’s more heat resistant than the Japanese cotton pads I previously used, allowing for some degree of dry burning. Vapers Choice Cotton’s combination of great flavor and superior durability totally work for me.

Kyle Formeck

Kyle Handcheck

The In’ax Dripper by Athea Mods has been my favorite atomizer since I first built it. I’ve used a ton of drippers and quite a few gennys, and the flavor on the In’ax is second to none. My go-to build is a 28-gauge 5.5 wrap that comes out to around one ohm and I use a tightly rolled piece of #400 mesh for the wick.

I like to pair the In’ax with my EFusion DNA200 by Lost Vape because of performance of the DNA200 chip and the way the width-to-height ratio of the box works this atomizer. The drip tip is stabilized wood over titanium and hand made by a relatively unknown modder in Rochester, NY.

Not a night passes that I don’t vape one of my favorite tobacco flavors in this setup and needless to say, I am eagerly anticipating the release of the In’ax MKIII.

Raymond Padilla
Raymond Padilla is a level 26 Pokemon Go trainer, a longtime journalist, and an accomplished verbal entertainer. Kindly visit him at his personal website "RPadTV" (linked above) or his various social media accounts (linked below).