12 of the Best Vape Flavors to Make E-Juice

A list of good vape flavorings from the vast array available concentrates


There are a lot of great e-juices out there, but vapers should all give DIY e-juice a try. Not only is it fun to make your own juice, but it is easy on your wallet and the finished product is something tailor-made to your personal taste. And remember, nicotine is totally optional. You can take that out of the equation when you just want to learn without fear of mishandling nicotine.

However you choose to mix, this is our collection of 12 of the most authentic and tasty vape flavoring concentrates.

Let’s get to it.

TFA Ripe Strawberry


True to its name, this flavor has a natural, slightly sweet strawberry taste. This is not a candy flavor, but it can be enhanced by other candy-like strawberry flavors. Smooth and slightly creamy, this is by far one of the most popular flavors for DIY mixers. This flavor pairs well with almost any flavor, but especially well with creams, custards and other strawberry flavors.

Capella Vanilla Custard V1


Probably the one concentrate responsible for the custard craze. Capella Custard (v1) is a decadent, sweet and creamy vanilla flavor. At its best when steeped for one to two weeks. Taste can be slightly peppery to some palates. Pairs well with most fruit flavors. Heads up — this version contains diketones and/or acetyl propionyl, but there is also Vanilla Custard V2 that does not contain these ingredients.

TFA RY4 Double


With a light tobacco taste, this flavor is a highly popular sweat and rich tobacco flavor. RY4 Double has strong caramel and light vanilla notes, and mixes well with nut flavors such as peanut butter and pistachio and cream flavors. You do not have to be into tobaccos to enjoy this flavor. Note: does not mix well with fruit flavors.

FlavourArt Meringue


Sometimes used as a sweetener in DIY recipes, this adds a creamy dimension to flavors. Not generally used as a “stand-alone” flavor, but it can tone down harsher flavors. FlavourArt Meringe brings out the best in any flavor when used sparingly – not above 1%. In making an actual meringue juice, it’s recommended to not exceed 5% for the most clear flavor.

TFA Berry Cereal


This flavor began taking off in late 2014 and is still going strong. This flavor is a core component to many cereal recipes. Pairs well with meringue as well as other cereal flavors, such as TFA Fruit Circles. There is a whole lot you can do with this flaovr to make your own unique cereal flavor.

Lorann Banana Cream


Some say it has a natural banana flavor, others say it has a banana candy flavor, but all agree that this is banana through and through. Pairs well with berry and cream flavors. Best to use it first as a stand-alone flavor to assess your tolerance for its particular banana flavor.

Inawera Biscuit


This flavor tastes like a buttery cookie and is a great base flavor for many recipes. Has caramel and slightly nutty flavor notes. Pairs well with bakery flavors, fruits, chocolates, butterscotch, tobaccos, coconuts and caramels. Not generally used as a “stand alone” flavor, rather as a recipe/flavor enhancer. Can be substituted for flavors that call for FlavourArt Cookie.

Hangsen Australian Chocolate


This is a creamy, milky chocolate flavor that is somewhat sweet. Pairs well with mints, nuts, berries, coffees and tobaccos. Good in combination with other chocolates. Can become bitter when used at higher percentages — a little goes a long way. Start at or below 2% to begin. Adjust from there.

Inawera Shisha Vanilla


A sweet, lighter creamy vanilla flavor. Can be used as a by itself, but its optimal usage is as a flavor/recipe enhancer or mixed with other vanilla flavors. Shisha mixes well with berries, creams, coffees, caramels and tobacco. A very interesting flavor that adds a unique flare to your vanilla concoctions.

Flavor West Lemon Meringue Pie


Well-balanced combination of lemon custard, pie crust and meringue flavors. Not overly lemony like some other lemon meringue pie flavors. Mixes well with creams and can enhance citrus flavors. But it can easily be used on its own for a one-and-done ejuice recipe. Flavor West flavors usually can be mixed at high percentages, but try this one out (first) at around 3-5% to see.

Capella Yellow Cake


Light, fluffy cake taste. Not too sweet, authentic taste. Pairs well with fruits, frostings or great as a “stand alone” flavor. This flavor can also add dimension to your other bakery/dessert flavors when you want to give the recipe more mouthfeel.

Flavorah Boysenberry


Sweet, juicy berry flavor with a hint of tartness. Pairs well with other berry flavors, creams, bakery and peanut butter flavors. Great addition to berry cereal recipes.

If you’re new to DIY and not sure where to start, check out our articles on DIY. There are also a number of great resources on the internet, like Vaping Underground (look for threads by “HeadInClouds”), ECF (their DIY forum), YouTube, Reddit and Facebook have knowledgeable mixers that are happy to share their tips.

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